Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1Malaysia my arse

I just read something from a fellow plurker's wall and am so disgusted on so many levels that it just renders me speechless for a moment. A seething rage then begins to boil. Not to say that I want to stir the hornet's nest and start a "let's hate all Malays" club but it just saddens my heart to read such an appalling incident. On Merdeka Eve too!!

Dear so-called Leaders of Malaysia, please don't talk about 1Malaysia concept when it's obvious that you're not serious about it. Singing songs and making movies about 1Malaysia and unity ISN'T going to bring the people of Malaysia together! Being forced to take Moral lessons from primary up to secondary school and even in University whereby we just blindly memorised 16 Nilai Murni (Malay for noble values) and not put it into application is just plain ridiculous.

In Form 1 (13years old), I still remember this classmate, Ray who was the "joker" of the class. The "naughty" boy that entertained us especially during moral lessons. Half the class will have to stand as we couldn't answer the question posed to us by the teacher but when it came to Ray's turn, he always had the answer. He was the one that was the least morale among our class of 40+ student and yet, he was the ONLY one to pass the first term's Moral exams. Ironic isn't it?

Malaysia ISN'T the only multiracial and multicultural country and so I don't see why our ministers are forever boasting this as a campaign to draw in tourists. It's just a facade. A show to the world that we "live" in harmony. Harmony my ass! There are many things NOT reported in the newspaper. Come on, our newspapers are owned by the political parties themselves. Do you think they are so objective that they would let anything against them be printed?? Many cases that are erased and buried forever- leaving behind victim's family and friends to grieve with no closure.

We get our politicians arrested under ISA for interceding for the people. Out of all that were arrested, how many actually earned the right to be detained? Who knows? Maybe none. We have our very own Raja Petra, now on the run, cos smart guy that he is, isn't going to stay around to be arrested under ISA again. We have Teresa Kok and a SinChew reporter arrested for naught.

We have rubbish ministers, TOP ministers insulting the Chinese and the Indians, lording their Malay Supremacy but are any of them ever arrested? Any ever detained under ISA for spouting nonsensical drivel? Nope. Instead, they're allowed to roam free and build million dollar mansions,
mind you splashing the people's hard earned money on Disneyland trips, first class air tickets, probably LV bags for their wives and what not. Even his maid allegedly went to Disneyland.

Something is SO wrong with this picture. It has always been one of my dreams to go to Disneyland one day and here you have a politician's maid going to Disneyland on we, the people's expense. Seriously, wth!

Do I think it's true that he splashed our hard earned money? Yes. I do. Do you think justice will prevail in this case? Sadly, I think not.

Let's not even begin on our corrupted policemen. Instead of pride and respect for our policemen who are entrusted with the power to protect us, when we see them, we fear that they'll extort money from us. It's a prevalent issue and "No rasuah" (Malay for bribe) batch on their uniforms are yet another mockery right smack in the face that we, the people are a bunch of morons.

Despite my selective racism, I will give an inch and say that not all Malays are at fault. Each race has their own extremist and naive ones that gets rope in to do the dirty deeds even the Chinese and Indians and even other countries. It's the simple minded that is manipulated like a puppet to carry out hideous acts as they are easily brainwashed to believe only one side due to their misplaced trusting nature.

It's stories like below that makes me wonder if Malaysia will ever progressed on from a developing country to a developed one. Or will it drop backwards with it's third world mentality?

It Happened to Me, It Could Happen to You

by Lau Chee Kin on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 5:38pm

The typical Merdeka Eve night started with an urge to watch the fireworks celebration in KLCC ended up in a racist attack by a group of teenagers. So, me and a friend of mine thought of a good solution to avoid the traffic jam in that area by walking from the office in Jalan Imbi through Pavillion, to Jalan Kia Peng through Convention Center to KLCC.

Sounds like an ideal plan as the path is a frequent walkway and is even advertised in Pavillion as 'Bridge to KLCC'. (Just to note that we didnt go into any dark alley)

At 10.15pm, we started walking towards Pavillion, stopped to get a drink at Starbucks and proceeded ahead. As we walk, we came across people from various races and foreign tourists along the way.

On Jalan Kia Peng, we walked past Novotel Hotel, Hakka Restaurant, Menara HLA and was reaching the junction of Jalan Pinang when a group of about 10 teenage Malay youngsters walking from the opposite direction. They looked like typical youths, giggling and talking to each other.

As we walked past them, suddenly one of them turned around and started to make a flying kick to my friend. Noticing the 'fun' he is having, his other friends started to do the same to me. It was so sudden and all I was thinking at the moment was, "What the hell did we do to them?"

Both of us ended up kneeling on the ground for a moment before more kicks and punches came flying in. Even though both of us had our tripod strapped across our shoulder, we were too shocked to react to it. Eventually one punch landed right on my right forehead and I started to bleed profusely. Seeing that they eventually stopped and walked away.WALKED AWAY, damn it. They were not even afraid to run but just WALKED AWAY like winning a game or something.The last thing I remember hearing from one of them was "Baliklah ke negara asal"

Imagine hearing this statement on Merdeka Eve.

I knew I was bleeding but I didnt know how bad. I could feel the right side of my head swollen and wet but I did not try to look at myself through a mirror. My friend also suffered bruises on the body and face. By that time there were more people walking around us but they did not stop to see what was wrong. I don't blame them, it was a poorly lit area just in front of Menara Pinang. We recovered and continued walking towards the Convention Center. The guards were symphatetic to let us in to use the washroom to clean up. It was then I saw my bloody face.

I did not take a picture of myself then as it is not my intention to send a horror message. This is not a message of sympathy. It's a account of a random person walking on a street.

Eventually after cleaning up, we walked back to the Police Booth in Pavillion to relate the incident. The response from the officer: "This cannot happen, we have all our men on the streets" (Well, not on the street we got beaten up ...)

Apparently informing the police booth stationed in a public area is NOT MAKING A POLICE REPORT. WTF? Apparently we have to go to a Hospital, get some treatment and make a complain/report at the police counter there. I would be dead by then, ain't I?

Is this how the police maintained that they have improved street crimes? By not noting down petty crimes like gang bang which did not result into hospitalization? Would we be taken seriously if only we landed in the hospital?

What we did was, we went back to the office, rested til this morning, went to a nearby clinic to get some bandages and medic.What else to do? I can't identify my assailants, and my wounds are not death-threatening.

If I had not wanted to celebrate Independence Day, would I walk or drive to the venue?

If I was not thirsty would I stop for 5 mins to get my drink and missed them completely?

If I had held my tripod as a defensive weapon earlier, would I save myself or get more beating instead?

If I'm not Chinese, would I get the same 'treatment'?

All I want to say in the end is ...

Forward this to your friends (so that they will be careful on the streets)

Forward this to your 'friendly police' (so that they know the procedure is wrong)

Forward this to any politician/newspaper (so that he/she can be the champion for highlighting this to the government)

1Malaysia MY HEAD!

Do any of you have your own story to tell? Something like the above that happened to you or your friend or family? Do share ya.

If the above story is just another hoax, boo for the guy who decided to pull such a stunt. But it seems pretty genuine. Imagine going out on Merdeka Eve to celebrate your very own country's 53rd year of Independence and ending the night celebration with this memory. It will definitely leave a bitter memory even to the most patriotic person.

Perhaps if were still under the British's rule, we would be better off. Who knows? We might have better, cleaner toilets. Civilised drivers on the road. Smilier and friendly faces at retail shopping. (It doesn't count when white people get better treatment than the locals.) Better maintained roads and our heritage protected instead of getting it turned into a parking lot.


chris federick said...

Holy f#*k! Reading this post n the article made my blood boil! argh, if i want to rant here, it will be too long so I might as well do a blog post like urs to give 1 malaysia and those bloody racists a piece of my mind.

Well done in voicing out your thoughts here.

goingkookies said...

sigh. yeah. u should. i'll read it! =)

Malaysia has SO much potentia. Unfortunately, the good is slowly becoming overshadowed by all these moronic leadership and verbal diarrhea.

Kelvin said...

Gahmen love to cheat themself nowadays.

HenRy LeE ® said...

yeah heard this story on the 31st morning and it's really sad. Anyway, not to be racist here, just that some ppl are tend to be idiotic... despite their race. I also like to drink sirap bandung and have good malay friends ok? :D

u becareful ya! :)