Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tiffany Blue or Robin Blue Wedding Theme

Following up from past posts early on in the year, am still on constant lookout for my friend's wedding. Did you know that Tiffany blue (obviously named after Tiffany) is also known as Robin Blue? And Robin blue is also known as Eggshell blue. It seems American Robins lay these coloured eggs. Wow.

Be inspired by the below ideas. Perhaps you can use and idea or two for your own wedding or like me, for a friend's.

Pretty Tiffany Blue coloured satin ribbons

Roses with hydrangeas and wax flowers wrapped in blue satin

Whimsical baby breaths

Aqua much?

Lilies for a change?

Pretty wheels

Sweets anyone?

All things blue and pretty!

Paper doillies

Warm lights lend a cosier ambiance

Softer than aquamarine

Shiny in blue or is it green?

Omber tiffany blue wedding cake

Match with fushia.. too pretty for words!!
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