Monday, May 26, 2014

10 things to do in 2014

Too many interests leads me to having a thousand and one things I wish to pursue. At this point of time, some of the things listed below has been on the to do list like forever. Perhaps when I reach the end of 2014, I can proudly say I crossed off at least half the list, if not all!

So, here goes...

1) A day barista course - to know how to make ang moh coffee the right way. I have this silly dream in my head to purchase a proper coffee machine for my own home in the future and make awesome coffee for myself, family and visiting friends! Who knows? It might come in handy when I need a second job or when friends finally open their dream cafes.

2) Piano lessons - I have had piano lessons and passed my Grade 8 in theory and practical training under the Trinicty College program. However, my sight reading is atrocious (I only sight read C major well. Only those who know music knows how pathetic that is, especially for a Grade 8 #lol) and I cannot really play by ear. Maybe if I spent hours on the piano just listening to one song and keep playing to get all the notes right, I just might be able to. However, time is limited and I need all the help I can get.

3) Vocal training - I am not tone death but neither do I have a powerful singing voice people would brag about or praise. This is my issue, I seem to be a jack of all trades and master of none person. Sang my vows but was a bit embarrassed by my lackluster performance looking back at my wedding clip - was super pitchy and shaky. I was extremely nervous (more so than saying "I do") especially as I am not a stage nor public performer. It isn't exactly a no.1 priority but I would love to have a stronger voice. I thought of surprising a friend by singing a song at her wedding but put off the idea as I doubt my lack of talent was worthy to grace her momentous occasion. 

4) Tandem Sky Diving - Sometimes, I think I have a bit more testosterone than I should as a woman. Lol. Am a adrenalin junkie as opposed to the hubby. And I really have to do this before I get pregnant, hubby's decree. Once I have a baby, he will not allow me to fly in the sky.

5) Join a cell group - This is my fourth year in Melbourne and I still haven't join a cell group! Malu betul. To be fair, I've never been a part of a cell group growing up. But I thought this would be a good step to get to know more people (normal church service is just too huge to get to know anyone!) and mainly to improve my knowledge about my faith and to grow in my walk with God which tends to dwindle off the path needing redirection.

6) Feel and taste snow (including making snow angels) - This has been on my bucket list like forever! Heard about the awesome, fluffy snow in Queenstown, New Zealand and initially planned a trip for September but had to bow out due to commitments. However, I really hope to at least make it to one of Melbourne's many snowy mountains this year.

7) Cook and master Char Koay Teow and creme brulee - Ok. It doesn't necessarily have to be those two dishes but I reckon I should learn at least one new dish a month! Or to be realistic, two a year. Lol.

8) Lose weight to 60kg (at least. this is me being realistic) - People who know me are probably sick of this so-called resolution of mine. Yes, I have been uttering this for years. And no, I still haven't lost to my desired weight. I did, however lose 3kgs from last year. And you know what? I am not going to give up and I am going to keep trying till I reach at least 60kg somehow. Losing more would be a bonus! This is how I see it, if I don't lose the weight now, when I do get pregnant (and we know all ladies put on ample weight), I'll forever be a fatty. :(

9) Learn to use Photoshop or Light room and also improve on Photography skills - Photography is also one of my many passions. But just like all my other passions, I tire of it especially when my growth is stagnant and when technical knowledge is involved. Need to work on this.

10) Find a home to call and make my own - Who doesn't dream a home of their own? One that you can have pets and hang stuff on the walls. To decorate and make it all cosy, just the way you like it. A place to look forward to after a hard day's work. A refuge. A happy place.