Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fruitful Wednesday

Today has been an extremely eventful day... First up, I woke up feeling fresh and wide awake. Don't you just love mornings like these? Well, I definitely am NOT looking forward to the days where I've to wake up early just to go to work. Then, I'll have to bid my morning sleep in's adieu.

The grass is greener on the other side! I complain waking up late and wasting half my day and yet, if I were to lose the privileged of sleeping in, I'll moan and whine like an unfed baby! Ahhh.. such is the life of a hard-on-herself and easily distracted person!

Back to my busy Wednesday. I woke up, made breakfast for Mr. C whilst packing his lunch box. Yup. In Australia, often times, people pack lunch from home and have that for lunch than take time out to go to some nearby shop for lunch meals. Saves time and money! Initially, I felt groggy and tired when I first got up with the intention to go right back to sleep after Mr. C left BUT after making his breakfast and chit chatting, I was wide awake!

Hence, my day consisted of me doing 1001 things... or rather, it felt like it.

I watched four Season 2 episodes of Cougar Town, vacumned the whole house, mopped the floor (only because I spilt my cake batter on the floor... DANG!), washed the landlord's bedsheets ('cos he is usually away and if I don't do it, no one will and I am nice like that! LOL), sew back my button onto my jacket and baked cake!

Ok. After listing them out, doesn't sound like much eh... *hehe* But it's definitely more than the usual... I attempted putting the butter cake batter into cupcakes and voila!

It turned out pretty alright! Too bad I am missing out on whipped cream! Baby cupcakes!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A foggy Tuesday at Laksa King in Flemington

The night was pretty foggy. It was reported on radio and repeated to me by Mr. C that Melbourne CBD (central business district), too was covered in fog. Definitely lends a mysterious and spooky feel.

We drove from our humble abode all the way to Flemington, a suburb that is about 40 minutes drive away. As we passed a field of people playing football, it looked like a group of zombies mingling about...

It was dark-ish despite the lamps on the field due to the misty fog covering the whole football field. Looked rather eerie actually and one thought led to another and soon I was thinking about 'ang moh' ghosts and what not. Silly me.

So what made us drove so far and in such a hazardous weather? Well, for starters, we had to go to the Tullamarine airport to fetch Mr. C's colleague (the nice one that loaned us his daughter's car whilst we hunted for a new one) and secondly, since Flemington's is somewhat on the way, we decided to have our dinner there.

We were introduced to this place called Laksa King - where they make heavenly laksas - two weeks ago when we got back from Brisbane. I had the Assam Laksa then and Mr. C had the Combination Curry Laksa. I am not a fan of curry laksa but the one at Laksa King's was delicious! I kid you not! Even the Assam Laksa is pretty comparable to the ones in Malaysia, if not better!

So, we came here, once again to curb our craving for laksa.

Mr Grumpy...

What's it with guys and grumpiness when they're hungry??! Girls get hungry too but we don't go all anal and PMSish over it. Unless we're a bit of a guy too.. LOL. Some girls are and a certain someone comes to mind...

What I love about Aussie... water is always FREE!!

This time, Mr. C had Assam Laksa.

and I had Combination Curry Laksa!

Pretty yum! See... I am learning to adapt to the culture here and the words they use. But when it really comes to hardcore Aussie slang, I am pretty much at the basics like Sheila!

The Curry Laksa over here is heavy with coconut milk. If you're the kind who likes it more spicy than milky, than this is probably not an ideal curry laksa for you. If you prefer it with less coconut milk, best to head to CBD's Old Town Kopitiam Mamak at QV Building.

I think for the price you pay, it's worth it 'cos #1 the laksa is delicious! and definitely worth it as #2 the portion is big! So if you're craving for a good, worthy, tasty bowl of laksa, head to Laksa King.

I am not sure if they have branches elsewhere but if you're free with nothing much to do, just take a drive there... or Google for a possible closer branch to your area.

You won't regret it... but bear in mind that if you're going between 7-8pm, be prepared for the after work rush and looong queue. Either make prior reservations or go earlier! 6ish is still alright.

If not, just head to Chef Lagenda a few shops down or Chilli Padi just across the road. Though I haven't tried either, I've heard that the food is just as good.

A set back about Laksa King is that you have to shout to have a conversation with your dinner mate as the noise level in this place is insane! It's super, uber, extremely, totally NOISY!

Besides that, everything else is just great! I've yet to taste the other dishes but I hear if you're craving for Laksa, this is the place to be!

Not convinced? Check out reviews about this place over HERE, HERE and HERE.

I thought the Iced Coffee would be Kopi Peng but turned out to be Aussie's version of Iced Coffee!

Laksa King
(03) 9372 6383
Moonee Valley
12 Pin Oak Cres
Flemington, 3031

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Even after 11 years...

... we're still learning new things about each other.

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Cafe Notturno and Old Town Kopitiam Mamak

Last night, went to Lygon St in the city for dinner with Mr. C and JoJo Binx. YC, a uni-mate joined us for dinner. He is now currently working in Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), one of the Big Four accounting firms. I met this tiny guy whilst pursuing my degree at Metropolitan College in Subang under the University of Curtin degree program. A smart and efficient dude though annoying at times with his quirks.

We decided to head to Lygon St to 'celebrate' the-end-of-semester-and-the-beginning-of-holidays with JoJo Binx. And since he's been wanting to come here for ages and have whined a fair bit about it (don't get mad if you read this but it is the truth ;p and I still love you), we decided to appease him this Saturday for a change. Next Saturday, it's time to eat at home again.

The initial plan was to go to JoJo's favourite restaurant Cafe Cavallino but it was a 45minute wait. And no way were we going to wait that long when it was late and we were hungry! Hence, we adjourned few shops down, Cafe Notturno. Mr. C and I have been here numerous times and are pretty happy with the food.

Cafe Notturno
179, Lygon St, Carlton, Vic, 3053
(03) 9347 8286

We were pretty happy with the food at Cafe Notturno. The meatlover pizza was my favourite and the Carbonara wasn't as tasty as the time we went during Easter break. It could have been due to the huge crowd which wasn't exactly as packed as Cafe Cavallini and even then, not an excused for the drop in food standards!

After dinner, we went to Old Town Kopitiam Mamak at QV Building as JoJo wasn't full and had a Curry Laksa urge to scratch. Ever interested to try out new places despite good or bad reviews, we headed towards that direction.

Pretty cosy feel despite the lack of customers. Then again, it was about 9pm and most people was probably at home or in the clubs. My eyes popped when I saw the price they were charging for French Toast! AUD 6! I guess I was shock as the ones back home is about RM4++ and the ones at Brisbane were also about AUD4++.

Trying to decide what to have.... Nothing in the menu really stands out nor screams to me to TRY!!

YC fiddling with the camera function on my Sammie and posting weird status on my FB!! Grrr..

And now, being our waiter for the evening... with his usual cheeky smile!

Mr. C's three layer iced tea which has the Gula Melaka (melted brown sugar) at the bottom...

My not-so-nice teh tarik.. a real disappointment!
Not worth it... might as well pay more for fruit juice or some other fancy drinks.

YC and his small ball of Curry Laksa.

JoJo ordered a bowl of Curry Laksa and everyone shared a little bit for a taste...

JoJo's Milo Dinosaur... basically very gao (thick) milo drink!

Kaya toast... PASSED with flying colours!! Spread butter and oozing out kaya...

I would go back to Cafe Notturno again in future but won't be rushing to Old Town Kopitiam Mamak anytime soon. If you prefer less coconut milk in your Curry Laksa, the one here is actually pretty good but besides that, I won't exactly be heading back there to try the other food on the menu.

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Old Town Kopitiam Mamak
Ground Level, 195 Lt Bourke St
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9639 6098