Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simple dinners

Saturday, 4th of June :
Baked spiralli topped with peas and corn, Chilli Con Carne and cheddar cheese.

Verdict : It's tasty and yum BUT I didn't fancy the beans that came with the Chilli Con Carne.
Monday, 6th of June :
Hainanese Chicken Rice with bean sprouts aka bean shoots aka tau geh

Verdict : Tastes just like chicken rice back home. Picture of the chicken doesn't look that yummy but it is! =)
Thursday, 8th of June :
Alfredo with salad
(lettuce topped with tomatoes, shredded carrots, sliced onion and cheddar cheese drizzled with Vinaigrette)

Verdict : Alfredo was pretty cheesy but the stir friend bacon added into it balanced the taste. Loved the salad - simple, tasty and HEALTHY!
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