Sunday, June 26, 2011

Than Dat at Springvale & Sofia along Burwood Highway

Mr. C surprised me by ordering for me this yum Vietnamese Iced Coffee which was slurpilicious but a tad too sweet!

The last Sunday my sister was here for a visit from Malaysia in the early week of June, we headed to Springvale's Than Dat for lunch. Boy, at 1ish pm, it was rather difficult to find a parking spot. We had to drive several rounds for a fair bit of time and finally found a parking lot near Woolies!

Since my sister, Roofie hadn't had her Vietnamese fix since arriving in Melbourne, we adjourned here. It was Mr. C and my first time, too. We usually patron a different shop near Than Dat (though I didn't really fancy the food I had the two times I was there) but my uncle brought my mother to this one and according to her and my brother, the food was pretty good.

I wasn't expecting much 'cos if you know me, I am not exactly into Vietnamese food. We usually go for Vietnamese back home on my mother's birthday as it is her favourite type of food. But besides that, I rarely, if not, never, ever have Vietnamese food.

And this is tough as Mr. C has a penchant for Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Pho. Being the ever indulgent partner, I usually agree to go with him albeit reluctantly whenever he has cravings for Vietnamese food.

That is why, to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed my Beef meat and beef balls Pho and ever since having the one at Than Dat, I am more than okay to have Vietnamese food anytime! Whenever I crave for Koay Teow Tong (flat rice noodle soup), this pho will come to mind!

Mr. C had the spicy soup which was nice BUT not as nice as mine! The spicy soup isn't in the menu, hence, if you crave a little spiciness in yours, make sure to specifically mention that to your waiter/waitress.

Roofie had her broken rice and pork chop... I think it was Pork Chop.

Roofie's MUST-EAT-SPRING-ROLLS that weren't that delicious as the ones she used to have in the past...

Thanh Dat Restaurant
22/268 Springvale Rd
Springvale 3171 VIC
(03) 9540 8389

It was a day of feasting. Ambiance at Than Dat is basic and nothing fancy nor cosy but the food (at least, the Pho we had) is reasonably priced (approximately less than AUD15) and portion is HUGE. Definitely feeling and the awesome tasting soup will render one to finish it!

In the evening, we had another round of feasting at Sofia's along Burwood Highway. Not too sure why my uncle likes to patronise this place as the food isn't exactly up to par with my expectations of Italian food ie Pizzas and Pastas. I reckon it could possible be due to the family atmosphere and the pretty low priced food in relation to the huge portion you get!

Sophia's special pasta... tasted like Marinara spaghetti!

and weird looking green Fetuccini Carbonara was barely passable IMHO.

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Sophia Restaurant
299, Burwood Highway,
(03) 9803 5299


Nava Krishnan said...

Looks nice but not my kind of food.

goingkookies said...

Nava : you mean you don't fancy Vietnamese food? why?

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