Friday, August 1, 2014

Conversations with colleagues : Raspberry tart and vermicelli

Following from yesterday's lesson on Cockney Rhyming Slang...

A group of us drove to a nearby jaunt for Vietnamese lunch.
In the car on the way back to work, I decided to practice my new found rhyming skills.

Me : Let's hope no one does a raspberry tart!

After some laughter as the two at the front seat were Aussies and obviously knew what I meant, Colleague K asked what I had for lunch. She is not very well versed in Asian food, hence, the question. I briefly explained mine was stir fried flat rice noodles (in Malaysia, we call it hor fun) and Mr. C had egg noodles in soup.

Had to think for awhile how to explain that egg rice noodles is the Asian version of angel hair... similar to vermicelli.

To which Colleague FV said, "Do you know what vermicelli means translating from Italian?"

I thought real hard for awhile and took a wild guess "WORMS" !!

Colleague FV : You are right!