Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home karaoke

It's been awhile since I sang at karaoke. Firstly, I don't have karaoke kaki here and secondly, it's not as cheap as it is back home. 

So, I sing... at home! I sing to YouTube ktv version. Improves my mandarine somewhat. Lol.

With my Jay... oh, Jay. *swoons*
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

$5 Salsa's Chicken Burrito

Salsa's is having a promotion, join Mex Club and get a FREE burrito.

However, if you are a member, fret not. I received an email that members can purchase chicken burritos for $5 on Wednesday and Thursday. That's where we went today.

I had to skip my Zumba class to send my phone for repair.

My barely 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S4 died on me yesterday. The screen refused to light up and grant me sight into my applications. Hence, had to leave it at Vodafone in Knox Mall to be repaired whilst I use my loan phone, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Since we were at Knox, we went to Salsa's at Knox O-Zone for dinner.

It was a really quiet evening. Then again, we were there before 7pm. We used to really like burritos at Salsa's but for awhile it wasn't up to scratch. But it was hard to pass up this good offer and I am glad we didn't. Burritos was tasty the first few bites and got a little bit dry towards the end. 

Would have been yummier if we had the mexi-crinkle fries.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Japanese food, Stephen K Amos & Meetfresh

Meshiya Melbourne CBD

Meshiya on Urbanspoon

This is a few months overdue post. March / April every year is Melbourne's International Comedy Festival featuring comedians from all walks of life. And because Mr. C loves a good laugh, I bought us tickets to see Stephen K. Atmos, one of the few comedians that tickles Mr.C's funny bones.

Before Stephen K. Amos show, we went to Meshiya.The food was served hot, just the way I like it especially on an empty stomach. Had my usual Katsu Don - crumbed pork with egg and onion on top of rice. It wasn't the best Katsu Don I've had but it was still yum! Mr. C had some bento set that came with rice, beef, chicken and edamame.

Uni-mate Miss Meow introduced this eatery a few years back when we went for dinner before La Soiree. The food here is tasty and I reckon it is a good trait to not be too picky with ones food and one would be easily pleased.


Stephen K Amos in Melbourne 2013

After our dinner, we made our way to the Athenauem Theatre for the Stephen K Amos show. He is a British stand up comedian of Nigerian background. Snapped a few pictures before his show started. The theatre is really beautiful and rich in heritage with its intricate designs. Old theatres like this are well preserved and it's nice that the public has access when there are shows.

Stephen K Amos had his moments. Like most comedians, he regales the audience with his stories in a comedic way but I think when F bombs get thrown around almost once every few minutes, it gets a bit over the top and tacky to me. I don't get it why does saying the F word elicit laughter. It isn't a joke or something funny. It's just an expletive. An overused word. But the whole hall gets thrown into fits of laughter for some reasons unknown to me. Suffice to say, he isn't my cup of tea.

Meet Fresh on Swanston

Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon

Finally, the show ended and being true Malaysians, despite the cold, we went to Meet Fresh for dessert. Mr. C isn't a big fan of desserts and sweet stuff but Meet Fresh somehow captures his fancy. The first time he had it was in Sydney few months back whilst we were there for Lee Hom's concert and he loved it! I think we had a bowl once each day.

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert shop that is similar to Snowflake in Malaysia.

So, he was a happy camper when Meet Fresh opened a shop in Melbourne. Many more happy nights of dessert for Mr. C! See how engrossed he is with his dessert that he ignores me snapping pictures of him? ;p
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Instragram : Chocolate at Koko Black in Chadstone


If you are looking for something chocolaty in Melbourne, Koko Black's the place to be. 

In my humble opinion, I reckon it trumps Lindt, Ganache and definitely the over hyped Brunetti's. Not being mean but true, honest opinion based on my dessert experience. 

Beautiful Baked Chocolate Tart $8

Delicious!! Definite thumbs up for this unassuming dessert. Looked simple and nothing spectacular but the taste was just lovely. Chocolatey without being overpowering. According to Koko Black's menu, this decadent tart is made using 64% of Madagascan choclate served warm with Vanilla Anglaise.

Baby Iced Chocolate $5

Normal Iced Chocolate can be a tad too rich for some. Or for others who are not so keen on the higher calories intake, opt for a smaller version of the regular Iced Chocolate. You get a taste of heaven without too much guilt!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Instagram : DIY Chicken Parmagiana


I was first introduced to Chicken Parmigiana aka Chicken Parma when I visited Australia in 2007. 

Sally brought Mr. C and I to La Roche in St. Kilda and I still remember for $15 we had a huge portion of Chicken Parmigiana burying a mountainful of chips with salad on the side. This deal also includes a drink - beer, soft drink or wine. 

Pretty good deal I must say. La Roche has cheap meal deals on certain days. Check out their menu HERE to decide which days to go to take advantage of their meal deals.

Ok, enough about La Roche.

Chicken Parma is a southern Italian baked dish of meat topped with ham, tomato sauce and cheese.

Today for dinner, Mr. C baked Chicken Parmigiana for our dinner. It was fairly straightforward and easy to do. He went out about 3 ish in the noon to grocery shop. We usually go together but I wasn't feeling up to it today. He reckons he can take his time to see certain items he usually doesn't have the luxury to when I am around 'cos he is trying to distract me from the chips and chocolate aisle. LOL.

He bought five chicken thigh schnitzels for $6 from the meat deli at Rowville Shopping Centre. He then headed to Coles and bought melt to cheese and the Parma sauce. All in all, this dish cost both of us less than $20 which we had for dinner and lunch at work the next day!

Can't wait to make this again. Super enjoyed our meal!

Before stuffed into the oven

Post baking, check out the melted cheese! *slurp*
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Instragram : A Busy Saturday


Mr. C's latte

Heartshaped frothy mocha

Simple ham and cheese croissant

The Word at Nunawading

Roti Telur at India Delights

Sau Hor Fun at India Delights
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Instagram : Thursday bribe


#1 - A beautiful sunny morning greeted me in the morning on the way to work.

#2 - A rainbow shine across the sky as Mr. C drove us home from work.

#3 - My bribe from Mr. C to follow him for Thursday Futsal; 
Mocha and Yum Strawberry Baked Cheesecake at Rowville Shopping Centre's Coffee Club

#4 - Books, 'lil furry friend, canvas photo of us and $10 clock
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