Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The friend that shouldn't be

Dear you,

I am unsure why only now I am feeling this anger, this frustration, this... this negative feelings towards you. It happened awhile back but only now, I am feeling this feeling that I can only identify as being hurt. Maybe it's the hormones amplifying the feelings.


The questions keep popping up one after another. Over and over. If you were my friend, how could you treat me the way you did? Why did you do what you did? What have I done wrong to you to deserve this? The mixed signals. The confusion.

I feel like calling you or texting you to confront you with my questions. But what is the point? I never got my answers all those years ago and I am not holding my breathe that I will be getting any this time.

I am happy for you and where you are at in life but I do not appreciate you stepping into mine and undermining all the hard work I had put in, on my own, to be where I am now. Can't you be happy for me and leave things be? Couldn't you have just kept it all to yourself? And even if you wanted to approach me, keep it simple and sincere with no distractions, no illusions, no mess with my mind actions.

I want to know. I feel I need to know. I wish I know. Maybe that would be my closure but we all know that's not going to happen. You know why? Because you are selfish. You take what doesn't belong to you. You do what you do and somehow come out of it unscathed. Or maybe you do, I just don't know.

Is it a challenge? A joke? A whim? A fancy? What? Does it amuse you so?

If I only knew. If you only divulged what goes on in your super secretive world. What is due to me.

I am not sure if I should ever see you again or keep in touch. Only time will reveal the best course of action.

A frustrated, confused and gloomy me

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hammer and Tong 412 in Fitzroy

On Saturday, Mr. C decided to bring me to Fitzroy to sample the tasty morsel we've heard so much about at Hammer & Tong. Initially, I was worried that the wait would be long but after a short wait or what felt like a short wait despite the crowd, we were seated.

I was pleased.

After browsing the menu, we placed our orders and scanned about our surroundings.

We had our usual drink- him with his latte and mine, a mug of mocha. The froth was really smooth (and that's one of the ways you can tell if your coffee was made right) and the flavour just perfect. For the mocha, the balance between coffee and chocolate was just balance well.

Breakfast Ramen $15

As for food, Mr. C had the Breakfast Ramen. It was ideal for him as he wasn't in the mood for creamy, rich Aussie brekkie. When it arrived, the waitress kindly poured bacon dashi into his bowl of ramen that had 62c hens egg, bacon, oyster mushroom and spring onion. I had a few mouthfuls and it was simply delicious!

Soft Shell Crab Burger $12

I, on the other hand had the famous Soft Shell Crab Burger. It took a looooong while in arriving and when it did, the wait was worth every single bite. Each bite was orgasmic with the flavours bursting in my mouth. The sauce was yum and the crab, crisp! And yes, the burger looked small when first served but for me, I think it was just the right portion together with my mocha filling my tummy.

I admit that describing the flavours and tastes of the food are not my strong suit but then again, what is? Lol.
All I can say is, the Soft Shell Crab Burger and the Breakfast Ramen is definitely a must have!! 

So, what are you waiting for??

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Leongs in town

The In-Laws aka The Leongs have been in town for close to two months. 

It's been lovely with Mr. C and I being pampered. His dad cooks dinner every week night and his mum washes, folds and irons all our clothes! They even vacumn and mop the floor!! With my hatred for ironing and vacuming, it means a mighty lot to me!! Lol.

Of course, it will be nice to have our own playground all to ourselves again but we really don't mind them around. And it isn't just because they take such good care of us. It just feels right to have family close by. Besides, they are rather relaxed and not into the whole touristy-must-see-everything kind of people. 

When we told colleagues and friends that they would be visiting for two months, most people were taken aback by the long duration thinking a week or two was good enough.

I think after all our parents have done for us - working hard to provide for us, children - I think it would be petty to begrudge them whatever that is within reason and our control to provide. :)

As much as I like order and things done my way in my own home, the in-laws will be missed. That's for sure. The house would be quieter we two less people.

I would miss Papa Leong's Hokkier Char, Mama Leong's awesome laundering skills. Heck, I will definitely miss our nightly orange consumption ritual.

I am truly blessed with lovely In-Laws, that's for sure!!

Hokkien Char

Stir fried cucumber with shrimps - my first

Stewed bean curd skin (fu chuk) with carrots and star anis

Folded clothes

Nightly ritual
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Homemade : Mr. C's Chicken Parmagiana

I think, Mr. C took after his dad. Traditional family usually sees the mother cooking wholesome meals for the family. In modern times, it can be the father or even the children!

First Chicken Parmagiana I had was when I visited Melbourne in 2007and Sally brought us to La Roche in St Kilda. The chicken parma was amazeballs! Can't be sure what transpired Mr. C to try his hand at this but he did and we've had it twice and once more with his parents around.

For the price you pay for one outside at the shops, you can easily make a meal for four people! Not just that, it's just as yummy and possibly, even yummier! 

Definitely one of Mr. C's specialties. Not only am I blessed with a patient hubby, I am also blessed with one who likes to test his culinary skills every so often. 
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Homemade Mooncake


Miss Artsy was in town and brought along homemade mooncake!! A talented family whereby the mother is an awesome cook and of course, the talent has been passed down to the next generation, the daughters! 

For those who have no idea what are mooncakes... Mooncakes (月餅) are traditionally eaten during the Mid- Autumn Festival accompanied by Chinese tea. This festival is one of the four most important Chinese festivals. Apparently, this festival is for lunar worship and moon watching.

A typical mooncake is round in shape (and even rectangular, at times) with thick filling made from red bean or lotus seed paste encased by a thin crust of pastry. The moon cake might have egg yolks within and in this day and age, you get fushion-ised mooncakes such as Mixed Nuts, Coffee, Green Tea, Snow Skin etc.

I fondly remember of yesteryears when I would play plastic lanterns of different designs with my siblings and end the night with a burning lantern ceremony! Lol. I clearly remember one year I had a fish lantern and my sibling had an army tank each. 

However, with not-so-traditionally-steeped-Chinese-parents, we never had friends over nor went over to friends place to celebrate this festival. As Christians, we do not worship the moon nor deities and what not. So, it was always the three of us lighting candles (more like my brother and I), burning insects and playing with our lanterns.

Hmmm... perhaps, we will have a lantern party.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tiffany Blue or Robin Blue Wedding Theme

Following up from past posts early on in the year, am still on constant lookout for my friend's wedding. Did you know that Tiffany blue (obviously named after Tiffany) is also known as Robin Blue? And Robin blue is also known as Eggshell blue. It seems American Robins lay these coloured eggs. Wow.

Be inspired by the below ideas. Perhaps you can use and idea or two for your own wedding or like me, for a friend's.

Pretty Tiffany Blue coloured satin ribbons

Roses with hydrangeas and wax flowers wrapped in blue satin

Whimsical baby breaths

Aqua much?

Lilies for a change?

Pretty wheels

Sweets anyone?

All things blue and pretty!

Paper doillies

Warm lights lend a cosier ambiance

Softer than aquamarine

Shiny in blue or is it green?

Omber tiffany blue wedding cake

Match with fushia.. too pretty for words!!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home karaoke

It's been awhile since I sang at karaoke. Firstly, I don't have karaoke kaki here and secondly, it's not as cheap as it is back home. 

So, I sing... at home! I sing to YouTube ktv version. Improves my mandarine somewhat. Lol.

With my Jay... oh, Jay. *swoons*
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

$5 Salsa's Chicken Burrito

Salsa's is having a promotion, join Mex Club and get a FREE burrito.

However, if you are a member, fret not. I received an email that members can purchase chicken burritos for $5 on Wednesday and Thursday. That's where we went today.

I had to skip my Zumba class to send my phone for repair.

My barely 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S4 died on me yesterday. The screen refused to light up and grant me sight into my applications. Hence, had to leave it at Vodafone in Knox Mall to be repaired whilst I use my loan phone, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Since we were at Knox, we went to Salsa's at Knox O-Zone for dinner.

It was a really quiet evening. Then again, we were there before 7pm. We used to really like burritos at Salsa's but for awhile it wasn't up to scratch. But it was hard to pass up this good offer and I am glad we didn't. Burritos was tasty the first few bites and got a little bit dry towards the end. 

Would have been yummier if we had the mexi-crinkle fries.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Japanese food, Stephen K Amos & Meetfresh

Meshiya Melbourne CBD

Meshiya on Urbanspoon

This is a few months overdue post. March / April every year is Melbourne's International Comedy Festival featuring comedians from all walks of life. And because Mr. C loves a good laugh, I bought us tickets to see Stephen K. Atmos, one of the few comedians that tickles Mr.C's funny bones.

Before Stephen K. Amos show, we went to Meshiya.The food was served hot, just the way I like it especially on an empty stomach. Had my usual Katsu Don - crumbed pork with egg and onion on top of rice. It wasn't the best Katsu Don I've had but it was still yum! Mr. C had some bento set that came with rice, beef, chicken and edamame.

Uni-mate Miss Meow introduced this eatery a few years back when we went for dinner before La Soiree. The food here is tasty and I reckon it is a good trait to not be too picky with ones food and one would be easily pleased.


Stephen K Amos in Melbourne 2013

After our dinner, we made our way to the Athenauem Theatre for the Stephen K Amos show. He is a British stand up comedian of Nigerian background. Snapped a few pictures before his show started. The theatre is really beautiful and rich in heritage with its intricate designs. Old theatres like this are well preserved and it's nice that the public has access when there are shows.

Stephen K Amos had his moments. Like most comedians, he regales the audience with his stories in a comedic way but I think when F bombs get thrown around almost once every few minutes, it gets a bit over the top and tacky to me. I don't get it why does saying the F word elicit laughter. It isn't a joke or something funny. It's just an expletive. An overused word. But the whole hall gets thrown into fits of laughter for some reasons unknown to me. Suffice to say, he isn't my cup of tea.

Meet Fresh on Swanston

Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon

Finally, the show ended and being true Malaysians, despite the cold, we went to Meet Fresh for dessert. Mr. C isn't a big fan of desserts and sweet stuff but Meet Fresh somehow captures his fancy. The first time he had it was in Sydney few months back whilst we were there for Lee Hom's concert and he loved it! I think we had a bowl once each day.

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert shop that is similar to Snowflake in Malaysia.

So, he was a happy camper when Meet Fresh opened a shop in Melbourne. Many more happy nights of dessert for Mr. C! See how engrossed he is with his dessert that he ignores me snapping pictures of him? ;p
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