Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Emotional Yo-Yo

Something is just not right with me lately. And no, I am not preggers.

Last week, for no particular reason, I felt so low, so down for a couple of days. And on Friday, on my way to work, I realised the gloom lifted and I don't feel the heavy sadness on my chest anymore.

I've been feeling frustrated, sensitive, upset, really sad, naggy (and I hate being naggy and obviously being negative) and the list goes on. Oh ya, and today towards the end of Body Attack, I felt mad and I felt like punching someone. Anyone. Even poor Brandon, the instructor for choreographing a routine that hurts my arch and makes my heart beat so fast it threatens to burst out of my chest.

Maybe my emotional yo-yo-ness is because of the several incidences that have occurred simultaneously around that special time of my month in the past month. Maybe it's because of lack of exercise as I've been skipping gym off and on for the past 6 months. Or maybe, just maybe it's all the chocolates that I unhealthily input because I succumb to my cravings.

All I know is I am not on any medication, never been on contraceptive pills whatsoever and am pretty much sure I am not with child.

So, why all this emotional roller coaster?

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