Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Selective hearing

It's amazing how we only hear what we want to hear. I mentioned to H the other day that Dami Im had a new song titled ' Silhoutte' and was surprised that she hasn't heard it as it has been playing on her radio in office every day.

One day, on the way home from work, the song was playing on the radio and I mentioned to Mr. C about my conversation with H. Mr. C politely corrected me that the song is called 'Gladiator'.

True enough, I mentioned it H the next day at work and that song, she's heard before. I thought the song was titled 'Silhoutte' because I vaguely recollect the word being sung a couple of times maybe during the chorus.

The funny part, I googled the lyrics and in the whole song, 'Silhoutte' is only sung twice.

#malubetul #iamsuchadoofus