Sunday, February 15, 2009

The man of the hour is...

none other than.....

*hehe* bet u tot i was going to say it was my bf.

well, my bf is of course the man of the day and every other day but for just this hour, for the moment, KENNYSIA has managed to raised a WHOPPING RM65,325.01!!!!

It is no small feat! and as seen below, he has valiently shaved his head bald!

However, i am wondering what's it with shaving the head bald to raise fund for charity??? cos last year around Nov'08, if i am not mistaken, the Finance Advisory department had also organised such a charity event but of course instead of kennysia, they had several distinguished firm partners as "victims". *hehe*

Oh well, all in the name of charity and no serious damage done is good at the end of the day right?

Wanted to post about Valentines day but the bf has yet to sent me the pics. We cooked our very own valentines dinner at home and our meal only cost less than RM30!!! It's not about us being cheapskates or "old married couple" but i figure that Valentines day has somewhat been over commercialised these past few years and why pay so much more to the restaurants when we can do it ourselves at home minus the hassle of finding parking, getting a spot/make reservation, pay a hefty sum especially during this better-safe-money-period and so on and so forth.

but all in all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all you people out there!

My friend, ms tofubeautyskin was super sweet to wish me and my bf in her blog and a college mate that i've not met in ages smsed me!! well, hugs to you both!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kennysia going bald for charity if...

I am sure most of you have heard of Kennysia. If not, head over to his blog!!!

He is well known for his style of blogging (which can be crude and lame at times but mostly entertaining) depicting Malaysian culture ie Malaysia's general elections last year and how immature certain ministers were behaving, sharing with us little snippets of his life without overexposing private stuff ie his jogging, his hamsters, his trips overseas and so on.

Now, how many celebrities have you known to utilise their blogs for the greater good???!!! Do you see/hear Mahathir or any ministers that blog do anything good? All they do is kutuk, tai chi and point fingers! What are they doing for charity? the poor? the underprivilege? They can't even do a proper job speaking articulately or doing their jobs in the first place.

Well, kennysia isn't a minister and neither is he a super famous singing, acting or modelling celebrity but he's just a blogger famous for his blogging style. And now, he is pledging his hair for charity. Contribute even a measly RM1 for charity, and if it hits RM50,000 by 12th February, he'll shave his head bald. What makes this such a magnanimous effort is that he spents a bomb on trying to keep his hair on his head! Not being vain, but some people do have hair loss issues ok.

So, if you can spend RM8 for a simple car wash, RM10 on a movie ticket, RM13 on starbucks, RM10 (more or less) on cigarettes and even more so on alcohol, facial, beauty products, slimming packages, clothes, why not contribute even if it's just RM1 to a just cause- Sarawak Children Cancer Society???

What are you waiting for??!! Here's the time to put those resolutions and gulity conscience into action.

To read kennysia's story or to donate, click here.


Today is the 15th and the last day of CHINESE NEW YEAR. It is said as "Chap Goh Meh" a term in hokkien dialect meaning fifteen night. In Chinese custom, this is considered as Chinese Valentines Day whereby unmarried girls will write their names, contact number or whatever else their creative mind allows on an orange and throws it in a river or pond or lake and perhaps for the more desperate, a drain (though i wonder who's going to pick those up) in hopes of their MR.RIGHT picking their particular orange, contact them and the typical fall-in-love-and-live-happily-ever-after scenario.

I, however, never had to resort to such an occasion even if in the name of fun as I have a bf. When people asks how long we've been together and i say since mid 2000 (you do the math) they'll start exclaiming that it's a really long time to be together and how we should get married etc.

Naturally, i feel happy that we're still going strong and perhaps stronger than before despite all the super DOWNs and of course the UPs. It has been a long journey of learning to understand each other better, to compromise and meet half point (although somethings just cannot be compromised at all ok) to learn to be a magnanimous forgiver. Forgiving is not easy but forgetting however, is even harder!

Of course, there have been many regrets or i have wished we had perhaps made certain decisions differently but what is done cannot be undone. We can't travel back into time like
"Back to the future"or wish ourselves back to change the past like "13 going on 30 starring Jeniffer Gardner". But as we move forward into the future, we can only try to make amends, learn from past mistakes to make better decisions for a happier and healthier future.

Meeting up with high school mates whereby one of the guys commented if the girl it too much of hassle, then just break up. Well, no offense but with such mentality, no wonder divorce rates are shooting up sky high. If that person is worth it, if you value the good memories that you had and should have, then do something about it. I mean, there must have been something to have attracted you to that person in the very first place. Don't just give up. Don't just let things be and sweep them under the carpet. If i had done that, then I won't be with him anymore. For all i know, i might be with bf no.2.

I mean, being this long with my bf was not a smooth ride. We are 2 complete opposites. He's more optimistic, carefree and outgoing. Me, on the other hand, tend to see the dark spots in life, inflexible and am more reserved. He comes from a family that is open to drinking where else mine flies off handle just seeing beer bottles/can sitting in the fridge even if it's someone else's. I am thankful that i have him even if we had serious, mad, angry arguments. Sometimes i think with everything that i have and am going through, God couldn't physically hug me, so he gave me my bf to hug me on His behalf.

Well, for those who have a partner, cherish and love them enough to bear with their nonsense, their silliness, their good and their bad, in good times and especially during the bad times cos this is when they need you most! Valentines day is less than a week away. However, don't just treat your special one and show them your love ONLY on Valentines day. Life is short, so make everyday a valentines day!!

For the single people, fret not, chill with your girl/guy pals. Show people you love and care that you do!! Does not have to be just couples day! Hope this is not what most of you people will be doing on Valentines day!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

random thoughts

1) Saw this on a colleague's fb status- "........... had a injection on her buttock n it hurts :(" and was amused. Who announces to the whole wide world that they had an injection and especially the buttocks part? hmmm...

2) I came back from work and dinner about 11sth pm fri night and am rather pleased that i managed to pack 80% of all my stuff in just 4 hours although am having mix feelings about moving. hope it turns out nice =) should i get PS2 or PS3??

3) Feeling super tired from the lack of sleep and the day's activities.

4) I am wondering when will i have time to do all my work that i brought back.

5) Super hoping, wishing, praying really hard that you won't call me back to work on Monday. It is after all a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! then again, it is the peak period for auditors and besides, i still have to work from home. *groan*

6) Auditors are like "kutu"s. Or at least that is how i feel with the way someclients treat us as such.

7) Am rather sad that you are allocated to another client. Who will joke with me? Say silly things to me? Make work more bearable at client's???

8) lack of sleep = tired and panda-eye-me

9) When and how will i ever lose all the excess baggage???!!

10) i wished that we won't have to part again or rather that i will be following you back.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My funny boyrfiend

There are many moments when my bf exaperates me to no end and frustrates me to the point of no return. Well, almost to the point of no return. However, there are also plenty of moments where he just amuses me and makes me laugh/smile at his humour and wit and funniness.

One such moment was a few minutes ago.

I was looking through my excel spreadsheet of working papers and labouring over my work and he is watching footie on ESPN whilst checking the spam mails his parents sent (they spam me too, btw). He came across one on beautiful women and how we should accept ourselves as we are and not be constantly obssessed with out looks or somewhat "lack" of looks.

And as we were reading one of the slides, it said,
"the beauty of a women is not in her looks (i bet ms lyn is fervently disagreeing as she reads that line as she is after all ms. prettylynnie aka ms. tofubeautyskin), it flows from her eyes."

And just as he read that, he proceeded to stare right into my eyes and said, "wow" with a cheeky smile.