Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last Wednesday's skies

Last Wednesday, Spring felt like it has finally arrived. Although Spring officially started on 1st of September, the weather still felt like we were stuck in Winter. No complains 'cos I love the cold. 

However, rain and any water droplets or gloomy clouds are NOT welcome.

I just had to snap this few shots (of course, when the vehicle isn't moving) when the opportunity presented itself. The sky was SO blue (well, not well depicted in the photos taken) and SO clear. Added to that was the cotton like clouds plotted across the landscape up in the air.

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The bigger person

Today, I was the bigger person than Mr. C.

When you're in a relationship, it's all about compromising and giving way to the other partner. Of course, I don't mean giving in all the time.

But sometimes, even when you don't feel like it or when you think you are right and he's wrong, you got to take the first step and say,"Are you alright? What's bothering you? Why are you upset? Let's talk about this".

Often times, Mr. C is the one that comes to me first after an argument. I can be rather hot headed and hard headed. These days, he, too can be so. Hence, I learnt to meet him half point and at times, I approach him first.

And it's harder when I am right or when I think he has no right to be mad in the first place.

But that's what relationships are about. Finding your footing and learning to deal with each other's expectations and opinions.

We've been together for 12 years but it's always an ongoing work-in-progress. So, where ever you are and whom ever you are with, when you feel like throwing in the towel, when you're upset, when you're mad, take a deep breathe and slowly exhale.

Then think, what brought you to be with this person? I am sure with all the down times and arguments, there must be many good times. 

Take the first step. Say you are sorry (if you really are). Tell him or her, you may not agree with their opinions but it doesn't have to mean one is wrong and the other is right. It just means, you've to learn to agree to disagree and leave it be.

And sometimes, it means, being the bigger person.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oriental Fast Food is where we eat

Oriental Fast Food on Urbanspoon

Last Tuesday, Mr. C and I weren't feeling well. We went nearby for lunch after a visit to the doctor's. It was nice to hot, comfy feeling food. When I am sick, I get even more homesick especially for my mummy's tender loving care nursing me back to health.

We've been frequenting this place since early this year. Although I've been in Melbourne for the past year and a half, Mr. C and I've just walked past the shop to go grocery shopping but never did try the food from this shop.

It all started when my aunt from Brissie was here for Chinese New Year and decided to try the food. I liked it and brought Mr. C's visiting parents in April then later on Mr. C during the weekends and since then, this is our regular haunt.

#1 Convenient as tt's just 5minutes drive from home.

#2 The food tastes yummy. Especially the Yin Yong! Love the salty egg sort of taste in the gravy. Tom Yam noodle was feeling that even I struggled to finished it.

#3 Pricing for food is reasonable! Some dishes under $10 if not give or take a bit more.

I even recommended the shop on Urbanspoon! That's how good I think the food is. If any friends crave for Malaysia good, hawker food, we'll bring them here. Just like my twin who visited  from Sydney a few weeks back.

It's not a regular restaurant or food shop where it is situated in a building on its own. It is located in the small food court in Rowville Stud Park Shopping Centre and opposite the check out counters of Coles.

Yin Yong 

Rice noodles with crispy thin noodles soaked in egg gravy with chicken and seafood

Beside and opposite Oriental Fast Food are other food shops. But if we go to Rowville Stud Park Shopping Centre to eat, we only go there and no other food shops.

Usually, we'll go on the weekends and the people are super nice enough to serve us. Today, despite not being well, we had to collect our food (sad face) from the counter. And the Yin Yong wasn't as awesome as it usually is.

However, we aren't going to stop going back just because of this one sad incident.

Hopefully, it's just a one off thing. We'll be back again Oriental Fast Food unless you give us another reason not to. :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

More wedding centrepice ideas

Oooh.. there are SO many more IDEAS for wedding table (reception) centrepieces.

At the end of it all, it really boils down to your likes and dislikes. What you are partial to. 

Is it rustic with a twist of vintage? Whimsical and romantic? Or green and eco friendly? Or perhaps, it's  themed or coloured theme concept? 

Have a look below and see what pulls at your heartstrings.

#1 One Wedding Wish never fails to inspire

#2 The romance of flowers

#3 Flowers are evergreen

#4 Green themed

#5 Simple and cute

#6 Oooh....

#7 Not really my fancy but I like the water element

#8 Violet purple

#9 Get creative and be healthy

#10 Blue themed

#11 Of water and sequins

#12 Simplicity of a water in aglass

#13 Add some personal touches

#14 Creativity knows no bounds

#15 Flower, candle and water with rocks

#16 Of shapes and sizes

#17 candles to light your path

#18 Purple themed

#19 Lace-oh-lace
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY wedding centrepiece

Mr. C told me not to hijack Miss Cutesie's wedding plans and not to get ahead of myself. Especially if it's not in line with her wishes. She is after all, the bride-to-be. ;p

I just hope I can do a nice, beautiful and satisfying arrangement.

I guess I was excited (and she seemed to share my excitement, too unless she was just being polite) that I thought she was giving me free reign of table centerpiece arrangements. Guess I was mistaken. LOL.

Anyways, I told her that I am here to assist her in anyway she needs. It's going to be HER special day and she'll have a certain idea of what she wants or would love to have. She won't have time to run around to get things done on that day itself. And as a good friend, it is my role to assist her and not BE the bridezilla.

That being said, I still went ahead and tried my hand to see what I could come up with. 

Pink oh pink

Yesterday at lunch time, I drove to Knox City to check out some flowers from the Fruits and Vege shop. Looking towards pinkish sort of theme, I bought a few cheap flowers to experiment with. 

10 hot pink roses for $4. 2 stocks of light pink and purple ish (possibly fuschia) flowers for $3 and those tiny sort of flower for $4. Total damage was only $11. If it didn't turn out well, I can just use it to 'flowerfy' my house! :)

My lunch yesterday at Breadtop; buns and mocha

And the night saw me 'playing' with flowers. I guess if I Googled or Youtube more on table arrangements, something awesome and doable will come up. However, this was just me, trying my hand at whatever flowers I had and seeing what I could come up with.

It was a bit tough 'cos I realised I didn't have many things to compliment the flowers or add on to the sparse looking table top. I didn't set a theme except to think of pink and hence, it showed. As you can see from the below pictures, looks pretty empty.

I think getting loose flower petals to throw around the top of table top would add so much more soft, romantic feel covering the empty looking table. Did a mock table number with guest names' design.

#1 a vase of flower with two frames, one of table number and the other picture of the couple with two tealights

#2 Ferrero Rochere placed about (perhaps, stick heart shape papers atop mamogram with the couple's initials)

#3 Change of flower arrangements; roses with paper doily wrapped about vase

#4 How about a tree with ornament or adorned with lovey cutesie stuff with different sorts of flowers


Idea #1 Love for all seasons
I did think of a four seasons themed table centerpiece. Each table would be arranged accordingly to the season or any elements/objects that represents that season. So, say if it's winter theme, the table top would be filled with white feathers either with light blue or dark blue ones to represent snow and wintry look. There'll be a a few vases or glasses of flowers in it.

Spring table could be filled with colourful, vibrant colours to give the happy, cheery Spring has arrived feel. You get the gist of it.

Idea #2 Individual themed tables
I was trying to get an idea what the couple have in common or likes to do together but my friend sounded rather clueless. Lol. And this idea just popped into my mind and I thought it'll be interesting. 

'Cos my friend's fiancé's parents place have all sort of interesting ornaments. So, I said, 'why not make each table a theme of it's own?' Scatter flower petals around the table top and put a few cutesie ornaments ie teddy bears, or star wars character or any cartoon or adorable ornament as part of the centerpiece.

All in all, first and foremost, the bride-to-be has to set a theme first. Once that's done, then it'll be easier to get ideas and work around it. If not, it's pictures after pictures and 1001 ideas with the sky being the limit.

Might try out more ideas this weekend. We shall see...

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hoards of ideas for wedding table centrepiece !!

With Miss Cutesie's upcoming Registration of Marriage, I am once again embroiled in wedding planning of sorts. I get really excited researching and sourcing ideas and attempting to make it happen. Just like the time I was looking for ideas for Miss Lawyer's!

I reckon I didn't plan my wedding very well, leaving many things to the last minute, hence, there were not many DIYs or personal touches, much to my disappointment with self.

But that is water under the bridge. 

Now, with friends' wedding approaching one after the other, I can assist and offer my help. With that said, I find myself breeming with ideas for Hen Parties and wedding table centerpieces to favours and what not.

There are just SO many wedding table centrepieces to do for one's special lovey dovey day that it really is hard to choose a theme especially if one has NO idea what one wants. 

Initially I thought a bright, vibrant colour theme would suit a Spring Melbourne intimate wedding affair but if my hunch is right, I reckon Miss Cutesie is looking more for a pastel pinkish hue sort of theme.

I am trying to get my head around how it'll look against the dull red backdrop with severe black and white table clothe. Perhaps we can ask the restaurant to remove the black portion? Hmmm..

Anyways, I leave you with some really beautiful centerpiece ideas... tell me, which are your favourite and which you think would be something you'll like for your wedding or wouldn't ever dream of doing at all!

#1 Pink gerberas atop mirror (seems common here in Aussie) with two tealights

#2 Love the simple flower layout

#3 Aaah.. super pinky theme and feather anyone?

#4 wow.. hanging flowers in bottles concept. See what I mean about vibrant colours? 

#5 Ditch the flowers and go with candles! Though this one looks hot ish and erm... danger anyone?

#6 A simple pink style

#7 Be creative... add some fruits according to your theme.

#8 Tea lights centrepiece are beautiful for night receptions but might get a bit warm ish

#8 pink and green

#9 elegance and simplicity with baby's breath

#10 Who says veges aren't favourites? Quirky asparagus idea!

#11 One Wedding Wish has amazing wedding style concepts!

#12 Rustic centrepiece

#13 Oh-such-beautiful-flowers

#14 Flowers of all sorts and colours

#15 A mesh of pink, purple and blue still rocks!

#16 Sometimes simple is more

#17 White and peach

#18 Bye to Convention and Hello Creativity

#19 One Wedding Wish just have AMAZING flowers, I tell you!
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