Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hoards of ideas for wedding table centrepiece !!

With Miss Cutesie's upcoming Registration of Marriage, I am once again embroiled in wedding planning of sorts. I get really excited researching and sourcing ideas and attempting to make it happen. Just like the time I was looking for ideas for Miss Lawyer's!

I reckon I didn't plan my wedding very well, leaving many things to the last minute, hence, there were not many DIYs or personal touches, much to my disappointment with self.

But that is water under the bridge. 

Now, with friends' wedding approaching one after the other, I can assist and offer my help. With that said, I find myself breeming with ideas for Hen Parties and wedding table centerpieces to favours and what not.

There are just SO many wedding table centrepieces to do for one's special lovey dovey day that it really is hard to choose a theme especially if one has NO idea what one wants. 

Initially I thought a bright, vibrant colour theme would suit a Spring Melbourne intimate wedding affair but if my hunch is right, I reckon Miss Cutesie is looking more for a pastel pinkish hue sort of theme.

I am trying to get my head around how it'll look against the dull red backdrop with severe black and white table clothe. Perhaps we can ask the restaurant to remove the black portion? Hmmm..

Anyways, I leave you with some really beautiful centerpiece ideas... tell me, which are your favourite and which you think would be something you'll like for your wedding or wouldn't ever dream of doing at all!

#1 Pink gerberas atop mirror (seems common here in Aussie) with two tealights

#2 Love the simple flower layout

#3 Aaah.. super pinky theme and feather anyone?

#4 wow.. hanging flowers in bottles concept. See what I mean about vibrant colours? 

#5 Ditch the flowers and go with candles! Though this one looks hot ish and erm... danger anyone?

#6 A simple pink style

#7 Be creative... add some fruits according to your theme.

#8 Tea lights centrepiece are beautiful for night receptions but might get a bit warm ish

#8 pink and green

#9 elegance and simplicity with baby's breath

#10 Who says veges aren't favourites? Quirky asparagus idea!

#11 One Wedding Wish has amazing wedding style concepts!

#12 Rustic centrepiece

#13 Oh-such-beautiful-flowers

#14 Flowers of all sorts and colours

#15 A mesh of pink, purple and blue still rocks!

#16 Sometimes simple is more

#17 White and peach

#18 Bye to Convention and Hello Creativity

#19 One Wedding Wish just have AMAZING flowers, I tell you!
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Evan Gregory said...

I like the Pink gerberas atop mirror with two tealights because it was very girly. I love all about being pink. And the Tea lights centrepiece are beautiful for night receptions but might get a bit warm. It was very romantic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about > "Hoards of ideas for wedding table centrepiece !!" < Liked it!

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