Monday, June 28, 2010

Fushion of the traditional and the modern

Picture taken from HERE.

So, okay. My idea wasn't that original as I thought. But I maintain that my idea is still chic and elegant!

Was reading this blog and found her wedding dress to be SOMEWHAT something that I had in mind, only that the lace I envisioned is a bit different and also the design above the tube top. But this is the closes to what I was referring to in my post yesterday.

See, what I mean about Bridezillas?? We have to have things our way and a certain way. After all, you only get to be a bride once. Well, that's my plan. Once is more than enough. =)

Shakers and Blowers makes Buzzing Vuvuzelas

Ever since the FIFA Worldcup 2010 started on the 11th of June, Mr. C and I have been tuning in to SBS for the daily matches together with the Korean housemates. When Mr. C and I watch the football matches initially, we wondered what cursed frog or buzzing insect that kept going on and on, making such a ruckus that you feel like whacking it to shut it up.

And then, I read on plurk, whereby Yatz commented something about the vuvuzelas. And Mr. C later on informed me that it was the vuvuzelas emitting the annoying noise and that there it was causing a kerfuffle in the football world. Many called for the ban on the plastic so-called-musical instrument that was DRIVING everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, insane! That is, if you watch the match.

Even the football players were playing so badly in their first few matches due to distraction from the noisy vuvuzelas. Although many were calling for a ban on the vuvuzela, the plastic trumpet that produces a loud, annoying blowing horn sound but I guess you can't really dictate a hosting nation to do something just because it annoys everyone else. =p

Many people in the blogging world even blogged about it irking them to bits- MKL and Jess from Extractions of a disorientated mind. Even a Vuvuzela hater’ was arrested for threatening to chop off neighbors’ heads.

Even Hitler hates the Vuvuzela!!

But I think it just takes a little getting used to. Now, it doesn't bug us so much. A lot of people are also adapting to the sound, saying that it makes one vuve-zealous over the matches as reported HERE.

Even my crazy boyfriend has resorted to downloading the vuvuzela application onto his Iphone. Don't ask why 'cos I don't know the answer. =p

Even my crazy boyfriend has resorted to downloading the vuvuzela application onto his Iphone. Don't ask why 'cos I don't know the answer. =p

After downloading the application, you can blow it and the horn blares...

Kidding!! You can't blow it. You shake it and the annoying sound goes off.

Poor guy. I made him blow at his Iphone a few times for a few shot.

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Kooky Pics #254 Of furry things

Was trying to think up a catchy title for this picture and referred to the boyfriend. And this is what he said...

"Looks like three koo koo jiao (that means hokkien for birdies aka males genitals)"

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restless Sunday

It's funny looking through FB (facebook) photos of others and how A used to be with B but is now with C where else B is with D. And it's uncanny how an ex-colleague can be a friend's current boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Or how E used to be fatter and dowdy but now, looks hot. Or how F used to look pretty hunky in high school but have ballooned somewhat and now, looks rather uncle-ish.

Picture taken from HERE.

I think it is pretty cool to be able to see how many mutual friends one has with each friends. The world is small and it keeps getting smaller these days. Every once in awhile, I'll be pleasantly surprised to see that friend A also knows friend E and F and so on. Perhaps, it is true university or work. And some, even as primary or high school mates!

What's the point in this post? Nothing really.

Just feeling restless and am too lazy to head out to spend money that I don't have nor run on treadmills that are just a drag. There is tomorrow after all. And losing weight can definitely wait another day.

I wonder why I torture myself at times, logging into FB and checking people's pictures out. Seeing how some girls look hot or happening, always at some kind of event and what not. I think the worst is seeing people you once deemed as close, now, have moved on and have their own circle of cliques. But that's life.

People change and move on in life. This makes me think about my future hens party. I don't exactly have a group of friends instead, I have one or two friends in different circles. So, it's going to be hard to invite all of them to a hen's party right? Perhaps, we'll have two separate ones. One that is filled with memorable moments and good, innocent 'ol fun. And have another one that is a tad rowdy with strippers and what not. Hah. That's a thought. =p

Picture taken from HERE.

On a different note, wished I could get my wedding dress custom made. I was thinking of a tube-ish, long dress with another light or see through kind of layer over it. Narturally, there will be a detachable long train at the back. Long enough to look chic and yet not too long to trip over. A cheongsam style in white, stylish lace at the neck area. Modest and yet elegant. With that, I'll be able to cover my chicken pox style and flabby side arms. =P

Publish PostPicture taken from HERE.

This one (custom made for approximately USD150) is just lovely but would prefer a different material cos when I look at this material, the first word that comes to mind- curtains.
Picture taken from HERE.

Wedding dresses look about the same these days. But my idea is a pretty grand and chic idea right? Now, if only I could get someone to translate my idea onto paper AND sew it for me at a reasonable price! I would definitely be a happy camper! *hehe* Girls just go on Bridezilla mode when it comes to their wedding.

Time to lose some weight. Waitaminute, I have been saying that like a gazillion times! However, this time, I have a bet with my aunt to lose at least 2kgs in two weeks. Some sort of motivation. We shall see the outcome in two weeks time.

Kooky Pics #253 When it's red

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Korean Drama IN the house

Have you ever wonder where movie and drama ideas come from?? Well, let me tell you the secret... FROM EVERYDAY LIFE!!

A little about the home occupants..
Currently, Mr. C and I are staying in a household of Koreans. So far, everyone has been nice and friendly. There is the main tenant- a married couple (P for the hubby and J for the wife) with a baby on the way, two other guys (Ja and Jo) and another girl tenant (Jin) who came in a week or so ago.

Everything was going pretty well. Mr. C and I are asked to join in for meals and chats. The guys have their ciggy breaks most evenings outside at the porch after meals and then, proceeded by countless Go Stop games that goes on for hours til the wee hours of the morning.

Picture taken from HERE.

J will go shopping with Jin every alternate days and chat nineteen to the dozen with her. At times, I feel a little left out ish. I am in no way envious of their friendship but it just reminds me of my lack of female friendship, at times and makes me miss my chums.

This is what happened...

Anyway, Wednesday evening, we were all playing Go Stop and chatting. Jin who was previously in the US for two years to study English, went back to Korea for about 10 months and then came over to Australia just a week or so ago- she was asking Mr. C about her English. She was going on and on, asking the same question repeatedly as to why people here can't understand her English.

The thing with Jin is, among all the Korean housemates, she has the most fluent English (not to say that it is really good) which is accompanied by her US accent mixed with Korean accent! It doesn't sound like she pronounces her words and that is probably the reason people find it hard to understand what she tries to convey.

So, Mr. C, Jo, J and Jin were playing Go Stop and Jin just kept asking her same question over and over. Even Mr. C who is generally a very patient person started to get a little irked. It was like a time bomb waiting to happen- J, suddenly burst out in rapid Korean to Jin. I suspect that she was telling her to stop asking her questions or something. Few minutes later, Jin left the group and went to her room, banging her room doors.

Mr. C and I asked Jo what happened and he explained that J told Jin that Mr. C is too nice and will tolerate her questions but the actual fact is that Jin's English is poor. So, we suspect that maybe Jin thinks her English is good and didn't like being told otherwise.

The next day...

Whatever it is, I stayed over at my aunt's place on Thursday to spend some time with her, Mr. C called for a chat and updated me that Jin was moving out in two weeks- her deposit that she paid. J was livid that Jin didn't have the courtesy to tell to her face but instead, sent a text!

Since Wednesday night, we haven't seen Jin. Her clothes that she hung outside the house since Monday is still there. I find it a trifle surprising that a mountain can be created out of a molehill. J, perhaps did say her piece of mind in a high handed manner but for Jin to move out over this, it's a tad overboard.

Based on my talk with Jin earlier, she seems like she comes from a wealthy family and have things somewhat easy.
Perhaps that is why she may not be used to this kind of criticism and didn't know how to react to it in a mature manner.

Picture taken from HERE.

Eitherway, perhaps it's good that I don't know much Korean and maintain a certain distant with J. But so far, she has been really nice to Mr. C and I.

Then again, we are very like-able people! =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Bf is a Korean

Ever since coming to Brisbane this round, I am starting to think that perhaps my bf isn't a Malaysian but more of a Korean. If not, he probably is a Korean trapped in a Malaysian Chinese's body! =p

Why would I say that?? Well..

#1 His love for all kinds of Korean food. His housemates love to cook for him!! And he is forever trying to convert me. Remember him, making me eat a silkworm!!!

#2 Plays Go stop ALL the time and I mean
ALL.THE.TIME! Basically, everynight! But I must say it is rather addictive. =)

#3 He speaks Korean too! Well, snippets of it. He picks up the language really fast. He is definitely blessed with a good memory and fast to grasp things. Well, except when it comes to relationship and me.

#4 He mixes so well with his Korean housemates. They LOVE him a lot, I kid you not. I asked Jay yesterday if he liked Australia. His reply was, "I like Clement". Seriously hilarious to me.

When we were at the Crackerjack Carnival a few weeks back, Jay and I sat a ride together. When every time we approached the ground near Mr. C, I would be gripping the bar that holds me in place really hard whilst screaming my head off in fear, "aaaaarrrrhhhh..." as my saliva flies all over the crowd. Jay, on the other hand, kept shouting, "CLEMENT!! CLEMENT".

Told you they love him. Besides, they think he's super intelligent!

The only Korean thing that he doesn't fancy are.... Korean dramas and Korean girls because he only fancies me. =p

Kooky Pics #250 Cross roads

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Wacky wednesday

Last Wednesday was definitely a more fruitful and eventful day as compared to today. Today, I jus couldn't seem to wake up. I kept asking Mr. C to give me extra time to snooze and finally 10minutes to 12pm, he had to drag me to stand up! =p

But nobody wants to hear about my not wanting to wake up today when I can tell you more about what happened last week that was definitely not as dull as today!!

I finally met up with my great grand aunt on my dad's side after weeks procrastination. Mr. C and I made our way to Eight Mile Plains which is just nearby Sunnybank, approximately 15minutes away from Carindale. My Aunt JP lives at a retirement home. Back home in Malaysia, it would sound terrible if you were to say that you put your parents in a retirement home.

BUT... my Aunt JP's retirement home is beautiful and cosy. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. The thing with Australia is, so far, all the homes that I have been to, they have separate toilet for you to pee and poo and a bathroom for you to shower and some houses have bath tubs!

I was rather excited over the spacious bathroom. I seem to have this affinity with bathrooms. I love to check them out where ever I go may it be a hotel, someone's house or even in malls or restaurants.

I must say, the toilet is HUGE! And I commented so. My Aunt JP said that it's to enable people (old people) in wheelchairs to get in and out of the bathroom with ease. Too bad that place is only for the elderly, if not, Mr. C and I would love to own a home over there. =p

We, including my Aunt A had a lovely lunch cooked by my aunt JP. Surprisingly, we had a good time of fellowship.

Took some pictures of the flowers on our way to our car parked at the visitors parking lot.

Next up, Mr. C and I met my Aunt A at Coles nearby to check out the AUD1 phone offer. Unfortunately for us, the phone was sold out! Next up, Mr. C and I headed over to Sunnybank for a good round of singing- karaoke style!

Lo and behold, a Neway in Sunnybank!!
#1 - Expensive
The Neway here in Brisbane is incomparable to the ones back home in Malaysia that's for sure! It's AUD20 per hour here and if there are more than 2 people to a room, it costs more. Mr. C and I opted for the meal set- a meal + a drink + 3 hours of singing = AUD22.90 and it's for 11am up to 8pm only. We were there from 4.40pm til 7.40pm.

Price-wise is rated 3/5, taking into account how the food tastes plus the fact that one gets to sing for 3 hours.

#2 - Poor upkeep
Stepping into the room was a rather let down. I wasn't expecting anything 4 star ish. It really reminded me of Genting Highland's karaoke room and only one word comes to mind- dodgy! But when I sang, my voice sounded better. Perhaps they tune the sound system right.

Ambiance is rated a 1/5. Currently gives me the feeling of seedy Hong Kong karaoke lounge you watch in Hong Kong shows. Needs improvement, that's for sure!

Amused with the BIG remote controller that is the same size as the microphone.

#3 - Poor service
The service was really, really bad. Firstly, they showed us to our room and then just left without taking our orders. I was a bit bewildered. I was like, "Should we order our food now or later" or "will they come in to get our orders?". We waited for awhile but in the end, Mr.C had to go out to order our food.

Secondly, when the food finally came, they forgot to give us utensils. Maybe they thought that us, Malaysians are from the jungle and we eat with our hands or something. I doubt they even know where Malaysia is to begin with.

Thirfly, we also had to wait FOREVER for our drinks which they actually forgot about!! I would understand their forgetfulness if the place were swarming with customers leading them to be super busy. BUT we were the ONLY customers at that place at that time!! Service would be rated 0.5 or 1/5.

Malaysia or rather Queensland's own William Hung!

The good thing
After the bad service and the disappointment of my surroundings, the food was a turnabout of impression. We had the Thai fried rice and dry noodle with shallot and ginger. It was really tasty and big portion! I would rate the food 4/5.

My Thai fried rice that tasted more like tom yam fried rice. No complains as it was yummy!

Mr. C's dried noodle with ginger and shallots but basically tasted just like Wan tan mee minus the ginger flavour.

Mandarin songs tend to have nicer MTV background to accompany the music as opposed to English songs. But this seriously tops it all..

This questionable "lady" who looks like she's dressed in lingerie...

Grooving in an oh-so-slutty manner.

And started touching herself all over and moving lower...

Mr. C and I had a good laugh over that one. It definitely distracted me from singing the song, that's for sure. I can only imagine Ms. Juice's expression over this song clip!

Cookies n Cream & sth butterscotch

As the saying goes, all good things must always come to an end. In this case being our karaoke session that ended with us leaving Sunnybank for our next destination- Cold Rock for ice cream ending our night with Go Stop with the housemates and watching the Spain vs Switzerland match.

Today, we woke up to half the day gone. Had lunch at home and went to Carindale mall til evening. Came back to cook dinner. After dinner, watched Borders Security and then proceeded to TAB's to place some bets on footie and horses with all the housemates. Came back home followed by Go Stop card game whilst watching Slovenia vs England and now, sleep.

I hope to wake up to good news that Australia wins the match against Serbia and scoring in the first half, too!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kooky Pics #249 Bee Stung Lips

This isn't how I usually look. Ate a Kebab last week and it lead to my upper lip swelling.
I seem to be getting into a lot of Kookie health hazard situation.
When the lip swelling subsided a bit, I sported Angelina Jolie's "sexy" pouty lips. =p

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blue Ribbon takes flight

I bought a lomo camera many weeks ago and have been trying to finish the roll of film that I had, to see the final outcome of the pictures. My lomo camera, a Ultra Wide & Slim- Blue Ribbon modal was bought from The Click Shop. When I first got it, I was a tad disappointed as it didn't seem very special.

But after taking a few shots and seeing the outcome, it's alright, I suppose. Why don't you tell me what do you think?

Here are the pictures from it's first voyage...

A view of the outside taken from the master bedroom.

Taken when it was too dark.

Parrot at Malacca Zoo.

Stadhuys building that was built during the Dutch's ruling in Malaysia in 1650.

The fountain and a friend.

One of my favourite pictures- Nuts.

When the sun sets.


Main Beach at Noosa Heads.

Cotton clouds above Carindale Mall.

St. Stephen's Cathedral in the city.

Sheepish Clouds above DFO's parking lot and Mr. C.



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