Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Bf is a Korean

Ever since coming to Brisbane this round, I am starting to think that perhaps my bf isn't a Malaysian but more of a Korean. If not, he probably is a Korean trapped in a Malaysian Chinese's body! =p

Why would I say that?? Well..

#1 His love for all kinds of Korean food. His housemates love to cook for him!! And he is forever trying to convert me. Remember him, making me eat a silkworm!!!

#2 Plays Go stop ALL the time and I mean
ALL.THE.TIME! Basically, everynight! But I must say it is rather addictive. =)

#3 He speaks Korean too! Well, snippets of it. He picks up the language really fast. He is definitely blessed with a good memory and fast to grasp things. Well, except when it comes to relationship and me.

#4 He mixes so well with his Korean housemates. They LOVE him a lot, I kid you not. I asked Jay yesterday if he liked Australia. His reply was, "I like Clement". Seriously hilarious to me.

When we were at the Crackerjack Carnival a few weeks back, Jay and I sat a ride together. When every time we approached the ground near Mr. C, I would be gripping the bar that holds me in place really hard whilst screaming my head off in fear, "aaaaarrrrhhhh..." as my saliva flies all over the crowd. Jay, on the other hand, kept shouting, "CLEMENT!! CLEMENT".

Told you they love him. Besides, they think he's super intelligent!

The only Korean thing that he doesn't fancy are.... Korean dramas and Korean girls because he only fancies me. =p


jfook said...

I like your last sentence HAHAHA.

Lindy said...

Lol. Go Stop sure looks fun! :D

goingkookies said...

jfook: thanks!! hehe. i would love to believe that the last sentence is true =) hehe

Lindy: it is!! it's all about strategy and some luck =p

Hui Ni said...

thats why u look like a korean .....

goingkookies said...

Hui ni: very funny =p