Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eumundi Market

This is going to be one looong post filled with LOADs of pictures. In fact, it took me hours to upload them! So, you guys better appreciate the effort! =p *kidding* It's my pleasure.

After the short visit to the Big Pineapple, we drove on to Eumundi Market. Rain or Shine, they are open EVERY Wednesdays (8am to 1.30pm) and Saturdays from 6.30am up to 2.00pm. If you're afraid you might not be familar with the roads, fret not, you can either use a GPS or just use google maps is sufficient. Either that or you can just use the old school method and refer to a map! =)

If you're interested to know more about Eumundi Market and how it came about, do read it up HERE.

And soon...

We reached.

There are ALL kinds of shops at Eumundi Market...
It's basically a bazaar teeming with shops that sells various things.

Pictures speaks for themselves.

Wouldn't this be a cool souvenir? =p

It's like Malaysia's Pasar Malam (Night Market).
Only that it is cleaner, neater and more well organised.

Umbrellas anyone?!!


Wonderful smelling soaps!

Almost all smelt so good that I had a hard time choosing!

The Rose and the Musk soap smelt heavenly.
Rose or Musk??! Rose or Musk??!!
In the end, I chose Rose.

People here are super friendly and casually chats you up anytime! A friendly passerby who was also choosing soaps mentioned that her friend bought the chocolate smelling soap once but her kid tried eating it thinking it was real chocolate.

This prompted me to smell the soap and seriously, it smells just like a real chocolate. I don't blame the kid for attempting a taste at it!

Next up... the wondrous smell of German Sausages assailed our senses and we just had to have a hot dog to go. They always ask if you want sauerkraut on top the hot dog and Mr. C usually says yes. Basically, sauerkraut is German for sour cabbage. It is chopped or shredded cabbage salted and fermented in its own juice. The word 'ferment' itself makes me think twice but it's really not that bad.

Near the German Sausage stand was a popcorn stand. They were giving out a cup of FREE popcorn for tasting and tell me which Asian can say NO to anything free??! Not to say that I am a super kiasu person lah (lah is something most Malaysians say at the end of their sentences ie What lah.. How can lah... Go die lah and so on and so forth. You should hear my Melbourne friend and cousin try to inject their Aussie accented "Lahs" into their sentences. Hilarious moments at times.)

BUT it's caramel popcorn! and that is a BIG thing to me because they don't serve sweet, caramel popcorn at the cinemas here. Instead, they serve YUCKY, salted popcorns that tastes like crap!

Sorry for saying so but it's true. I even thought of selling popcorns outside cinemas here. Definitely be a seller! What do you think??!

Back to the market... I was fascinated with the 'Potato Slinkys'. Creative right? Supposedly it tastes like chips just that it presented in a different manner. AUD4 for one though is a tad pricey. I guess they have to cover their cost somewhat with that being a WHOLE potato.

I would have loved to try it though. Mr. C has very different notions about things and what to try. Oh well, perhaps another time.

Besides being friendly, Aussies LOVEs their dogs and brings them out whenever they can. You see really cute ones and other times, not-so-cute ones. It just makes me long for a dog- German Shepherd (named Germie) or a Golden Retriver ('Goldie"). Kidding about the names though.

Wanted to try this but the bf said no.
Plus it was AUD11 per plate. The price itself put me off.

Tastes somewhat different from the regular ginger beer like Bundaberg's.

A young girl "basking" with her violin.
Wonders if anyone would throw some coins if I were to sing...

Swords for the boys.
And they can engrave the name for you for FREE!

Kinky lingerie anyone?!

This is such an artsy, colourful lamp!

From... Seven Dandelions.

Tutus.. anyone?
I would definitely get one for my little girl, next time! *winks*

Pretty interesting stuff. Different from back home.

Creative in a simple manner.

Accesories of all kinds.




I thought this is pretty interesting...
Heck! I think everything is interesting!

For bird lovers.

The tanning fad. Even statues love it!

Nifty wood work.

Protect your scalp from the harmful sun rays!

Recycle to save Mother Earth!

Rocky Road. Doesn't look appetising.

Mr. C got excited seeing this store...

Now you know what Paella Fella is all about.

The Paella Fella- Josh in the flesh.
Clicked the above link in orange to read about him and how he kick started this.

It does taste really good. Thumbs up!
Have a try whenever you see a shop with this name.. have a go!
They're now based at Mooloolaba in Queensland.

Churros are also known as Spanish doughnuts. I blogged about this 2 years back when I was at Melbourne. If you are ever at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market, you really have to try the Spanish Doughnut! To die for! Seriously.

I really love Churros and wanted to try this. However, Mr. C tends to turn a deaf ear on my pleas when it involves fattening food such as chocolates, biscuits and especially anything sweetish and the above mentioned Potato Slinkys.

Hence, we walked past this shop with my puppy-doleful-eye-;ook being ignored. Used it one two many times it would seem. Perhaps I should have done the Puss-in-boots look.

There are just shops after shops all over the place!
Just brilliant to walk in the sun accompanied by the cool breeze.

Succulent Strawberries for AUD8!

3 Dodgy looking furry animals making a ruckus.


Manned by this dude.
Good hand-leg coordination.

Did I ever tell you about my love affair??

With coffee??!! *SMIRKS*
But the Lovin-Latte that we had was really gross IMHO.

Mr. C makes the best coffee at Villa and Hut, Carindale and I am not just saying it because he is my boyfriend. He has had many customers complimenting him! Pretty awesome right?

Elmo and Cookie Monster in OZ!

Now, this reminds me more of the night markets we have back home in Malaysia.

If I had my own house and my own income,
I would buy so many things and candles are definitely one of them.
Some for me and some to bring back as gifts for my friends!

Damagochi- Brings back memories of my childhood though I never did own one.

Alien fruit!!!
Ok. It is not alien fruits. Mr. C says these are pomegranates. But my aunt's are green on the outer skin and not purple. Him, being the smart one and all, I still want to call it the Alien fruit!

Cute cheek shirts for little tots.


If I had any, I would.
I want boys but Mr. C wants girls.


Mr. C says he wants to get this for his brother's future kids.

Sunnies for all BUT me.

The seller said one for AUD15-20 or but two for AUD20. The bf had already found one, though I didn't think it looked that great on him, and I was searching for mine high and low. Tried pair after pair but just couldn't find any that suited me.

That's the thing about me. I have trouble finding sunnies that doesn't rest on my cheeks but on my nose and at the same time suits my frame. Don't ask me why because I just.don't.know!

In the end, Mr. C just bought a pair for himself.

Nasi goreng that he bought at my insistence but tasted Y-U-C-K to me. Mr. C liked it and I let him gasak (gobble) it all. Have I ever mentioned how different we both are in terms of character and personality and thinking and tastes and.... the list goes on.

I would loooove to buy this for my future garden.

Adorable to boot!!

After that, we left about 2pm something for our next destination... Main Beach at Noosa Heads!

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Lukey Cher Hong said...

wow they sure sell a lot of stuff there! i like the t-shirts designs especially :p

and awesome loads of photo u took.

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

goingkookies said...


There is lots! and each tent itself is pretty much organised except that it is located all over the place.

Love taking pics =)

suhaisweet said...

Really nice dude..I got one too Very Nice!

Hui Ni said...

lady ????? those are not pomegranates... clement is a himbo! live there so long also donno its called passion fruit la!

goingkookies said...

Wahahaha.. ok ok.. I'll let him know.

I have my bimbo moments and he has his himbo moments.. hehe.

Thanks for comments!!! i really love to get feedbacks from people.

zewt said...

enjoying your times in aussie to the fullest i can see.... :)

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