Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Dresses

I was facebooking the other day when on the right hand side, there were some interesting sites about bridesmaids dresses and wedding dresses and I had a look at them.

They have some really nice dresses. Back home in Malaysia, these days the wedding scene is a lucrative industry to be in. Bridal shops normally offer packages that comes with pre-wedding photography and on the day itself, if I am not wrong and even a wedding dress and a gown for the dinner at night. These packages range from RM1.5k-RM10k depending on one's budget.

Of course, if one was filthy rich and deep in the pockets, you can fly overseas to get your dream gown or get one tailor made with your very own designs. Truth be told, one of my "dreams" was to sew my own wedding gown among other things. But if I were to do that now, I'll just risk embarrassing myself as the seams come apart whilst I walk down the aisle.

But that doesn't mean I can't browse and dream, right?

Picture taken from HERE.

The site recommends this as a bridesmaids gown but I think it'll look lovely instead as an evening dress for the wedding dinner banquet. It could also serve as a beautifully simple wedding dress. But instead of royal blue, the dress would be in a white shade perhaps champagne colour or creamy white. Satin white might do well, too.

Picture taken from HERE.

This is one simple gown but I am somehow drawn to the simplicity of the gown and the champagne-bronze or brownish colour.

Picture taken from HERE.

I love the swirly chiffon dress. It would be lovely if it was in white and the length up to the ankles and perhaps a detachable back piece that touches the ground and can trail behind me.

Picture taken from HERE.

This is one somehow catches my eyes. I doubt I would ever look that good unless I lose 10kgs. Then again, maybe it's the colour of the gown that is so vivacious. Outspoken. Attention seeking. Maybe that's what attracted me to the gown in the first place. If the top part til the empire line is white and the rest of the bottom in black, it would looked soo elegant for perhaps the night dinnner.

Picture take from HERE.

Wedding dresses are so gorgeous especially on the models in the magazines. Wonder why there aren't any magazines at all that cater to real women with not-so-stick-thin like bodies and with a budget. Then again, who would want to look like not-so-think-women that sells magazines?

Eesh. I wish I could design an awesome dress or someone would do mine for free and yet it would look just beautiful with me in it. *Sigh* One can only hope and dream when one isn't rich nor a famous celebrity.


Fumoffu said...

The most important for a real bride is that she is beautiful in the eyes of the groom :)

goingkookies said...

haha.. true true