Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restless Sunday

It's funny looking through FB (facebook) photos of others and how A used to be with B but is now with C where else B is with D. And it's uncanny how an ex-colleague can be a friend's current boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Or how E used to be fatter and dowdy but now, looks hot. Or how F used to look pretty hunky in high school but have ballooned somewhat and now, looks rather uncle-ish.

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I think it is pretty cool to be able to see how many mutual friends one has with each friends. The world is small and it keeps getting smaller these days. Every once in awhile, I'll be pleasantly surprised to see that friend A also knows friend E and F and so on. Perhaps, it is true university or work. And some, even as primary or high school mates!

What's the point in this post? Nothing really.

Just feeling restless and am too lazy to head out to spend money that I don't have nor run on treadmills that are just a drag. There is tomorrow after all. And losing weight can definitely wait another day.

I wonder why I torture myself at times, logging into FB and checking people's pictures out. Seeing how some girls look hot or happening, always at some kind of event and what not. I think the worst is seeing people you once deemed as close, now, have moved on and have their own circle of cliques. But that's life.

People change and move on in life. This makes me think about my future hens party. I don't exactly have a group of friends instead, I have one or two friends in different circles. So, it's going to be hard to invite all of them to a hen's party right? Perhaps, we'll have two separate ones. One that is filled with memorable moments and good, innocent 'ol fun. And have another one that is a tad rowdy with strippers and what not. Hah. That's a thought. =p

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On a different note, wished I could get my wedding dress custom made. I was thinking of a tube-ish, long dress with another light or see through kind of layer over it. Narturally, there will be a detachable long train at the back. Long enough to look chic and yet not too long to trip over. A cheongsam style in white, stylish lace at the neck area. Modest and yet elegant. With that, I'll be able to cover my chicken pox style and flabby side arms. =P

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This one (custom made for approximately USD150) is just lovely but would prefer a different material cos when I look at this material, the first word that comes to mind- curtains.
Picture taken from HERE.

Wedding dresses look about the same these days. But my idea is a pretty grand and chic idea right? Now, if only I could get someone to translate my idea onto paper AND sew it for me at a reasonable price! I would definitely be a happy camper! *hehe* Girls just go on Bridezilla mode when it comes to their wedding.

Time to lose some weight. Waitaminute, I have been saying that like a gazillion times! However, this time, I have a bet with my aunt to lose at least 2kgs in two weeks. Some sort of motivation. We shall see the outcome in two weeks time.


SuFang (Careen) said...

I like the white wedding dress~

goingkookies said...

it's nice. but i wished mine to look more awesome.. =p but doubt i can find one like that without getting it custom made =/