Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fish and Crab

During my first week here, the guys wanted to go fishing and crabbing. Hence, with rods and net in hand, we headed out to Shorne Cliff. It is a superbly loooong jetty filled with like minded people. Many were there to fish with friends and family. One or two were into crabbing with their formidable nets.

The guys setting up the net to trap the poor clueless crabs.

Skies here are just breathtakingly beautiful.

The bait.

This is a female mudcrub.

Male mudcrab.

You can see the design on their underbelly. Too bad we had to throw them back as they were undersize. Aussie are very strict about many things as they believe in the preservation of mother nature. And hence, they have lots of rules and regulations to be adhered. You cannot bring home a female mudcrub (as it is needed for procreation... DUH!) and you cannot bring home crabs or fish that are too tiny, which is usually the case.

Hence, we went home empty handed. So much for crabs for dinner.


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