Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wacky wednesday

Last Wednesday was definitely a more fruitful and eventful day as compared to today. Today, I jus couldn't seem to wake up. I kept asking Mr. C to give me extra time to snooze and finally 10minutes to 12pm, he had to drag me to stand up! =p

But nobody wants to hear about my not wanting to wake up today when I can tell you more about what happened last week that was definitely not as dull as today!!

I finally met up with my great grand aunt on my dad's side after weeks procrastination. Mr. C and I made our way to Eight Mile Plains which is just nearby Sunnybank, approximately 15minutes away from Carindale. My Aunt JP lives at a retirement home. Back home in Malaysia, it would sound terrible if you were to say that you put your parents in a retirement home.

BUT... my Aunt JP's retirement home is beautiful and cosy. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it. The thing with Australia is, so far, all the homes that I have been to, they have separate toilet for you to pee and poo and a bathroom for you to shower and some houses have bath tubs!

I was rather excited over the spacious bathroom. I seem to have this affinity with bathrooms. I love to check them out where ever I go may it be a hotel, someone's house or even in malls or restaurants.

I must say, the toilet is HUGE! And I commented so. My Aunt JP said that it's to enable people (old people) in wheelchairs to get in and out of the bathroom with ease. Too bad that place is only for the elderly, if not, Mr. C and I would love to own a home over there. =p

We, including my Aunt A had a lovely lunch cooked by my aunt JP. Surprisingly, we had a good time of fellowship.

Took some pictures of the flowers on our way to our car parked at the visitors parking lot.

Next up, Mr. C and I met my Aunt A at Coles nearby to check out the AUD1 phone offer. Unfortunately for us, the phone was sold out! Next up, Mr. C and I headed over to Sunnybank for a good round of singing- karaoke style!

Lo and behold, a Neway in Sunnybank!!
#1 - Expensive
The Neway here in Brisbane is incomparable to the ones back home in Malaysia that's for sure! It's AUD20 per hour here and if there are more than 2 people to a room, it costs more. Mr. C and I opted for the meal set- a meal + a drink + 3 hours of singing = AUD22.90 and it's for 11am up to 8pm only. We were there from 4.40pm til 7.40pm.

Price-wise is rated 3/5, taking into account how the food tastes plus the fact that one gets to sing for 3 hours.

#2 - Poor upkeep
Stepping into the room was a rather let down. I wasn't expecting anything 4 star ish. It really reminded me of Genting Highland's karaoke room and only one word comes to mind- dodgy! But when I sang, my voice sounded better. Perhaps they tune the sound system right.

Ambiance is rated a 1/5. Currently gives me the feeling of seedy Hong Kong karaoke lounge you watch in Hong Kong shows. Needs improvement, that's for sure!

Amused with the BIG remote controller that is the same size as the microphone.

#3 - Poor service
The service was really, really bad. Firstly, they showed us to our room and then just left without taking our orders. I was a bit bewildered. I was like, "Should we order our food now or later" or "will they come in to get our orders?". We waited for awhile but in the end, Mr.C had to go out to order our food.

Secondly, when the food finally came, they forgot to give us utensils. Maybe they thought that us, Malaysians are from the jungle and we eat with our hands or something. I doubt they even know where Malaysia is to begin with.

Thirfly, we also had to wait FOREVER for our drinks which they actually forgot about!! I would understand their forgetfulness if the place were swarming with customers leading them to be super busy. BUT we were the ONLY customers at that place at that time!! Service would be rated 0.5 or 1/5.

Malaysia or rather Queensland's own William Hung!

The good thing
After the bad service and the disappointment of my surroundings, the food was a turnabout of impression. We had the Thai fried rice and dry noodle with shallot and ginger. It was really tasty and big portion! I would rate the food 4/5.

My Thai fried rice that tasted more like tom yam fried rice. No complains as it was yummy!

Mr. C's dried noodle with ginger and shallots but basically tasted just like Wan tan mee minus the ginger flavour.

Mandarin songs tend to have nicer MTV background to accompany the music as opposed to English songs. But this seriously tops it all..

This questionable "lady" who looks like she's dressed in lingerie...

Grooving in an oh-so-slutty manner.

And started touching herself all over and moving lower...

Mr. C and I had a good laugh over that one. It definitely distracted me from singing the song, that's for sure. I can only imagine Ms. Juice's expression over this song clip!

Cookies n Cream & sth butterscotch

As the saying goes, all good things must always come to an end. In this case being our karaoke session that ended with us leaving Sunnybank for our next destination- Cold Rock for ice cream ending our night with Go Stop with the housemates and watching the Spain vs Switzerland match.

Today, we woke up to half the day gone. Had lunch at home and went to Carindale mall til evening. Came back to cook dinner. After dinner, watched Borders Security and then proceeded to TAB's to place some bets on footie and horses with all the housemates. Came back home followed by Go Stop card game whilst watching Slovenia vs England and now, sleep.

I hope to wake up to good news that Australia wins the match against Serbia and scoring in the first half, too!


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