Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Golden Rules to live by

Since I fail to put how I feel into my own words, I leave you the wise sayings of others that makes a whole lot of sense and essentially says what I think about on a daily basis; things I know I should do with or without, the mindset I should have and do try on my good days.

I reckon most of us knows all these rules we should live by to make our life easier and breathable but once again, human nature is anything but simple. We live and breathe complexity and chaos, and if it doesn't kill us, it makes us stronger. 

It makes us, us.

Golden Rules 
 If you open it, close it.
 If you turn it on, turn it off. 
 If you unlock it, lock it up. 
 If you break it, admit it. 
 If you can’t fix it, call in someone who can. 
 If you borrow it, return it. 
 If you value it, take care of it. 
 If you make a mess, clean it up. 
 If you move it, put it back. 
 If it belongs to someone else and you want to use, get permission. 
 If you don’t know how to operate it, leave it alone. 
 If it’s none of your business, don’t ask questions. 
 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 
 If it will brighten someone’s day, say it. 
If it will tarnish someone’s reputation, keep it to yourself. 
~ Author Unknown~

Monday, August 27, 2012

18.08.2012 The Twin's visit

Few weekends ago, we planned for a day trip to Mornington Peninsula. Due to the rainy weather forecast, sadly for my twin, we changed plans and headed to St. Kilda and the city instead.

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Happy Birthday Jo!

Personally wrapped by me :)

August seems to be a busy month of birthdays.  First it was my aunt's, then it was Mr. C's and now, Jo's.

We celebrated his birthday last week at Paesano International Buffet that is situated on Ferntree Gully Road in Wheelers Hill. Before being Paesano, the property was another eatery called Montalcino and before that, Sofia's. Guess the business wasn't too well or perhaps, the location isn't ideal.

Pic taken from Paesano's site

Whatever it may be, the buffet spread in Paesano may not be as classy or of quality as Burwood Highway's China Bar Signature Asian Buffet but it definitely beats Wantirna South's Food Star anytime! In terms of pricing, it's also between the two.

The place is spacious. There's enough room for you to host a birthday or any other celebrations here in a big group. If not, a table for two is just as good. Ambiance is average with nothing outrageous or spectacular to boast about.

Despite that, it is comfortable, clean and cosy.

Mr. C loved the oysters and just had plate after plates filled with them. Seriously. That's basically his entrée, mains and dessert for the night. I reckon it's more worth it for him to go for buffet as he enjoys the more pricier food such as the seafood, the sashimis (if there's any) and steers clear of carbos/fill-you-up-fast-but-are-cheap food.

Me? I eat those instead of the expensive food, unfortunately. Blame it on my poor man (in this case, woman) stomach with no taste for rich man's food. LOL.

Would we come back here? Yeah sure. If we feel like stuffing ourselves with buffet food and Melbourne city is just too far. :) After all, it's our second time here.
The salt & pepper squid was delish!!

My weakness... only loved the M&M's though.

Birthday boy with his cake

Dear Jo,
"One year older, hopefully one year wiser, 
more mature and handsom-er." LOLs.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Balha's Fingers

I finally made it to Balha's Pastry yesterday. For those who have been living under a shell, Balha is this awesome Lebanese pastry shop on Sydney Road in Brunswick West.

A friend's friend gave me a piece (ok, several) of this awesome melt-in-your-mouth pastry last year and after many days and months craving and dreaming of it, I finally made it to the place where it's sold!

One of my part time jobs brought me to this part of Melbourne and I just had to seize the opportunity to grab a few tasty morsels. Any sweeties is always a 'yes' in my books! :)

Stepped into the shop and was greeted with the lovely aroma of baked pastries, syrup and I think, nuts. As you walked in the shop, you'll see a long table counter shielded with a row of glass panels. Behind it, what would look like an endless (I know, I exaggerate) trays of pastries. 

I perused through tray after tray for anything called "Baklavas" 'cos that's what my friend told me it's called. But there wasn't any. On closer inspection, the only thing that looked like what I tasted was called "Fingers". Lol.

What a name. Curious why fingers though. As I was rushing to work, I didn't have time to ask. It was AUD20/kg, hence, I thought ordering AUD5 worth would give me a few pieces of heaven. I didn't imagine that it'll total to 15+ pieces for only AUD5. hehe. 

With just AUD5, I can only get 2 petite macarons from La Belle Miette.

Don't tell Mr. C. He'll forbid me from finishing this decadently sweet temptation. If given the chance, I wouldn't put it past him to throw it away. ;p


The shop had so many other pastries and even sold chocolates. There is also a coffee making counter! 

Reading their website only did I know that they have a seating area upstairs besides outside seating for cafe patrons. But I didn't have much time to check out everything. Just enough time to point and order my "fingers", pay and leave.

Fingers : Filo Pastry, cashew and syrup

Mr. C reckons it looks more like caterpillars. He asked me from the kitchen area, "why were there so many caterpillars in the kitchen?" as I tinker away on my laptop in the TV room, to which I replied, "what caterpillars??". 

I really thought that there were caterpillars. He brought over the box of "fingers" much to my amusement and said, "caterpillars".

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Nuffnang Product Talk : Oriental Teahouse

Today, I arrived home to receive a package from Nuffnang Australia! I absolutely LOVE snail mails and getting any mail in my postbox is always a joy. Cards and presents are welcome but definitely NOT credit card bills or bank statements informing me the low cash balance.

Quickly made my way to the kitchen and with a knife (since I can't find where Mr. C hid the scissors), ripped open the package revealing Oriental Teahouse's Strawberry & Cream tea!!


Because I didn't get the previous Nuffnang Product Talk on Golden Circle Healthy Life Probiotic Drink, I figured that I may missed out on this Tea treat, too! So, imagine my excitement when it hit me - obviously the part when I ripped open the postal packaging - that I got this Product Talk opportunity!

I am a tea fan. Yeah sure, when I go out, I drink mocha instead of any tea drinks. Frankly, I don't think it's worth it to pay so much more for a teabag of tea that I can easily conjure up at home myself. 

I drink Twinning's English Breakfast or Lipton's Black tea with milk on a daily basis. Of course, at home. Most days, I can easily drink up to 2 till 4 cups which Mr. C would love to see me cut down to a cup or none, if that's even possible!

It's lovely to have a warm drink to warm my hands and self and that's why, today's package came in handy. What better way to calm my growling hungry tummy and shoo the cold from my fingers than with a cup of hot tea, the Strawberry & Cream tea from Oriental Teahouse!

Love the fragrance. The tea is aptly named as it really does smell like strawberries and cream! The tea smell followed me from the kitchen all the way to my bedroom that I just couldn't resist scooping a teaspoon into the newly bought birthday cup for Mr. C that is SO meant for tea and filling it up with hot water to brew.

I think, at the end of the day, I am still a red, green and black tea girl at heart. Although this strawberry and cream tea (sounds like some sort of perfume range or dessert) has an interesting taste to it, I'd most likely buy it as gifts for friends who are tea drinkers. 

Mr. C on the other hand, had a sipped and liked it. He proceeded to finish MY cup of Strawberry & Cream tea. :P

Am organising Miss Cutesie's hen day/night party and thought that this will make lovely gifts (packaged nicely and cutesily into little individual packages) for her other girlfriends who'll be along for a day of elegant High Tea followed by some risqué Burlesque moves proceeded by dinner in the city and games in the hotel before a night out painting the town red!

Which reminds me... I've yet to sit down and start making the stuff for the day. And away I go... but not before a picture of me savouring my tea! Alright. Two pictures. :)

I thought this picture represented me well as I savour the tea. Alas, my photographer, Mr. C said, "why are your eyes closed? Take another picture". 

And I leave you with an "eyes-open-wide" photo. Couldn't really warm my hands without scalding it! Lols. 

Next time I try this tea, I'll try making the drink according to the instructions instead of just plain tea with hot water. 

NOTE: This is NOT a paid sponsored post. It is courtesy of Nuffnang's Product Talk opportunity where I receive an item to try out and in return, I blog my unbias review. :)
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Self doubt and anxiousness

I hate this gan cheong feeling coupled with self doubt. It gnaws away the little self esteem I have. Ridiculous much? I know and yet, the feelings are there. At the end of the day, you can't really reveal much about yourself or the freaking whole truth when people aren't exactly there for it. 

Especially interviews. They ask you questions to profile who and what you are. But do they really want the real you? Besides, people who talks better (not necessarily work better) tends to land the job.

From the advises people throw my way, they'll say " 'beautify' your resume", lie.. but that's just not me. I guess, I am too honest for my own good and a tad too straight. Straight in a non street smart way.

Just a random ramblings. The wind is strong outside and I just wished it'll carry me away from what may be in store today later on or well, my future. 

Aahh.. I know pessimism gets you no where but it follows me like a hawk, shadowing me.

Time to start making better choices eh.
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