Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perfectly timed photos

Came across this bunch of photos in an email sent by my daddyinlaw and thought it was worth sharing. Some of the photos looked pretty real where else some looked like they were photoshopped. I chose not to include the really fake looking ones in this post.

One or two of the pictures really got me laughing. For one, I laughed but I haven't the faintest why I laughed out loud at that particular picture. Oh gosh, my humour better not be getting all twisty and sadistic. ;p

#1 Fly high
Pretty cool

#2 Cover up! 
Ok.. this one, coincidence much?

#3 This ain't cool
Poor dude got a finger stuff right INTO his nose!

#4 Poor Prince Charles... caught in such a position.
Like I say, it's always in the angles of the picture!

#5 How tiny you are

#6 WHAT on earth is that??!!
gosh.. I don't even know what to say for this.

#7 And today...
Oooh... nice flag!

#8 Sexaaay... cat
Haha... Puss in Boots with Ryan Gosling's (RG) body! Too buff to be RG though.

#9 What's that smell?!

#10 Kick in the you-know-where
Poor lady...

#11 Mate hug!

#12 A tourist
This was the picture I LOL and I don't know why.. sorry for laughing,  poor dude who hit the pole!

#13 Peekaboo!! big jaws... 
Swim for your life!!!

#14 Y-A-W-N!
This is what series marathon does to you!

#15 Blow your trumpets

#16 Lifting of the moon
Haha.. this has got to be photoshopped or something... but does look pretty real at the same time.

#18 Bye Bye birdie
Poor birdie.. didn't know what hit him till it was too late

#19 Thumbelina
<3 creative="creative" p="p" this..="this..">

#20 Aloha!
Not a cat fan but this tickles.

#21 Bicyhopper
Wow.. pretty snazzy!

If it was you, can you come up with some cute, funny or inspirational caption for any of the pictures above?
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