Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working world, here I come!

So, after more than a year of hiatus from the working world, I stepped back into the 'rat race' reluctantly. Picture above is me trying to 'look' awake at 8something in the morning! Malaysian time 6am. 


First day of work was alright. It was nothing complicated nor stressful. 

I would say it is a humbling experience. Seeing how I am a chartered accountant who left one of the Big Four accounting firm after close to four years of audit experience (not that I am trying to brag) what more to say after achieving Assistant Manager position (I am seriuosly not bragging just trying to give you an insight of where I am coming from ;p), I am now doing data entry part time. 

I don't think I can do this long term though NOT because I don't have what it takes but more so that it is rather tedious, mundane and repetitively no brainer.

However, for a part time job whilst I find other jobs, the pay is about the same, if not more (after conversion, that is) than what I was earning back in Malaysia as an AM. So, it's all good. Besides, I would say this is yet another one of God's blessings to us this past week.

Blessing #1 I can now legally work. Blessing #2 I was given this part time job without an interview involved! 
And I can dress like that to work!! Wheee... Time to go shopping for more 'work' clothes!! Thanks to NiNi who took me shopping yesterday!!! Had great girl time with the pretty lady!

Forgive the unflattering pictures... didn't have much time to take better ones! Ensemble for first day of work... loose, flowy shirt from Temt at Knox paired with black leggings and boots!

After work, we headed to Chaddy Shopping Centre. I had my Fajita Burritos from Salsa's and Mr. C had some spicy wanton from Urban Asia. My fajita was a real let down. It used to be really good but the last few times, I've been disappointed. The portion is smaller and the food is lukewarm.

Loving winter and how we get to wear boots!!

Mr. C's spicy wanton. 9 measley pieces for about AUD9.80! 
Too pricey IMHO. 
They should have given 10-15 pieces as the wanton sizes were puny!

My disappointing Fajita..

This super cute cake display (forgot from what shop)...
I can't decide which I prefer - the ice cream round shapes on the left or the fairy like cake on the right.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overhyped macaroons

Today has been a nice hang out day with NiNi! I really do miss shopping and especially with a lady friend! One that gives me feedbacks on clothes I try and doesn't have the urge to usher me out of the shopping centre as soon as possible.

Knocked ourselves out at Knox Shopping Centre's Temt and Valleygirl and ended up making a few purchases in Temt! Shopping some work clothes for my part time job. LOL. Spending money even before I earned it. Well, someone have said, 'you got to spend to earn'.

We lunched at Grill'd, this awesome burger shop situated in the Knox Ozone. I had the 'Baa Baa' burger upon recommendation from NiNi and it was finger licking good awesome! No points for guessing what meat burger it is. For the obtuse, it's lamb burger. Get it? Baa Baa sheep = lamb meat.

It costs AUD11.90 but if you have the Entertainment book that I blogged about previously over HERE, you can buy a burger and get one free. The burger is all about it's grilled lean lamb pattie with avocado paste, cheese, salad, tomato and some mayo.

We next headed to Brandsmart near her area. It's like DFO (direct factory outlet), a big shop with many shop lots inside it. It was rather quiet ish today. Not many people about, perhaps 'cos it was a weekday. Bought this amazingly soft bamboo bedsheet that cost a fair bit of money and Mr. C didn't even bat an eyelash! Phew. Wait till he sees the stuff I bought from Ebay! =p

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my day out with NiNi. Come to think of it, I am forever snapping pictures of everything and I didn't take any shots of our day out together! I must have been so engrossed shopping and chatting that the thought of taking pictures just flew out my mind!

However, I remembered to snap a photo of my first ever Macaroon! NiNi was sooo sweet and bought for me two - chocolate and raspberry. She reckons the raspberry is better but somehow Mr. C and I prefer the chocolatey one.

It's rather light and a tad crispy ish on the outside but you feel the gooeyness once your teeth sinks into it.

I must say, I do wonder what is the big hype and crazy over macaroons 'cos I found it really sweet. And this is said with me being a sweet tooth!! Maybe it's just not my cup of tea but I reckon I will try other flavoured macaroons and blog about it in the future. Who knows? It might be an acquired taste kind of food!

Honestly, I've been dying to try it after hearing heaps and heaps of people groaning about how delectable this little creation tastes. I guess media is a highly influential advertisement in our today world because it became a huge hit after starring on Master Chef last season when Marion and some other dude had to do it for their challenge.

Nevertheless, thanks NiNi for my first ever macaroons!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A 30 day project

I got this idea from Pauline's blog, once again.

Read the tab on 30 day project and it lead me to the below. I think I shall give it ago. I gather I rather have structure and guide that helps me to narrow down on topics to blog about. Sounds stifling but then again, I am trying to break out of this mould I've placed myself in - in the box mould.
  • Day 1-Myself
  • Day 2-Favorite Food
  • Day 3-Favorite Animal
  • Day 4-Favorite Place
  • Day 5-Best friend
  • Day 6-Favorite Book
  • Day 7-Favorite Movie
  • Day 8-Favorite Animated Character
  • Day 9-Favorite TV show
  • Day 10-Favorite Candy
  • Day 11-Biggest Impact Moment In My Life
  • Day 12-Most Recent Accomplishment
  • Day 13-Comic
  • Day 14-Favorite Fairytale
  • Day 15-Family Picture
  • Day 16-Inspiration
  • Day 17-Favorite Plant
  • Day 18-Just A Doodle
  • Day 19-Something New to Me
  • Day 20-Something Orange
  • Day 21-Something I Want
  • Day 22-Something I Miss
  • Day 23-Something I Need
  • Day 24-First Crush
  • Day 25-Scenery
  • Day 26-Something I Don't Like
  • Day 27-Someone I Love
  • Day 28-Anything I'd Like
  • Day 29-A Place I Want To Go
  • Day 30-Something Good From This Project

Friday, July 22, 2011

Going bonkers

This is me going bonkers...

There are just so many thoughts running though my mind. The thousand and one things I have to do or the thousand and one things I feel that I need to do. The books I have yet to read. The piano that I haven't touched in awhile. The photos that I have yet to sort out, print and compile. The shoes and ties and what nots that I have yet to source. Who can I source to make a Kebaya and maybe a Cheongsam within my budget? Any other make up artistes or hairstylists at a 'lower' price than the ones I've been quoted? Who do I need to meet and what do I need to do when I get back??

And the list goes on.

Now, to top it all, I have to start my job hunt.

For the life of me, I wished I knew why I feel irritable and annoyed. It's like something's bugging me that I just feel so frustrated and angsty. And he isn't helping matters. In fact, he's making it worse.

But all I do is keep my silence besides exhaling a long sigh....

Kooky Pics #447 & 448 Wednesday's dinner

Omelette with Onion and Parsley
Let's just say eggs and Parsley are a no-no!

I thought that's what people occasionally do put in their omelettes but I reckon it's supposed to be Coriander instead! LOL. Was rather difficult to digest as the parsley was just too overpowering in a non complimentary way.

And best to season the eggs with salt and pepper first before frying it with onions. Throw in Coriander NOT Parsley and add some cornflour mixed with water beforehand. The cornflour and water will give the egg a bit of a starchy feel like the eggs in Oychien (Eggs with oysters famously fried by hawkers in Penang, Malaysia).

All in all, Mr. C tried his best and that's what matters! =)

Ham Choi Thong (Sour vege soup)
Mr. C is a big fan of soups! He declares it's due to his Cantonese heritage. LOL. Hence, he asked me to make this soup for him

This turned out pretty tasty and well but a tad too salty. Basically, this is the kind of soup that one has to boil all day long or at least, half the day. I cut the salted vege bought from Shirley's Grocer at Scoresby into slices and put it into the pot of boiling water together with sliced tomatoes and dried oysters. After about an hour of boiling, I put in pork hork.

Dang! Forgot to take pictures of the pork hock. For those who don't know, pork hock is the portion of the leg otherwise known as port knuckle! Next time we'll put in a smaller piece to ensure the soup doesn't end up super salty. Felt hundreds of my hair dropped that night as a result.... ;p

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A celebratory dinner

Today, I received a really good news leading Mr. C to take me out for dinner to celebrate. We usually try to eat at home during the weekdays as it's easier on the pockets.

And for those who are wondering, I AM NOT PREGGERS! Because if I was, I wouldn't be happy and excited to celebrate. It would be the opposite of that as I would be sobbing my heart and eyes out!

Not saying that I don't want any children - although the thought has occurred numerous times - BUT the timing just isn't right. We have so many obligations to settle and with a wedding coming up end year, a kid will just add to the mountain of obligations faced that we are not ready to have right at this point of time.

I know I know. It is said that it's in the child and mother's best interest to have one's child as early as possible. But it's pointless to have a baby when one just isn't ready.

Anyways, we referred to the Entertainment Book to see what 'buy one meal, free a meal' vouchers we have for eateries around our area and landed at Wantirna Hill Club. Entertainment Book is basically a book of vouchers with good deals on local restaurants, hotels and other activities.

Instead of buying those deals online from Scoopon, Cudo, Spreets and those from Malaysia's Milkadeal or MyDeal or DealMates, you can get pretty good deals from the Entertainment Book. Besides that, all proceeds go to charity!

It seems that in every suburb, there is a 'club'. Like the week before, we headed to Mulgrave Country Club to enjoy the 'buy a meal, free a meal' deal. Just 5-10 minutes drive from our place, there are several other Clubs, though I won't named them 'cos according to someone, I shouldn't divulge so many pertinent facts about myself and my whereabouts which leaves me vulnerable and exposed to potential stalkers or people with ill intentions. To which on hindsight, I must agree the validity of concern.

One thing I realised while patronising this club and the one at Mulgrave Country Club, it's filled with angmohs. Last round, there were only two other Asians besides Mr. C and I and today, we were the only ones! But this doesn't make us feel awkward or our dining experience any less enjoyable.

I must say the menu and pricing here is better than the one at Mulgrave. Not just that, the food here tastes better and seem more refine. After shown to our table, deciding what we both wanted to have, we ordered at the counter and sat back down at Table 20 to await our meal. We were each given a complimentary bun and boy was the butter lovely! Would have been better if soup was free to accompany the bun into my tummy! =p

Mr. C's Bees Neez beer... he doesn't usually drink this but ordered it so we both could share only to find out that I don't fancy it!

Liked how this picture turned out - toussled hair, not-so-large nose, decent picture of me!

Mr. C is a terrible photographer I tell you! He always manage to take horridly unflattering pictures of me - either with my eyes closed or a fat looking picture of me and yet, he'll quip that it's nice! *faint* Then again, there is a saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Mr. C's Beef Wellington - beef and liver wrapped with puff pastry and potato Rossetti

Our meal was delicious. Well, the start of the meal that is. We enjoyed our meals at first but towards the end, we were both feeling full and I felt like puking after wolfing down a disgusting portion of liver from Mr. C's meal!

The lamb chop for mine was pretty amazing but the beef was a tad tough and overcooked. The roasted tomato was just juicy and the veges were alright! Bacon tasted heavenly, then again, when has it ever tasted otherwise?

My Traditional something Mixed Grill

Sticky Date Pudding

We finished the meal with dessert, something that is out of the norm as Mr. C usually shuts me down on any food suggestions that are deemed fattening and unhealthy! It looked gorgeous. The cake with date dripped with cream was soaked and sitting in a pool of caramel looking sauce accompanied on a separate plate - whipped cream and a strawberry.

Mr. C definitely found it delectable as he slowly gets suck into my not-so-healthy eating habits and sweet tooth binging. LOL. This sticky date pudding was yum but the one at Mocha Jo's in Glen Waverly definitely trumps this one and is begging for me to go back for more!!

All in all, ambiance was alright and cozy. Food was ok. We chose the most pricey one to get value for our money. I reckon it's only worth it because of the 'buy one free one meal' deal. I wouldn't mind coming back to try the Chicken Parma for AUD14+ another time though.

Wantirna Hill Club
715 Boronia Rd
Wantirna 3152
03 9887 2855

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Kooky Pics #445 Grapes of my life

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fatty me

Pic taken from HERE

Yesterday, I was on a junk food binge. I had yummy Smith's Sour Cream and Chives' chips, a few M&Ms, half a Boost chocolate and a cup of Pepsi!

And this is said with my constant complaining I am fat and it's so hard to lose weight. Yada yada yada... Now, we all know why.

Not only did it all go to my tummy and thighs, I had a bad headache. Don't ask me what's the connection. Maybe too much 'fats' and not much water intake, clogged up oxygen somewhere up there? Ok. Going to stop before I sound more bimbo.

'Fats' because I obviously didn't work out, instead I watched 10 episodes of Castle from Season 3. I've put off finishing this series 'cos I don't want it to end, plus I hear the ending leaves one hanging and screaming, "NOOOooooo..... Why?!!".

Oh well, at episode 23. The second last episode of the season.

Then again, all good things must come to and end. Aaahhh.. reality bites!