Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whatsapp people!!

Every time I step out of the house, I see things I want to buy...

The beauty of having my Sammie (Samsung Galaxy 2) downloaded with 'Whatsapp' - that allows one to send free texts to anyone with the same application downloaded in their handphone - anywhere in the world, it allows me to keep in touch with my friends and family more frequently and update them with lots of pictures of what I am up to etc.

Gill, one of my victims felt that I seem to want to buy everything since I keep Whatsapp-ing her with pictures of the things I DO wish to buy. That's why, I always say to Mr. C, it's better for me to stay at home.

Then again, there is the evil clutches of this online shopping novelty called the ebay!

#1 - AUD85 heartshaped necklace from HOSKINGS!

#2 - AUD80 one shouldered, sexy blue satin,
knee length dress with some 'jewel' embellishment on the right shoulder and right hip from Stud Park Centre's Just U.
See what I mean about my looking-like-preggers-but-I-am-not-tummy!
So not-me-kind-of-dress but it'll be nice to get in touch with my feminine side and feel pretty at the same time in such a gorgeous dress despite the price!!

#3 - Avene's thermal spring water that really makes one's skin feel super smooth and soft after a spray...
and I think I really need lots of moist on my face and skin!!
NiNi says it's cheaper though in Malaysia... hence, added to my list of things-to-buy-in-Malaysia.
Someone help me to minimise my pores and two toned 'chan' looking skin!! I want SMOOTH skin!!

#4 - I think AUD30ish bag from Equipt. I find it really tough to find a nice shoulder/sling bag.
Really liked this but the price and Mr. C stopped me from getting it!

Staying home is also hazardous when catalogues are sent to the house!! From Reject Shop to Aldi, there are so many things I would love to get and add to our house! That's why I can't wait to get a job!! It's nice to have so much time to myself and all but I think I am really not making full, good use of my time. Even my vocabulary hasn't improved and I struggle at times to write better, with no success.

I am so into photo frames... ask Mr. C! If I had my way, every wall will be adorned with frames and photos of us, family and friends! =) Who knows, you might see your faces if you ever visit me! =) I should do a wall of visitors. Take an instant photo (Polaroid style) whenever someone visits my house, document the date & name of person and stick up to the 'wall of fame'! I'll have to get an instant camera then!

#5 - Mirrors... yet another one of my likes...

and fascinations.

#6 - We so need a new set of bed sheets... and the 410 thread count sounds pretty reasonable for AUD69.

#7 - And this white ish room set of couch, tables and cupboards are calling out to me to take them home!!

#8 - Fancy schmancy but the holes in the cabinet makes me think of dusts and the cleaning.

#9 - Cutesie stuff sold here in Aussie that continually amuses and amazes me.

#10 - Ooooh and always keeping my eye out for cheap cook books!!

#11 - So need this, Aussie homes aren't built for Asian way of cooking!!

#12 - More photo frames!!

#13 - Saw this at Melbourne Central's Borders yesterday and it was on 60% sale. Would've bought it if the sides weren't creased! Hate creased damaged books with dog ears!

#14 - Sexy strappy wedges from Rubi Shoes in the City but cost AUD50!! Mr. C and I really love it but not the price... hence, we left empty handed =(

Besides bombarding friends with pictures of awesome stuff that I would love to get my hands on, I also post lots of other pictures via Whatsapp to family such as...
#15 - Flowers I bought for Aunt M!!

#16 - and I personally wrap them up! =)

#17 - Guess what's been inhabiting our garden??!!

#18 - Earthworms and their POO!! Yuck!!

#19 - Flower pictures...

#20 - Playing around with the different effects of the different camera apps I downloaded...

#21 -and more flowers...

#22 - I will miss this view when Mr. C and I ever move from here...

#23 - Mr. C breaking up long sticks

#24 - and his collection of twigs and firewood

#25 - me with sun ray rings!! Too bad my face spoils the shot =(

#26 - and lastly, lame picture of me with my new coloured fingers... and boy do I have big palms!

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June said...

39 bucks for a deep fryer freaking damn cheap man

goingkookies said...

June : yeah... when there's offer, u can get pretty good deals! This offer is from Target!