Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fatty me

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Yesterday, I was on a junk food binge. I had yummy Smith's Sour Cream and Chives' chips, a few M&Ms, half a Boost chocolate and a cup of Pepsi!

And this is said with my constant complaining I am fat and it's so hard to lose weight. Yada yada yada... Now, we all know why.

Not only did it all go to my tummy and thighs, I had a bad headache. Don't ask me what's the connection. Maybe too much 'fats' and not much water intake, clogged up oxygen somewhere up there? Ok. Going to stop before I sound more bimbo.

'Fats' because I obviously didn't work out, instead I watched 10 episodes of Castle from Season 3. I've put off finishing this series 'cos I don't want it to end, plus I hear the ending leaves one hanging and screaming, "NOOOooooo..... Why?!!".

Oh well, at episode 23. The second last episode of the season.

Then again, all good things must come to and end. Aaahhh.. reality bites!


Pou Leen said...

Haha.. yes, it takes a lot of discipline to stay in shape. I was 50kgs, now 40kgs. It was reall tough, and I was almost in tears most of the time~ but it's all worth it. I feel so much healthier inside out!

Missed the junk food?

Heck NO!!! XD

goingkookies said...

PouLeen : wow.. 40kg? I guess it depends what height you were at. I want to lose 10kgs.. so, mind sharing your secret and what discipline you required in order to achieve your goal?

You think if I follow it, I can lose just as much in 3-5months?

Pou Leen said...

Hahaha.. I'd love to know your take on the ending! So, bring it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I did is this:
1) Control food intake. More veges, less carbs, sugar, oil. You're gonna feel tempted all the time, and this comes down to self-control and willpower

2) Exercise. I go for jogs, because it's one way to burn off massive fat without gaining too much muscle. Not good for women to look too muscly. 7km a day. It's gonna be a pain in the ass if you're new to it, but I always tell myself, "one more step and some miligram of fat's going away... one more step..." and before I even know it, I AM THERE! 7KM! DONE! also, drink loads of water to flush away and accelerate metabolism!

I dropped 3kgs in a month =)

Worth to try it out.

The best part of this is when you start making yourself do things you hate, you know you have control over yourself. And that's just awesome- to feel in control! =)

KCY said...

Wow i love your last paragraph!

goingkookies said...

Pou Lee : I am sure I can't write as well as you and your friends but will do my best! =) LOL.

Oooh yeah.. your tips sounds like a lot of hardwork. Then again, it's been said that there are no ugly girls buy lazy ones and I admit, I've been lazy!

Ok. I will try as you recommend but 7km? lol. IT'll be a miracle if I even jog 100m! nevertheless, I will persevere and one day, I'll do 7km!

You do that everyday??

KCY : thanks! =) or you mean Pou Leen's comment's last paragraph? hehe

KCY said...

hahaha sorry Esther, i meant Pou Leen's...about feeling good when you are in control.

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