Friday, July 22, 2011

Kooky Pics #447 & 448 Wednesday's dinner

Omelette with Onion and Parsley
Let's just say eggs and Parsley are a no-no!

I thought that's what people occasionally do put in their omelettes but I reckon it's supposed to be Coriander instead! LOL. Was rather difficult to digest as the parsley was just too overpowering in a non complimentary way.

And best to season the eggs with salt and pepper first before frying it with onions. Throw in Coriander NOT Parsley and add some cornflour mixed with water beforehand. The cornflour and water will give the egg a bit of a starchy feel like the eggs in Oychien (Eggs with oysters famously fried by hawkers in Penang, Malaysia).

All in all, Mr. C tried his best and that's what matters! =)

Ham Choi Thong (Sour vege soup)
Mr. C is a big fan of soups! He declares it's due to his Cantonese heritage. LOL. Hence, he asked me to make this soup for him

This turned out pretty tasty and well but a tad too salty. Basically, this is the kind of soup that one has to boil all day long or at least, half the day. I cut the salted vege bought from Shirley's Grocer at Scoresby into slices and put it into the pot of boiling water together with sliced tomatoes and dried oysters. After about an hour of boiling, I put in pork hork.

Dang! Forgot to take pictures of the pork hock. For those who don't know, pork hock is the portion of the leg otherwise known as port knuckle! Next time we'll put in a smaller piece to ensure the soup doesn't end up super salty. Felt hundreds of my hair dropped that night as a result.... ;p

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Kathlynn said...

did you rinse the salted vege? I made a mistake of not rinsing mine, hence, turned out super salty. but its ok, I jus added more water & have more soup! :)

goingkookies said...

kathlynn: oh shoot! was i supposed to do that? lol.. didn't. thought i wanted to 'preserve' the saltiness.. silly me!

Kathlynn said...

dont worry, same boat! lol. nvm lo, learn from mistake!