Saturday, July 2, 2011

LK Benett's Agata Sandal as worn by Catherine Middleton

Ever since Prince Will proposed to Kate Middleton, many seems obsessed with what she wears. I am not one of them but I must agree that she does have impeccable fashion sense. So far, I haven't seen her wearing anything (that is when I do accidentally stumble across any pictures of her) that I dislike.

Whilst reading news and doing wedding research, I came across this site that follows what Kate wears titled 'What Kate Wore'. And her style of simple elegance is what I truly admire. You don't have to bear lots of skin to look elegant, regal and stunning! Doing so tends to cheapen one's look and screams 'welcome to Hollywood!'. And I for one roots that 'less is definitely more'!

The first thing about her assemble that took my attention was her heels! I've been looking for one for my wedding but boy is it tough to find blue heels, either that or I am just looking at all the wrong sites!
Although LK Benett's Agata Sandal isn't of blue hue (my favourite colour), I still fancy it though I do wonder how comfortable it is to walk in. My most important factor of choosing footwear is that it HAS to look good and slinky, of course! But comfort is imperative and I rarely compromise looks over comfort.

If the shoe looks good, I'll try it on but if it's painful or shaky to walk in, I'll pragmatically put it back in the shelf with looks of longing and sighing pangs BUT I definitely don't agree to kill myself wearing crazy-injure-my-feet heels! If you see me sporting crazy high heels, you'd know that I've already tried walking in it, and even running in it to see if it's really worth the buy!

Taken from HERE.

Look at the pictures and tell me that the potential future Queen of England doesn't reek of grace and simple elegance?! You can't can you? She does carry the dress well in a way 'cos she's SUPER thin. Mind you, I said 'thin' not slim. It would be nicer to see some curves on her.

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham dress, Prada purse and LK Benett's Agata Sandals!

Pictures were all taken from 'What Kate Wore' over HERE.


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