Friday, March 23, 2012

Smith St at Collingwood

I brought J & G to Smith St., the junction between Collingwood and Fitzroy in Melbourne this morning. 

Smith St. is known for it's factory outlets especially Nike and Adidas to fellow Malaysians. This two brands are not popular with Australians as it is not really considered a branded brand here like it is in Malaysia. I remember from high school years, my peers would come to school sporting Nike bags and shoes even in Uni Years like it's Gucci or Prada. Lol.

Besides it's factory outlets of shopping, there are lots of cafes and other eateries especially along Johnston St. which is just near Smith St. We had a wonderful breakfast (which I'll blog at another time) at Bluebird Expresso along Johnston St. that I found on Urbanspoon followed by walks thereafter.


Smith St. was really quiet today. According to the cashier guy at Nike, "people are staying in today as the weather forcast states the day to be cold and possibly rainy." It drizzled slightly when we first arrived and parked our car but despite the grey skies, it was nice and relatively rain free.

Parking was crazy pricey costing us AUD3.60, I think, for each hour we parked. Later on, I managed to find a 2P (2 hour parking) for free at the housing areas off the road where Nike is situated. See in the above picture, where there is a lane on the right side of the picture? That's the lane.


I saw this pretty heels at Tony Bianco for ONLY AUD15 and it was such a buy!! Plus, I slipped it on and ohmygosh!! It was super comfy and stable to walk in!! G, one moment the devil claimed "it looks really good on you, you should get it" to the next moment, my conscience and angel saying "nah... you better not buy it. Save your money. It's only a pair of shoes." Well, that's what I think he said.

So, despite my wanting to get it BADLY - Come on!! It's AUD15, red in colour and my legs look really long and good in it! Plus, it's comfortable and that's my #1 priority in shoes especially heels! - I didn't. I stayed true to my objective of NOT spending unnecessarily (though I think it was a necessity) with G's help. 

But I can't help thinking about it. The picture doesn't do the shoes ANY justice. Trust me, it looks better in real life. Lol. It was cheap 'cos it was on the clearance rack. Doubt it'll be there when I go there next. If it is, I am getting it. 

The unassuming looking shop

Next up, we headed to St. Kilda for a walk and a cuppa of coffee! To be continued...
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