Sunday, March 11, 2012

PMS strikes again

It's that awesome time of the month again where I feel down and cry at the drop of a hat. If not, I'd feel irritable or mad out of the blue. Apparently, these days, I get mad and easily irritable BEFORE my monthly but sad and melancholic AFTER. It's crazy, right? Tell me about it.

You know what? I never gave much thought to PMS till recent years. All I know was that, every month, a girl (ok. most girls) will get their menstruation and all the aches, cramps and agony that comes with it. If you don't have any of those, good for you.

Oh yeah, don't forget, it is usually the time to thread carefully around us, girls unless you want  your head to roll.

It's only in recent years, whenever the time before my monthly approaches, Mr. C will exclaim,  "oh... it's that time of the month again.." to my sudden outbursts of anger or sudden for-no-rhyme-or-reason melancholia and I would ask him, "what time of the  month?" to which he'd simply just say,"PMS".

Initially, I used to get really annoyed when he places blame on PMS and do nothing about it. I remember saying countless times, 'You can't always blame everything on PMS!!'. And then, one day, it hit me that YES.. I do get cranky and YES my emotions take ride after rides on roller coasters just the week, or few days before 'Aunt Irma' comes, hence, PMS does happen in my case! 

Just the smallest thing can tick me off. Sometimes, even nothing can rub me the wrong way. One moment I can be laughing at Mr. C's comment and the next, stark mad at something he said. All, much to his bemusement (occasional) and befuddlement! LOL.

Once, I admitted that YES, I do PMS, whenever Mr. C tried to pin anything on PMS, I'd tell him that since he knew my monthly was approaching, he should shower me with tender loving care. Make sense, right? It isn't too much to ask. 

It's something like prevention is better than cure. Anticipate and be prepared. If you want to bake a certain food, you'd buy the ingredients beforehand. If you want to study a certain course in Uni, you'd find out and fill up the necessary applications. Right?

So, it's kind of the same thing. Whenever he knows my oh-so-wonderful-time-of-the-month is approaching, it's time to make me happy or give me less headache and things to get annoyed or angryabout. Easy peasy. That's what I think. Not him. Lol. 

He can be intelligent and have great general knowledge  but when it comes to relationships and me, he tanks. BIG TIME. Even after 10 years of being together in a relationship and a year plus of being married. 

Well, to be fair to him, it's not all failures. I'd give him points for trying. Can't find fault in that, you know. On rare occasions. He gets it right. And those days, I feel blessed to be loved and cared for. LOL. 

If not, I am just one, crabby or sobby woman to live with.


Liz said...

OMG, I hate it when my boyfriend blames my being upset about something on PMS. I AM upset about that something, and it just happens to be coincidence that I'm having my period, right???? >.< Whenever he says that, it makes me feel like he's taking whatever issue I'm upset about lightly.

But, like you, it's only recently that I've begun to admit that sometimes, I get emo and cry and get upset over the smallest of things BECAUSE of......PMS :/ Not something we all wanna admit, is it? =.=

goingkookies said...

Liz : Lol. Guys eh. Haha..about your last sentence. It's the woman in us that cries out to be pampered and loved!!

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