Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Leongs in town

The In-Laws aka The Leongs have been in town for close to two months. 

It's been lovely with Mr. C and I being pampered. His dad cooks dinner every week night and his mum washes, folds and irons all our clothes! They even vacumn and mop the floor!! With my hatred for ironing and vacuming, it means a mighty lot to me!! Lol.

Of course, it will be nice to have our own playground all to ourselves again but we really don't mind them around. And it isn't just because they take such good care of us. It just feels right to have family close by. Besides, they are rather relaxed and not into the whole touristy-must-see-everything kind of people. 

When we told colleagues and friends that they would be visiting for two months, most people were taken aback by the long duration thinking a week or two was good enough.

I think after all our parents have done for us - working hard to provide for us, children - I think it would be petty to begrudge them whatever that is within reason and our control to provide. :)

As much as I like order and things done my way in my own home, the in-laws will be missed. That's for sure. The house would be quieter we two less people.

I would miss Papa Leong's Hokkier Char, Mama Leong's awesome laundering skills. Heck, I will definitely miss our nightly orange consumption ritual.

I am truly blessed with lovely In-Laws, that's for sure!!

Hokkien Char

Stir fried cucumber with shrimps - my first

Stewed bean curd skin (fu chuk) with carrots and star anis

Folded clothes

Nightly ritual
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