Monday, October 31, 2011

9 Deadly words used by women

I read this from Miss Cheerio's blog and just had to share.

Definitely agree with #1, #3 and #8 when one has repeatedly argue over the same matter, #5 which Mr. C hates! but it's better that than me starting a litany of tirade especially when it's not a new argument or it is best to just #5 and agree to disagree, #7 is so true 'cos Mr. C does say 'welcome' back at times probably just to grate my nerves further and it does, pissing me off even further!

How about you?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Difference between a boy and a man

Read the below off

Mr. C's a cross between both.

A boy looks good with his shirt off;
A man looks good because of the way he looks at you.

A boy will smile during the good times;
A man will laugh during the bad.

A boy goes to work because he has to;
A man works because he can.

A boy buys a plasma screen television;
A man accumulates a library.

A boy will hug you in the kitchen;
A man will hold your hand anywhere you're together.

A boy knows how to load the washing machine;
A man knows what doesn't go in the dryer.

A boy can read the grocery list you have written;
A man will shop it with you, put it away, and cook anything on it.

A boy will talk to you about lousy day;
A man will ask you about yours, and listen.

A boy will read a to do list;
A man knows what has to be done.

A boy will buy you flowers;
A man will plant them with you.

A boy will tell you what you want to hear;
A man will tell you what he has to say.

A boy will share a thought;
A man will share his dreams.

A boy will tell you he feels good when he is with you;
A man will tell you how he feels when he can't be at your side.

A boy will share intimate moments with you;
A man....will share his life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BLUE wedding shoes

If you really know me, you would know that my favourite colour is BLUE. Hence, it is only natural I would want a BLUE wedding theme, right? Unfortunately, it is frown upon in Chinese customs as BLUE and white colours are associated with funeral. However, it is the 21st century and some people aren't as lou tou (old fashioned).

Besides, it is supposed to be my wedding and with my having to give up a lot of fancy ideas and what not due to cost constraints, I should be allowed some concession.

Then again, beggars can't be choosers. I am sure I've blogged in the past on how my wedding banquet hall is going to be decked in the traditional Chinese's auspicious red and gold. Seeing how I AM on a tight budget, I've decided to forgo the BLUE theme for the hall as it'll be costly to re-decorate it in BLUE.

However, that doesn't mean I can't have a BLUE bouquet, BLUE Bridal dress, command my Ji Muis - known as 'sisters' that functions like bridesmaids - to show up in BLUE and have the groom and his groomsmen (Heng Dais aka Brothers) be attired in BLUE too!

My main dress for the Wedding Ceremony aka Marriage Blessing will be a whiteish ivory, long, sweetheart neckline dress with a cobalt BLUE sash, though I am thinking to add some cover up top using chiffon or some see-through clothe as I am not exactly the kind that shows my chest, if I can get a tailor to do it for me.
Hence, with my striking BLUE sash, it is only natural that I would like to pair it off with stiriking BLUE shoes. And lucky for me, BLUE is the current fad right now, Cobalt BLUE to boot! However, you'd think that I would easily be able to find a decent pair but up-to-date, ZILCH! Nada! I've yet to see any remotely decent, elegant ones!

Manalo Blahnik's BLUE pumps.

What do you think of the Manalo Blahnik's BLUE shoes above? It was made famous by Carrie in Sex and the City. It doesn't exactly bring WOW to one's mind but it is one of the better BLUE heels I've seen so far. It's a bit plain but the embellishment at the front makes up for it and you can't go wrong with satin shoes as it gives off an elegant finishing.

If one wants a 'statement' heels, I reckon the below with peacock feathers speak volumes. But to me, it's a bit pointless to wear this with a long wedding gown. You won't be able to see the feathers and the feathers will probably drop off with long term usage.

This BLUE heels with feather was taken from HERE.

Sapphire Peacock Heel Blue Satin Wedding Shoes by Parisxox taken from HERE.

Of course the internet will be teeming with other more gorgeous BLUE shoes that can be simple, elegant and yet stunning but if comes with a price, a hefty one. So, at the end of the day, one has to set a budget on how much one is willing to splurge on wedding shoes. You have to also factor in, is the price tag really worth it? How often will you wear the shoes? If it is just that one time, then, best not to pay through your nose.

For me, I would pay maximum AUD100 for a pair but it has to look AWESOME at first glance and be super comfortable when I slip them on. Naturally, it would have to be a shoe that I would consider wearing at least, a few more times after the wedding day.

On the other hand, if it is a beautiful shoes but not that comfortable and I wouldn't wear it much, then AUD50 is the maximum I would pay.

Luxury designer shoes always come with a price tag that would burnt a hole in one's pocket! Often times, they do stand out and look more glamorous like the ones in the above picture. But are they really worth many hundreds to thousands of dollars? So what if it's Jimmy Choo's or Valentino or Salvatore Ferragamo? I would only pay if they had a clearance and was going for less than AUD100. LOL.

Call me a miser but I pride myself as a practical person. Sure, I do give in to impulses on nice and shiny things at times. However, I have to stay grounded and not send us to the poor house with my wants when needs trump it anyday. Told you, it's my pragmatic nature but it doesn't mean I can drool.

More luxury designer oh-so-sexy BLUE heels taken from HERE.

A simple one off Ebay.
Last resort, I might as well just get one off Ebay and pray to the High Heavens, once again that the shoes will turn out nice, beautiful and COMFORTABLE!! Despite my wedding dress from Ebay that turned out a disaster. Thank God for the DinoDirect one. I still believe in Ebay but I will thread more cautiously than before.
Royal Blue Peeptoe from Ebay.

Sometimes, I just don't get fashion. The above wedge looks ridiculous though I LOVE the BLUE shade. But many will probably beg to differ on the awful looking design. After all, it is a TONY BIANCO 'Fairlie' two toned t-bar wedge.

From Ebay, crazy pumps and tall heels!
Floral pumps from Ebay.
Imagine me wearing the above for my wedding... it does look sweet but the heels and pumps are too tall for me. Wouldn't want to tower over Mr. C!

Somehow, the height of shoe fashion are crazy TALL heels. Yes, heels do make one's leg look longer and sexy. But bear in mind, wrong kind of heels that hurt will lead to health implications in the future ie back aches and what not. Besides, some heels are not suitable in the sense, instead of making one's leg look slim, long and sexy, your calves end up looking bulgy and yuck!

I've seen it on this girl who was slim but her heels made her calves stand out, not in a flattering manner. And too thin a heel is bad because it'll make you wobble as you walk causing discomfort and abused feet that will be in need of a soothing massage.

LOVE your feet!! Don't compromise beauty over health! Beauty definitely means something but it is overrated. Then again, we take in what the media says. So, if you really must super high heels and what not, just make sure you find and wear COMFY ones!
I really like the above but I won't get it for my wedding as it might clash with my gown. Then again, the darker BLUE shade will match wonderfully! I would love a pair of satin shoes like the below picture but in BLUE and not-so-flattened looking bows. Height of the shoes looks alright.

Any suggestions for those residing in Melbourne or Malaysia where I can get my dream BLUE wedding shoes??!
Or even any reputable online sites I can buy from, do drop me a comment! :)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The right words

RECIPE : Seafood Marinara

Last Friday, Mr. C and I had Seafood Marinara. Earlier on in the week, as we shopped at Woolworths, I came across the above leaflet. That's what I like about grocery shopping here in Australia. Every week, Coles and Woolworths will have leaflet with recommended dishes to cook accompanied by the easy-to-follow recipes. Not only are the recipes easy to follow, you can buy the ingredients for a low cost too!

Step 1 : Heat oil in frying pan and stir fry the marinara mix for about 3-5 minutes the set aside.

Marinara mix is made up of slices of fish fillets, squid, prawns and mussels and can be bought at any Coles and Woolworths. We bought it that week for AUD7.90/kg which was a steal! If you don't have this where you shop, you can just buy it separately and combine fry it.

Step 2 : Simmer pasta sauce in the same pan for about 20 minutes or until liquid is reduced and sauce slightly thickens.

Step 3 : Whilst stir frying the Marinara Mix or rather whilst simmering the pasta sauce in pot, fill a different pot with water and bring to boil.

Add a table spoon of salt and a drizzle of Olive Oil into boiling water and then add in your pasta. You can use Spaghetti or Fetuccine or even short ones like the elbows and ribbons. I used Linguini that night. Boil pasta in water for about 7-10minutes or till pasta has soften to the required texture. Often times, the package comes with instructions as different pasta with varying textures require different amount of boiling time.

Step 4 : After simmering the pasta sauce for about 20 minutes or till liquid thickens, add in the cooked Marinara Mix to sauce and simmer about two minutes.

Step 5 : Once sauce and pasta is ready, serve it on the plate. You can add brocolli or commonly used, basil leaves for garnishing.
... and Voila!
Ingredients were easy to buy and at a reasonable price too. Preparation time takes 5 minutes whilst cooking time takes about 30minutes.

This was how we spent our Friday evening; indoors with rose scented tealight lit candles followed by many episodes of Season 2's Royal Pains. :)

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Monday, October 24, 2011

My 2011 birthday wishlist

Few weeks back, Mr. PB wished me 'Happy Birthday' one month BEFORE my actual birthday. Lol. I guess I should give him points for taxing his brain cells further to remember, even if it was the wrong date. LOL again.

And for that, he has NO excuse to get me a present. As if.

My awesome day is coming up in about two weeks time and usually, when people asked me what I would like for my birthday, just like everything else in my life, I would draw a blank.

The thing is, I definitely have many things I would love to have and call my own but when moments like this come up, I get mind freeze. All activity in my brain just stops for a few seconds and nothing gets processed.

For the life of me, I just don't get why. It's either that or I feel paiseh to say outright what my heart desires.

So, to break tradition and be more bold. I've come up with a list of 'gifts' one can buy for me IF one is interested to spoil me for my birthday! And don't you dare to judge brazen me. LOL.

1a. Purse from Collette (AUD20 approx)

Criteria for a good purse IMHO - must have many slits to put my many cards; bank cards, Coles Fly Buy card, Woolworth's Everyday Rewards card, Salsa card, Priceline card, Ikea card and so on. Definitely must have good, easy to slide open and close zippers to put coins and boy are Aussie coins big and heavy (I only pocket Mr. C's spare coins and put them in MY piggie bank!). I also prefer a long one horizontally with good material. My current one is almost in tatters at the sides due to abuse. LOL. Overuse, I mean.

1b. Yet another purse from Collette..
(AUD20 approx)

Basically, any purse that is blue in colour fulfilling the main criterias mentioned above in #1 will make me blissful and over the moon. And it isn't too difficult to get blue purses as BLUE is the current season colour. ROAR! :)

2. A guitar
(AUD100-300 approx, I think.)

Mr. PB taught me a few strumming in the past and he makes playing the guitar look easy and sound good. Each of my kids are SO going to play a musical instrument! A glimpse into my future as an overbearing mother who will expect great things from my children. Poor kids.
I have been wanting to pick up the guitar ever since like forever and better now than never right?

3. Loving the heels...

4. The peacock necklace and ear rings are somehow beckoning to me.

5. Silver heels and fascinator!! But once Spring is over, what will I do with the fascinator? LOL

6. Heels.. heels and HEELS!!

A girl can never have too many shoes... too many accessories... too many clothes and what not. My mum admonished me when she heard me quipping this last year. I've never really been a girly dress up girl from young. I would relish climbing monkey bars anytime, t-shirt and pants were my thing.

But I remember always looking longingly at this other girl from Sunday School. She would come week after week in nice dresses and what not. As I come from the lower end of a middle income earning family, we didn't have much money to spend on one's likes and cravings. Any money went into monthly bills and the necessities.

Besides that, I was brought up to save money and not spend unnecessarily especially on 'things of the world'. I only started 'retail therapy' and finding my own footing in the 'dress up' world in my later working years when I was earning a fair bit more. Even then, to me, although I feel I dress up but to many others, in comparison, I don't dress up much enough, which is true. ;p

7. To dance to Michael Jackson's for Xbox 360!!

8a. I really like this heart shaped necklace but would prefer a smaller one for everyday wear. (AUD45)

8b. OR this Swarovski - Angelic Sapphire Blue Necklace and Earring Set. (AUD235)

Have been eyeing this set since I laid eyes on it three weeks back at Knox Shopping Centre. It is simple and yet oh-so-elegant! If I have this, I would definitely wear it for my wedding as it will definitely match my white dress! But the price is hefty and not worth that much. If I had a regular job that pays well like in the past, I would have bought it for myself. Oh well.

9. Ooooh just love this white Fossil watches.. classy and funky! (AUD299)

10. Two tickets to watch Love Never Dies showing in Melbourne! (AUD100-200/tix)
I've been dying to watch this ever since it came to Melbourne few months ago but Mr. C says we will go next time when we can afford it as tickets for one itself is pricey (click this link to see how much ONE ticket costs) but for the two of us, doubles the cost and will burn a super deep hole in Mr. C's pocket! And watching this on my own won't be much fun.
If I had to choose from the above, I think I would really love to have a guitar to play, Michael Jackson dance CD for Xbox, watch 'Love never dies' and a heart shaped necklace or the Swarovski set. However, if I don't receive any from my list, it is alright. Most importantly, I am surrounded by those who love me and care for me.
I think, at the end of the day, knowing that I mean more than just 'Happy Birthday' wishes on my FB wall will make this birthday be more meaningful to me.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things people should do

1. Slow to anger, quick to forgive.

2. Let bygones be bygones.

3. Saying 'Sorry' should be second nature.

4. And if it isn't, practice makes perfect.

5. Deal with your issues; don't push them away or hide them in your mind's closet.

6. Love the way you wish to be loved.

7. Make amends and not let another single moment of animosity pass you by.

8. Don't say you don't care because if you really don't, you wouldn't bring it up.

9. Everyone deserves second chances. And third, and fourth, and fifth and so on.

10. Give your 100% because you deserve the best and so does everyone else.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cupcakes and frosting

Ever since I came upon Penny's blog at (she was Nuffnang Australia's September featured blogger) and her cupcake recipe, I've been dying to try my hand at it. Unfortunately, Miss Laziness and Miss Procrastination came for a very long visit.

FINALLY, Mr. Assertive, fed up with both Miss Laziness and Miss Procrastination, shooed them both out for the day and I got myself busy in the kitchen. :)

The recipe for WHITE VANILLA CUPCAKE WITH VANILLA FROSTING was taken from and adapted at the end due to some unforeseen circumstances.

I was a little bit confused as her recipe said to separate the eggs but she didn't mentioned to mix which part in. So, after separating eggs to only realised that I have no idea which to use, I ended up dumping both in, wasting my effort to separate them in the very first place!

Everything else was pretty easy to follow except when it came to the frosting bit.

I bought DARK chocolate instead of WHITE chocolate as per her instructions. Not sure how it slipped my mind. Maybe it's because I tend to associate chocolate with brown colour? Lol. Anyways, I decided to use the dark chocolate I bought. As I was heating it in a pan to melt it, somehow, I burnt it. You could smell the burnt charcoal and even then, I wasn't 100% sure that the 'melted' chocolate was burnt at first.

But after stirring it, the texture was lumpy, dark and harden rendering it pretty much useless and not usable driving me into a 'I-am-such-a-failure' mode. Don't ask me why, I just did. I mean, when you look at the picture above seeing how instead of a nice, creamy, chocolatey texture, you see something similar to shit, wouldn't you be as annoyed with self as I was? Then again, maybe it's just weirdo me. ;p

So, here I was feeling sorry for myself and announcing it on Plurk when a light bulb appeared. Well, not an actual light bulb, silly you rather I had the idea to just improvise and use peanut butter as a substitute.

The cupcake looked pretty bare fresh out from the oven but after lining the top with my super yum but a tad too sweet peanut butter frosting and some decorations, I must say, the cupcakes actually looked good. Even good enough to sell IMHO!
Haven't tasted it yet though. Looks too yum and cute making me reluctant to take a bite! Sounds silly eh. Gave a box with three cupcakes to Mr. Landlord and his lady wife. Hope they like them! Going to give another box to my KuKu tomorrow though I am not sure what is his stand on cupcakes and cakes in general. Oh well, shall find out tomorrow.

Cute right?

The ending picture of how the cupcakes turned out in the end coupled with my Sugi cakes that turned out just right cheered me up tremendously.

Lesson learnt : Don't give up so fast and don't fret easily. Calm oneself and think of the alternatives and make use what one might have at hand. :) All is not lost when one just takes a moment to contemplate, plan and execute then to react in a negative way.

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