Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Mr. Immature

Despite it all, I am learning not to take it personally and to release it to God. No easy feat, I tell you.

Dear rude and immature you,

Who ever knew that a person can be like your best bud one moment and your enemy, the very next moment? Have you ever encountered someone who turned super nasty and mean to you, swearing like a drunken sailor, (then again, these days, everyone swears) and calling you all kinds of names, obviously not nice ones? 

Well, sad to say, thanks to you, I have.

Something that was small was blown out of proportion due to your reaction and poor way of handling the matter. I have heard about your rages before but I never experienced one as bad as this. Yeah sure, you has gone all emotional on me twice so far and on both accounts, I decided to placate you and be firm. Cajoling you to calm down and talk things out rationally and civilisely. 

However, this time, you have gone too far and have overstepped your boundaries which is funny, 'cos I doubt you even know what are boundaries.

Perhaps you are used to this; raging at people, being mean and saying hurtful words. Even if you were hurt, it does not give you reason to behave this way. It does not give you license to blast at people and bombard one's handphone with disturbing texts.

You don't get to apologise one moment and then go all psycho the next; swearing profusely at me, falsely accusing me and calling me sordid names and then, blaming me for your rage and immature way of handling the situation. You even gleefully wished me to an early death and claimed you'll dance happily on my grave. And how am I supposed to inform you of my death as you requested in your text if I am already dead? If you want to vent, please vent with some sense and not like some crazed person, just hitting idly in the air like a fool. 

You decided to 'unfriend' Mr. C and I on FB but I know you will still check my wall to see what I'll say. How can I be backstabbing you or talking bad about you on FB? Do you see your name on my status updates? And me? A backstabber? That's a good one... and the first. 

If you didn't do anything wrong, why did you jump to the conclusion that I was referring to you in my FB status and think I am talking about you? I can only conclude that perhaps, you are guilty.

If you didn't lie as your claim that you didn't, then just tell me properly. Don't go all anal and crazy; saying stupid things. Two wrongs don't make a right. And your end doesn't justify your means. Please grow up. Please be responsible for your actions and words. Can you not see that what you are doing is just hurting yourself and everyone else around you? Especially those of us who cares?

I suspect the reason you kept going on and on in your texts, in your attacks was probably to illicit some response from me. I stopped replying your text but you just kept going on. But like I said at the beginning of the thread when you started asking me to go and die and when you started swearing at me; if you can't talk properly, if you stubbornly want to continue on swearing like an immature child, I am not going to talk to you. I don't have to take this nonsense from you especially when I didn't even do anything to warrant it. Such blatant disrespect is actually outrageous especially for someone  your age. Even 13 year olds can behave better.

Perhaps, you didn't lie. Good on you then. But put yourself in my position, imagine you found out your name was used in a cover up, wouldn't you be unhappy? Wouldn't you ask the person who allegedly used your name? And you make it hard for all of us when you tell lies in the past. Yeah sure, the past is the past but only if you learn from it and am truly sorry about it. I don't think you truly are. Because if you are, you wouldn't repeat them and you wouldn't have people doubting your word.

Maybe I should have given you the benefit of the doubt. But all you had to do when I asked  you was just tell me the truth. Instead you went on a rampage. And naive me for ever trusting you and confiding in you only to now, have you twist my words into ugly lies. Even if you want to spread bad things about me, at least, tell the truth. Don't fall into your own trap and be a liar in your attempts to assassinate my character and besmirched my reputation.

The cheek of you telling lies, spreading them and even texting me your malicious intentions, is just insane. Crazy. Borderline Psychotic, if not psychotic already. Calling me a gold digger? That's classic 'cos anyone who knows me, would straight away give you a look of incredulity and say it isn't be true. Anyone who knows me knows what kind of person I am and all your abusive words are just nonsense.

All that matters are the people who matters, knows the truth. If you are annoyed by my FB status updates, don't read them then. And please don't be so vain to think everything is about you. I am hurt by you and of course, when things cool down, I'll forgive you and still be here for you. But things cannot go back to how it used to be.

You taught me not to be naive, not to trust you and not to share anything with you anymore. Yeah sure, when you come to your senses, you'll be apologetic and what not but when will this happen again? And when I have children, will you subject them to this? I cannot allow that to happen.

Despite your lies, Mr. C does love and care for me and I am forever grateful for his support. I guess everything does happen for a reason. And the lesson in this is, I should be wise in what I say and with whom I share confidences.

Yours sincerely,
Hurt, shocked and despondent me


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