Friday, October 14, 2011

Hens Night to be

When my friend, Miss Pretty asked me what I would like to do for my hens night, I blanked. I seem to be really good at this blanking business. All I know was that I wanted a night of fun with good memories to last me a lifetime and to laugh about.

I get her dilemma; we may have known each other since 2006 when we first started our jobs in one of the big accounting firms but in essence, how well do we really know each other? We're close, we make effort to keep in touch every once in awhile but no offense intended, how much do we really know about each other, our likes and dislikes? What ticks us off or our tolerance level?

Besides, in this 5 years, I've changed a fair bit.

I guess what I know about her is the overall her and not the nitty gritty details like what's her favourite number or colour (maybe it's black) and the same probably goes for her. All I know about her is that she's smart and pretty though she likes to pass herself off as an airhead. She is definitely resourceful, sharp and astute. However, don't step on her wrong foot or be prepared to face her eternal wrath.

That being said, I am 100% confident she will do a fantastic job organising the night. I, somehow always pictured hens night to be a little bit rowdy with a stripper involved. Probably one too many Hollywood movies. And I thought mine would have some naughty fun but honestly speaking, I am not sure how much naughtiness I can take.

Most people know me as a goody-two-shoes who's reserved. But if you really know me after all the layers have been peeled off, you actually will see the cheeky and naughty side of me which some people have had the privileged to witness. Someone who has known me since we were 15 year olds said that he never knew how naughty I could be. ;p Take that. That goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. Then again, despite some naughty stuff that I got myself involved in, another guy friend said that he stills I am pretty innocent and a goody girl.

If anyone gets an achievement for being a good girl, it should go to me. All my life, people don't rave about my beauty or brains. They rave about how good I am. LOL. Nothing wrong with that I supposed but it would be nice to be known for my skills and talent, whatever they may be.

Ok. Once again, I've managed to digress from the main point of this post.

We bought this tiara for the lady of the night...

Up-to-date, I've only been to one hen party and it was a far cry from a wild one. The six of us had dinner at a lovely restaurant and as the night went, each of us were assigned with tasks to carry out for the night.

We had an area all to ourselves...

I made a collage all framed up and in it, we each wrote words of congratulations and what nots on coloured paper spread out. Another organised a game of sorts quizzing the bride-to-be and at the end, we wrote what we wished for the bride-to-be on a balloon which she subsequently let off in the skies. It was sweet and simple.

I am terrible at smiling for pictures...

For mine, after giving it lots and lots of thought and after my conversation with Miss Pretty, I was imagining something more memorable during the meal and perhaps something with a bit more dramatic fun after.

Perhaps, spa or meni/pedi before meal followed by us, girls dressing up a bit for dinner, have a delightful meal somewhere cosy and not-too-pricey either whilst having a few games to play around with followed by a round of painting the town red. Those who have to go off can do so whilst the remaining party can adjourn somewhere where the fun might be at and perhaps do a little dancing.

Well, these are just thoughts. I actually used this idea for a Churp Churp competition when I was back in September which garnered me free movie tickets to watch 'Bridesmaids'. Aaahh, the awesome feeling of winning anything free!

So, Miss Pretty, if you are reading this, happy planning and I will endeavour to enjoy myself to the max irregardless of how wild it may get and I promise to be a real sport!

Oh my, I believe I am finally feeling a tad excited of whats to come... After all, it's a once in a lifetime event! :)


Kelvin said...


Luckily u did not do anything wild, one of my friend refuse to marry his gf coz she played to wild on her hens night...she invited male strippers and even danced with them when they were nude...the best thing was one of the stripper is the friend of my friend~

goingkookies said...

kelvin : hehe.. haven't had my hens party yet... the pictures were hens party for my friend...

she danced with them but didn't do anything else right?

wahh stripper is ur friend's friend? interesting.

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