Monday, October 24, 2011

My 2011 birthday wishlist

Few weeks back, Mr. PB wished me 'Happy Birthday' one month BEFORE my actual birthday. Lol. I guess I should give him points for taxing his brain cells further to remember, even if it was the wrong date. LOL again.

And for that, he has NO excuse to get me a present. As if.

My awesome day is coming up in about two weeks time and usually, when people asked me what I would like for my birthday, just like everything else in my life, I would draw a blank.

The thing is, I definitely have many things I would love to have and call my own but when moments like this come up, I get mind freeze. All activity in my brain just stops for a few seconds and nothing gets processed.

For the life of me, I just don't get why. It's either that or I feel paiseh to say outright what my heart desires.

So, to break tradition and be more bold. I've come up with a list of 'gifts' one can buy for me IF one is interested to spoil me for my birthday! And don't you dare to judge brazen me. LOL.

1a. Purse from Collette (AUD20 approx)

Criteria for a good purse IMHO - must have many slits to put my many cards; bank cards, Coles Fly Buy card, Woolworth's Everyday Rewards card, Salsa card, Priceline card, Ikea card and so on. Definitely must have good, easy to slide open and close zippers to put coins and boy are Aussie coins big and heavy (I only pocket Mr. C's spare coins and put them in MY piggie bank!). I also prefer a long one horizontally with good material. My current one is almost in tatters at the sides due to abuse. LOL. Overuse, I mean.

1b. Yet another purse from Collette..
(AUD20 approx)

Basically, any purse that is blue in colour fulfilling the main criterias mentioned above in #1 will make me blissful and over the moon. And it isn't too difficult to get blue purses as BLUE is the current season colour. ROAR! :)

2. A guitar
(AUD100-300 approx, I think.)

Mr. PB taught me a few strumming in the past and he makes playing the guitar look easy and sound good. Each of my kids are SO going to play a musical instrument! A glimpse into my future as an overbearing mother who will expect great things from my children. Poor kids.
I have been wanting to pick up the guitar ever since like forever and better now than never right?

3. Loving the heels...

4. The peacock necklace and ear rings are somehow beckoning to me.

5. Silver heels and fascinator!! But once Spring is over, what will I do with the fascinator? LOL

6. Heels.. heels and HEELS!!

A girl can never have too many shoes... too many accessories... too many clothes and what not. My mum admonished me when she heard me quipping this last year. I've never really been a girly dress up girl from young. I would relish climbing monkey bars anytime, t-shirt and pants were my thing.

But I remember always looking longingly at this other girl from Sunday School. She would come week after week in nice dresses and what not. As I come from the lower end of a middle income earning family, we didn't have much money to spend on one's likes and cravings. Any money went into monthly bills and the necessities.

Besides that, I was brought up to save money and not spend unnecessarily especially on 'things of the world'. I only started 'retail therapy' and finding my own footing in the 'dress up' world in my later working years when I was earning a fair bit more. Even then, to me, although I feel I dress up but to many others, in comparison, I don't dress up much enough, which is true. ;p

7. To dance to Michael Jackson's for Xbox 360!!

8a. I really like this heart shaped necklace but would prefer a smaller one for everyday wear. (AUD45)

8b. OR this Swarovski - Angelic Sapphire Blue Necklace and Earring Set. (AUD235)

Have been eyeing this set since I laid eyes on it three weeks back at Knox Shopping Centre. It is simple and yet oh-so-elegant! If I have this, I would definitely wear it for my wedding as it will definitely match my white dress! But the price is hefty and not worth that much. If I had a regular job that pays well like in the past, I would have bought it for myself. Oh well.

9. Ooooh just love this white Fossil watches.. classy and funky! (AUD299)

10. Two tickets to watch Love Never Dies showing in Melbourne! (AUD100-200/tix)
I've been dying to watch this ever since it came to Melbourne few months ago but Mr. C says we will go next time when we can afford it as tickets for one itself is pricey (click this link to see how much ONE ticket costs) but for the two of us, doubles the cost and will burn a super deep hole in Mr. C's pocket! And watching this on my own won't be much fun.
If I had to choose from the above, I think I would really love to have a guitar to play, Michael Jackson dance CD for Xbox, watch 'Love never dies' and a heart shaped necklace or the Swarovski set. However, if I don't receive any from my list, it is alright. Most importantly, I am surrounded by those who love me and care for me.
I think, at the end of the day, knowing that I mean more than just 'Happy Birthday' wishes on my FB wall will make this birthday be more meaningful to me.
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