Thursday, April 3, 2014

Futsal Thursday Nights at Springers Leisure Centre


Mr. C plays futsal (indoor soccer) on Thursday evenings at Springers Leisure Centre

What I find amazing is every week without fail, Mr. C will ask if I would like to follow him and watch his team play. Even knowing that my answer would 95% of the time be a resounding 'No', he still asks. Not just once on Thursday itself but multiple times throughout a day.

Yes, it can be annoying to a degree but his perseverence just astounds me. And even when I've said, 'no' once in the morning, he might try his luck again on the way home without missing a beat, without being upset with my rejection, without being impatient and asked me hopefully to follow him for futsal.

Sometimes, I'll give in to his hopeful, sad puppy look. Like last night.

The team has come a long way from when it first started last year. At the beginning, it was a mismatch of team members. Some did not know how to play or had never played much but join for the week just to help Mr. C out in filling the numbers to make a team.

However, as the weeks and months passed, he slowly gained a few keen joiners to the team who actually do play futsal as a hobby and passion bringing their skills to the table. Josh, my former Form 4 & 5 classmate was one of them. Then, there is JL, the hubby of my uni mate, Kitt. Both Malaysians who had migrated to Melbourne. 

Then, there is Vboy, a Vietnamese born in Melbourne whom Mr. C met at Springers itself. Somehow they got to talking and he must like Mr. C's friendly demeanor because he joined the team. Gyuri (a nickname) another Aussie (the guy in no.3 jersey in Picture 3 above who shoved his butt in front of my camera just as I clicked the shutter button). Mr. C met him from his Tuesday night futsal matches near home. Once again, it must be Mr. C's pleasant outlook because they got to talking and Gyuri played a couple of matches with Mr. C's team on Thursday nights and eventually became another solid member.

A, PRC colleague has been part of the team from day one. A man of few words, couple of months down the track, he was looking to quit the team. As mentioned earlier, before Josh, JL, Vboy and Gyuri joined, many of the earlier team members were just there as a favour to Mr. C and couldn't really play. Every week, the team was losing consistantly.

I think I will be an Asian mother in future when I have kids 'cos I'll always jokingly tell Mr. C not to come home if he didn't' win the match hoping to spur or motivate him to play better and perhaps score a victory for the team. It is a good thing that Mr. C ignored my joke as they just didn't make it week after week.

But the past season, they have been playing well and it's only a matter of time before they win a medal.

So, lesson learnt, no matter what you do and in everything that you do, persevere and keep forging on. Don't blame life or God or someone or something else when things fail. Failure is part and parcel of life. Everyone goes through failures. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's not a cliche, it's the truth. 

And once you are done sulking about your mishaps, pick yourself up and try again. Keep trying till you succeed. With all the attempts, you are bound to succeed. Chin up and keep on going! :)

Out of sorts

I’ve been feeling out of sorts of late. My handwriting is messy and unattractive. My memory keeps failing me. I used to remember word for word uttered.

Sometimes I feel the need to rant about something that has happened or a feeling I am feeling because of an event that occurred but the moment passes and I forget. Or I would feel it's not classy to speak ill of people.

Being with the right company matters. 

If you are with people who whine and complain or gossip and bitch, often than naught, a little bit of the toxic rubs off onto yourself.

And it doesn’t overtake you in an instance or overnight. 

Instead, it festers inside you slowly but surely and before you know it, you are a little bit whinier, a little bit bitchier and that just isn't right.

I thought being in the adultworld, people behave in a more mature fashion. I thought being in Australia, people were more diplomatic, better character etc.

However, that isn’t really the case.

Irregardless the country you are in, there will always be the good and the bad, the hardworking and the lazy.