Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinner @ Kitchen Creatures

With my leaving for an indefinite time, I've been meeting up with people this past week notwithstanding are the Sues.

Last night, despite sporting a mild fever, I met up with the Sues at this interesting place called Kitchen Creatures in Centrepoint.

I was lying on my bed before leaving, feeling a tad weak. My mum touched my forehead saying that I had fever and that I should stay home. Hah. Sounded more like a ploy to get me to stay in. Plan failed though.

So, with mild fever, I braved through the slight drizzle and jam to meet the Sues. The things I do for my friends. =p

Found their menu adorable. Simple and yet inviting to read.

I love the bubble shape lights!

We tried Super Beef Pepperoni Pizza which was on the Top Hits.

Food looks good. Prices seem reasonable.

They have this No Frills Dining concept where you won't be charged with Government and Service Tax.

There's a fair bit to choose from that it takes one awhile to decide on one's choice for the night.

Still deciding...

The other diners...

A tad too many lights.

My Ice Coffee

I ordered this and warm water. The waitress told me that they only have bottled mineral water. And I quipped if I could have my panadol with Iced Coffee and what would happen. The waitress then said she'll get me a cup of warm water. How sweet.

The Ice Coffee is just like your average Nescafe only you had to mix the drink yourself and it cost RM6.50. Personally, I think the food is more worth it than the drinks. Bryanlyt concurs. Read his review, makes me salivate at the sight of the stuffed mushrooms. Too bad I didn't read the review BEFORE we went.

Triple Decker Sandwich (or something along those lines)

It is simple and tasty. However, the beef was a little tough. My friends and I rated it 3/5. One thing about the food here, I must say is that they get points for the little efforts in presentation. Nothing too fancy and yet, some though put into it.

At every outing, there must be a budding photographer with a canggih camera! =)

This is Ngee, my bestie in Form 1. What an interesting year I had. Suffice to say, I've never met anyone as artistic and creative as her. She was the one that inspired me to hone my card making skills. Story on this talented woman will be saved for another day.

Chicken Shitake

Super Beef Pepperoni Pizza

About an hour later, we finished the above food that we ordered and still our pizza order was not served. Wen was getting grumpy and the guy who seem to have some power said that they would serve the pizza in 15minutes. If they serve it in 20minutes, the pizza would be free and he said, every minute after, he'll fire a staff.

Crazy guy. But in 13 minutes, the pizza arrived. It was really good. Cheesy. Tomato-ish and tasty pepperonies!I think I will give it a 4/5 and a thumbs up!

Where this place is located. Above Starbucks, Centrepoint.

For more pictures and review, do read Missy Cheerio's Blog and UGWUG's Blog.

What is an outing without a group picture...

Although we've not met in ages... since Dec 2009, I think. Our rare meet ups will be missed and you, Wen, who never fails to crack us up with your comments.

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Kooky Pics #198 Sunny Southbank, Melbourne

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kooky Pics #197 Turn Turtle

This happened on Tuesday near Ming Tien at Taman Megah. What happened... I wish I knew.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kooky Pics #196 Dodgy Delicacy

You will only see this kind of dried up sea cucumber at Chinese Medicinal shop.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boobs or legs

Had my farewell dinner with my colleagues, the yam cha gang last Friday evening, near office. These 3 people are the ones that hound me everyday for yam cha after work and always mock my wanting to go home early. *hehe* I think they always want me to join them 'cos who else would they poke fun at if not me?

Among one of the many conversations that we had that night was Ying, my colleague was of the opinion that there are 2 types of men when it comes to checking out girls. Type A checks out the boobs and there is the other type, Type B who checks out the legs.

After explaining, she asked Fai and Tang which category were they in.

Tang said that he was Type C and before he could continue, I interrupted him saying, "Type C meaning both. Boob and legs right?" Tsk tsk. Poor fella. The innocent one of us all.

Well, it's nice to know that my 2 male ex-colleagues don't fall into the hapsap category although I am sure they are not any more innocent to porno and such related matters.

Either it is just me or I dunno. Cos everyone these days seem to be into the superficial. Looks matter more than anything else. In fact, looks trump all else. No one really cares about inner beauty. At first glance, it's just how hot this girl looks or how handsome that guy is or how hot their body is and yada yada yada.

It's how low I wear so I can show my cleavage or how short my skirt can be or how tight my clothes will showcase my body etc. I am sure there are many who would say, it's nature. One needs to dress up to attract the opposite sex and so on and so forth.

Of course, I believe in being presentable and there is nothing wrong with dressing up but when we start to value a person's worth by how they look and how they dress more than how beautiful they are on the inside, then I think, something is really wrong.

Then again, we live in a society highly influenced by the media and especially Hollywood. Everyone wants to be as sexy as the celebrities, idolising them and their lifestyle to the point that we get suck into their infidelities and promiscuity and do the very same things.

It's never easy to learn the good stuff when picking up the bad stuff is effortless.

So, are you a boob guy or a legs guy? Or perhaps, you're the other type, the extinct one.

Kooky Pics #194 Pangkor Paradise

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Idiot guys

I think the stupidest or one of the many stupid things a guy can say to a girl is...

"Don't fall for me...."


"I like you."

This is especially so, if the guy has no true feelings for you. Or well, at least not in that romantic sense. Or rather he has no feelings for you but does everything other things that may mislead you to believe otherwise.

When my friend told her story, I just can't understand. And how like a guy not to answer the question that plagues the girl's mind.

Guys, please don't mess with girls you aren't serious about.

Kooky Pics #193 Stunning sunset

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Axis of Awesome- 4 chord song

OMG!! You really got to watch this clip. These guys are AWESOME... and hilarious!

AXIS OF AWESOME is a comedy band that plays comedy music. Here they are with their four chord song, a song that proves that all you need to be a pop star is four simple chords.

Kooky Pics #191 Cuddly Croc

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kooky Pics #186 Puffy Puppy

Looking at this adorable pup picture made me miss my Patches.

(This picture was taken off the internet and NOT taken by me. Just realised I watermarked it by mistake!)

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