Thursday, April 1, 2010

A somber affair

Two friday nights ago, I was supposed to go for the Henessy Artistry at Opera, Sunway (my very first if I had gone) but seeing that I had no one to teman me, I was thinkin of opting out and doing something else. Then, my plurk friend asked me if I wanted to tag along with her to another friend's birthday party and supposedly that person is known for hosting interesting parties. Plus, she needed someone to accompany her. So, I agreed.

But in the evening around 3pm ish, my mother called to inform me that the mother of a friend had passed away. Although I am not super duper close with this friend but she's been my friend from my younger days at church. And she was back from Adelaide to see her mum and of course, as her friend, I attended the wake that was that night itself.

Picture taken from HERE.

Definitely a somber affair and a reality check.

It made me think harder about my parent and how they aren't getting any younger as they reaching their 60's soon. And when I go, one can never know how long they'll still be alive and kicking.

So, I try to spend a little more time with them. It's hard. Especially when people keep wanting to meet up and hang out and I find it hard to say no. =) That's just me. I tend to give in then make a stand. Of course, most times, I, too want to go out and chill.

But my point was, one never knows how long our parents, siblings or even friends will be around. No point waiting til they are six feet underground to show your appreciation by visiting their grave every year. By then, it's too late. I can only imagine the pain and sorrow my friend is going through but at least she had a chance to spend time with her mum. A chance to say her goodbyes as her mother passed away due to breast cancer. Not everyone has such chance.

We should live life as if everyday is our last. We should treasure those around us and show it through our actions. The extra miles we go for them. The little things that we do. The time spent with them and for them. That matters. That counts.

There has been quite a few deaths this couple of weeks. An ex-colleague's brother passed away during the weekend from an accident and he's only around my age, if not older by a couple of years. Several people I know have had deaths in their family too- their grandparent.

My question to you is, if anyone of your family or friends were to pass away tonight (I am sure many of you are saying 'choi' 'touch wood' and giving me dirty looks for even thinking such a thing), would you have any regrets? Regrets for not spending more time with that person? Or regrets for not bridging the gap? For not apologising over any hurts and misunderstandings?

Well, I definitely don't want to have such regrets. Hence, I try to do the little I can right now. And so should you.

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