Monday, April 12, 2010

1001 things to do

- Due for a hair cut. My hair is long, dry and all over the place. Or so it feels. Sometimes, when I have my insane moments, I have the urge to just shave it all off but heads will roll. My head that is. Mr. Bf likes my long hair.

- Apparently I have to pack all my stuff into boxes that I just unpacked a few months ago.

- Settle all outstanding debts and cancel credit cards. My Accounting degree did me no good. With my non-existent budgeting skills, I am as broke as a poor mouse. Seriously. Don't be fooled by my years of working experience or the line I am or was in. I am so poor that you wouldn't believe me even if I told you the balance in my bank account.

- Write a will... who should be my beneficiary? Sometimes, I think I am stupid for the sacrifices I "chose" to make. Cos I see it as sacrifice. What do they see it as?

- Say my fare-thee-wells.. then again, maybe not. Going out costs money. Going out means people asking 1001 questions. Which means I have to re-repeat my answers cos people tend to ask the same questions. Going out means less time at home. And less time at home means less things being settled.

- Get another pair of jeans. This isn't exactly important but with winter approaching, I would probably need pants to keep me warm. Or perhaps I could just stay in bed all day long.

- Throw or give unwanted junk away including things that I've been hoarding. My arts and craft stuff. Haven't made a card in ages. My colour papers, my wrapping papers (my family treats me as their gift wrapper and always asking me at the very last minute to assist in wrapping). Clothes. Shoes. Books. Dvds. Magazines. *Gosh*

- Get important documents photocopied.

- Send my 21st birthday present, Guess watch for polishing and the fallen out gems to be replaced.

- Pet and play with Jen and Rover more. Maybe not Rover cos he is one stinky, big dog who likes to sniff me and bump me (not hump) and has had a go with several pairs of my slippers with glee. I'll have to sneak over to see him at least once before I go though. Sometimes, I just want to kiss Jen and let her lick my face but I seriously have no idea what goes in her mouth. So, one's gotta play safe and keep one's face away.

- Do my tax filing unlike some unscrupulous people WHO don't pay. I hear that apparently Malays don't pay tax. I hope that is not true because if it were true, it'll just compound the racial issue that is prevalent in the country despite the Government's attempt to fool the world with our 1Malaysia-we're-SO-united-and-such-a-multi-racial-multi-cultural-country.

There are lots more but it's mentally exhaustive just thinking about it. So, I shall stop here.

For now.

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