Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twilight Vanilla

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"Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight"

Owl City's Vanilla Twilight played on in the background as I read Katie MacAlister's 'Up In Smoke' at the mall whilst waiting for Mr. C to be done with his shift, an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and homesickness just hit me and for a moment, just a teensy moment in a space of a few seconds, I felt extremely sad.

I don't know why and where it came from but it brought a certain someone to mind. Just like that, out of thin air. I thought I was over this- a trip down to that particular memory lane- and am moving on. Ironically, thinking of you amplifies the loneliness.

Now, a thousand and one thoughts assault my mind over and over without giving me a moment of respite. I can't help but feel like I am making a mistake. A mistake of sorts.

And I can't help but wonder where did any of those thoughts popped out from.

Challenge: Day 26 - Day 30

Day 26 – Your fears
Fear of making the wrong choices.
Fear of not fulfilling ANY of my dreams.
Fear of marrying and childbirth.
Fear that I will make a naggy and terrible wife and mother.
Fear of my children turning out funny.
Fear of never finding me and who I really am.

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can paralyse you and leave you weak, that's if you let it. To fear is a rational feeling that is common. But to fear something and NOT do anything about it is a no, no. So, I am to forge on and take each fear by fear and overcome it instead of letting those fears define me.

Day 27 – Your favorite place
My bed especially with a cosy comforter- to sleep in and get all cozied with a novel in hand.

Day 28 – Something that you miss
I miss and mourn the innocence I've lost leading to the now me that is disillusioned and somewhat jaded.
I miss my childhood minus traumatising school years in my primary Chinese School and at home.
I miss running and playing in the rain, cycling with the wind and having no worries for tomorrow.
I miss Patches.
I miss Korean lessons.
I miss movie and karaoke sessions.
I miss driving my manual Edward.
I miss earning my own income and having money to spend.
I miss my freedom to call out my friends anytime for a drink, for a chat.

How do I name something I miss when there is an endless list? But once again, I should live in the present and learn to look forward to the future. As bleak as it looks right now, I believe, in due time and with God by our side, things will work out for the better and I will not have a thing to miss.

Day 29 – Your aspirations
This is what Kathlynn wrote in her blog to this challege...

I aspire to touch as many lives as possible as long as I am in this world.
As cliché as it may sound, it is true. I know that I am no where close there, but I hope that one day, at my eulogy, as least a person or two would come up and say “She made a difference to my life…”

and it's so uncanny because THIS is what I aspire to. My legacy. At my funeral, I wonder what people say and I, too really hope that people would come up and say how much I've touched their lives and how I made a difference.

Day 30 – One last moment
Funny thing is I can't remember the last time I saw you. That would be the last time I ever see you and yet, the memory of it escapes me. Perhaps, it is for the better.

And now, this is the end of the 30day challenge. I will miss it as it has given me some frame to work on. To reveal a little more of myself. To be real and not just be another bimbotic blog out there. =p Then again, I think, sometimes people DO want to read or see bimbo blogs posting bimbo photos of themselves.

Oh well. It's a dog eat dog world. I hope you had as much fun reading as I had blogging the response.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rocklea Markets weekend jaunt

Last Saturday, Mr. C and I woke up early and headed to Rocklea Markets which is located at Brisbane Markets area. The markets were buzzing with activities. Families and couples, young and old throng the place.
There are plenty of stalls ranging from those that sold fruits to vegetables to flowers and plants to breakfast stalls and the list just goes on. It is to navigate around the stalls as they're mostly arranged neatly in rows. Definitely easier to breathe than Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand. Then again, that one is more of a flea market with all kinds of trinkets.

I was a little bit disappointed despite going there with no expectations. I guess I was hoping to see more interesting and quaint stalls like those at Eumundi Market previously blogged HERE, but Mr. C said they usually have those at the flea markets and bazaars where else Rocklea Market caters more to the community who are there for the reasonably priced food.

And we definitely had value for our money. We spent approximately AUD5 for two pears, two apples, a half cabbage and a lobak (radish)! Probably saved half of what we would have spent at Woolies or IGA.
There were several stalls that served food such as the above. AUD7.50 for two eggs, two bacon, onions and a flat tasting sausage. Pay extra AUD2 and you'll get orange juice.

Mr. C, however was craving for some German sausages and I must say they tasted pretty good. The smell assaulted our sense even before we passed the stall! His sausages were pricey but definitely worth it- juicy, cheesy, tasty and succulent! I gave him my eggs and bread whilst he offered me several servings of his oh-so-delicious sausages.

The market was mostly made up of fruits and vegetable stalls.

Look at how HUGE the mushrooms were as compared to the average sized lemons.

Plants were sold as the above.
You can buy them and plant your own vegetable farm!

I was amused by this display of doggie treats.

The market was packed with adults and kids alike.

It's currently mango season here in Brisbane but even then, it can be rather pricy. This is the cheapest I've seen so far but the mangoes have to be consumed within a day or two as they're soft and fully ripe.

Aussies seem to fancy this sweets. Just looking at it gives me diabetes.
Ok. I exagerate. =p

GUESS WHAT??!!! In Malaysia, I get my eyebrows threaded for ONLY RM5 at an Indian shop in Bangsar. When I first came to Australia, as I walked the malls and saw that waxing or threading the brows cost AUD35, I had heart palpitations.

But fret not, for now, whenever my bushy eyebrows grow out of shape despite my terrible maintaining skills, I know where to go. I'll just head over to Rocklea Markets for my grocery shopping AND get my brows threaded and for ONLY AUD5!!

Only thing missing is my eyebrow-threading-companion, Camz. Wonder how is she getting hers done in the land of the Merlion!

Mr. C and I were parched after our hearty breakfast and had a cup of orange juice. As we walked the market, our tongues were feeling dry and we bought our second cup from the above shop. This shop's orange juice is better! It feels fresher and sweeter as opposed to the other shop that had some weird taste.
Flowers on our way out...

Pay AUD for entrance fee.
So, see you Rocklea Market in a month's time when my brows are in dire need of upkeeping!

Market is open every Saturday, 6am - 12pm.
It is AT Brisbane MarketPlace, 250 Sherwood Road, Rocklea.

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Kooky Pics #361 Kim Chis at the back

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Challenge: Day 21 - Day 25

Day 21 – Another moment

Picture taken from HERE.

I wonder how I let that moment happened and I do wonder if it meant to you anything at all. Or if it meant to you even a smidgen bit what it meant to me. It messed everything up and yet made everything all right. Not the most ideal of situations but the moment just happened. Most importantly, for some insane reasons, we let it happened. I wish to erase it but it is always there. Perhaps in time, it will fade.

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
When some one says one thing but means something else.
When some one uses another person.
When a good person is taken advantage of.
When I plan to do things but I procrastinate and never get them done.
When people are insincere and fake.

When people stick their nosy heads into your butt.
When people are condescending and patronising.
When people are inconsiderate of other people's feelings, time and everything!
When a person is wrong and refuses to admit his/her shortcomings.
When an asshole driver cuts out suddenly without warning.
Or when he decides to be 'courteous' and signal LAST minutely.
Or when a stupid driver decides to jam the whole frigging roundabout by not giving way.
Or when an annoying driver stops in a yellow box restricting others access.

Tell me WHAT doesn't annoy me, man... =p

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Tim tams.
Bubble tea.
Arnott's custard cream biscuits.

Hehe. Besides that, I have to say that HUGS mean a lot. Hugs are really a big thing to me. Kisses and all I can live without IF I really had to choose but hugs... definitely can't live without it. It warms the cockles of my heart. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's as if everything will be alright even though if everything's going wrong just right then, all at the same time.

Taken from HERE.

It makes a world of difference when you're down- upset about life, work, relationships- and someone hugs you, saying that everything is going to work out somehow. And right then, you do feel that somehow, things will really be alright.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
When I've stubbed my toe or smacked my hand somewhere.
Or when I banged my hips or legs and it hurts like crazy.

Picture taken from HERE.

Or when I had to say goodbye to Mr. C when he first left in 2006 to Brisbane for his studies.
Or the time when I was a little girl and had to get my tooth extracted.
Or when we exchange harsh and hurtful words.
Or when the Beast "died" in Beauty and the Beast.
Or when I had to leave everyone behind...
The list is endless.

Day 25 – A first

Picture taken from HERE.

A first kiss.
A first 'hello'.
A first time travelling overseas on my own.
A first time going on a trip with friends.
A first time driving illegally with a certain pothead.
A first driving up and down Genting Highlands in my manual Edward.

and hopefully what's to come...

A first marriage and hopefully the ONLY one. =p
A first child. Preferbly a boy.
A first job here in Brisbane.
A first car.
I would love a BMW M3 but I would be practical,
and settle for a Honda Civic perhaps.
A first house.
Which will be filled with two doggies- both retriever-
one labrador, the other golden.

Kooky Picsa #360 Protection

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Challenge: Day 16 - Day 20

Day 16 - Your first kiss
Hmmm... that would have to be my mother or my father. Kisses from them when I was a sweet, little baby.

If you're talking about more than just a peck, then it is my first and only boyfriend up to date- Mr. C!

Day 17 - Your favourite memory
It's funny how my mind has storage for bad memories and grudges but when it comes to remembering good moments and/or happy ones, what more to say favourite ones, I draw a blank. I think it has to be when I was waaaaay younger. Way even before I started primary school, when I used to follow my sister and brother around- annoying them as how all younger siblings tend to annoy their older ones. The time when I used to follow my greatgrandmother, my Thaima where ever she goes and what ever she does.

My mother says that I used to follow my Thaima around and eat all kinds of things that she did such as durian, chicken feet, peaches and so on- food that I now, no longer eat somehow. Even if the peach is super sour, I would imitate my Thaima and continue devouring it with my face all scrunched up in response to the sourness.

She was my bank- she would save my RM1 and give me RM5, she was my protector- whenever I did something naughty like scratch my brother that he bled or smack my sister with a cane, I would run helter skelter to my Thaima for refuge. She would never let my parents smack me citing that I was just a little girl. And that was how I got away for being a little terror and grew more into a terror till she passed away when I was in Std 3.

Day 18 - Your favourite birthday
It's really hard to say. I had a birthday party when I was in Std6 (12 years old), Sweet 16 and my big 21st. The 16 year old party was interesting as there were games involved but the funny thing is that friends who weren't that close were also invited and all because some people liked two girls and wanted both there and both whom, I wasn't exactly close to.

And that same someone got his friend in Malaysia to buy a gift for me for my 21st whilst he was overseas and as we were chatting online, he asked if I believe that presents fall from the sky which I said that I didn't. He, then asked me to check outside my house. Lo and behold, there was a present hanging outside my gate- sort of. The friend who was supposed to leave it there got caught as my Patches kept barking at the stranger hanging outside my house. My 21st was alright but marred by a tele-conversation with an uncle. I had my first awesomely huge bouquet of flowers and decided that I never wanted such huge ones ever again as seeing them wilt away really is heart wrenching.

Few years back whilst studying for my CPA exams on the eve for my birthday, when the clock striked 12, Gill came by with a slice of cake. It wasn't a grand gesture but a sweet gesture nevertheless. For my 24th birthday, Lyn the bimb together with Kris Schmis organised a mini gathering for me at Centrepoint. Simple but thoughtful. I remember the yummy cake!

The birthday which something significant really happened has got to be my 25th birthday last year. Not only did I celebrate it with my ex-colleagues BUT mainly it was because Mr. C, surprised me by flying all the way back from Brisbane to celebrate my birthday and to propose!

As you can see, I don't have one particular favourite birthday as I have had many memorable ones and here's hoping to many more to come! =) Maybe one that can top it all?

Day 19 - Something you regret
Kathlynn blogged about the below as her response...

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
- Alexander Graham Bell -

In life, regrets are aplenty but I think, most importantly is that we learnt in life. As life progresses, your regrets also changes and evolves. Last time, I wished I never knew a certain significant someone in my life but now, I wished I never knew the existence of a different someone who was important. I regretted knowing that person and going through whatever we went through.

But regretting gets nobody anywhere. Thus, it's best to leave it in the past and forge on. And as hard as it may be, that is why I am attempting to see the door that is opened for me. =)

Day 20 - This month
This month is a month to decide on a lot of matters and to proceed with getting them done. Life altering decisions and I just wished that there was someone I could voice my concerns with. One would think that the first person to run to would be Mr. C or my parents but it kinda involves both of them. I just wished at times like these I had someone who knew me inside out and could give me some sound advise, something which I really need.

But I guess, I just got to make do with what I have, decide on the course of life I want and carpe diem! At the end of the day, I really should take God on his promises in 1Peter 5:7 and leave it in His capable hands. Right?

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bugger off

Unpleasant feelings assault my senses,
To say it out loud would only lead to crossfires,
Leading to thoughts that should never be voiced out.
You don't get to have the cake and eat it,
Life's never fair like that.

What I do and what I choose,
May not be the best that there is,
But it's a choice I make,
Or at least, I think it is the best for me.
So please, respect it and keep your 'advise' to yourselves.

You would think that this is between me and him,
But in reality, it involves everyone else,
From Tom, Dick and Harry to the Jones,
Of course, with all due consideration,
Things should have been carried out with proper decorum.

Life's like that,
It nips you in the bud.
You fall for that someone,
That someone who is flawed with lousy planning,
But it's something you realised,
You can live with for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Challenge: Day 11 - Day 15

Day 11 - Your Siblings
I have an elder sister, Ruth who is four years older than me followed by my older brother, Sam who is at least one head taller and two years older. We were all born in the month of November, just days to a week apart and all thanks to my parents awesome planning!

All three of us have super different temperaments.

My sister -the phlegmatic, sanguine- is the talented musician/writer but slacker in household chores and hygiene. She is the eldest but behaves like the youngest, at times. She loves to manja (act all cutesie) with me although I think it should be the other way round. Her weakness involves anything to do with meat and her dislikes are fish and banana. Never get in her way when she suffers from hungry pangs are face her wrath.

My brother, on the other hand -a phlegmatic, melancholic- is one sleepy head who has always been known to be the Computer guy and for his height. People always ask him what he eats or if he eats taugeh (beansprout) or if he plays basketball and the answer to all these questions are simply NO. Somewhat a perfectionist who thinks a lot- in his head- that's for sure! A quiet guy but talks loads once you get to know him better.

Day 12 - What's in your bag
Wahahaha.. Mr. C complains constantly that he needs to vet my bag before we leave the house as it is always packed with 1001 things.

Let's see what's inside...
1) Wallet - which has only a miserable AUD5 note, some coins and cards, vouchers for Buy1 free1 specials, IC and driving license.
2) A mirror - in case I try on any clothes and wish to see how it looks on me from all angles. Yeah, I know I never used to be this vain.
3) My Sony Ericson K810i - After jinxing myself since 2008 whereby my hand phones keeps getting stolen, I have been using hand-me-down phones. Waiting for the new HTC Desire to come out next month. Wheee...
4) Passport - Since IC aka Malaysia MyKad and driving license is kinda redundant here, this is my proof of identification.
5) Keys - To the house, car and to the swimming pool.
6) A novel by Stephanie Laurens - there's always a reading material in my bag to entertain me whilst I wait for Mr. C.
7) Pen - To write down my contact details for hunks! Shhhh..... KIDDING la!
8) Readers Digest
9) Blue Ribbon - My lomo camera awaiting a good moment to be captured.
10) Notebook - To jot down things-to-do and any other miscellaneous info.
11) Anti-allergy pills - Zyrtec's the current fav. Ever since my hives started in May, I have been stuck eating this crummy medicine every alternate day. I wonder when the allergies will truly go away and stay away.
12) Sunnies - You can never go around Australia without this, well, most times or be blinded by the awesome glare from the sun.

Day 13 - This week
This week has been a pretty much laid back week. It's time to snap out of it and start planning and executing my list of things-to-do. So far, step 1 is settled. Time to move on to the next step. Curious as to what I am referring to?? Well, all this will be revealed in due time.

Day 14- What you wore today

Blue is the new black!! Woohoo!!

Day 15 - Your Dreams
I've had thousand and one dreams and none attainable in the foreseable future unless I strike the million dollar lottery. When I was young and into Sherlock Holmes, Law and Order, I wanted to be a private investigator or a lawyer. As I grew up and watched ER and read Ben Carson's biography, it inspired me to be a doctor.

However, with my average grades, none of the above made sense and with my penchant for reading books after books, I dreamed to be an author one day. To write my version of Twilight or Harry Potter that will hurl me to stardom. Along the way, as I grew older and went to university, my heart went out to the old and the young.

I had this conversation with a friend that worried me about elderly parents being sent to old folk's home. My friend said that when he was old, he wouldn't blame his children if they sent him to an old folk's home. To me, that was preposterous and outrageous! After years of toiling to raise their children, they are cast aside, forgotten and all because they are deemed an inconvenience, a hassle? It's despicable!

This lead me to dream of having a home or a centre for the old where they come for the day whilst their children go to work. At the same time, next door would be a day care for the young. Everyday, there will be some time set aside for both the young and the old to interact. The old can do with some young blood to keep them young whilst the young can be thought a lesson or two by the elderly. Respecting one's elder is important and should never be forgotten. Ever!

At the same time, juvenile delinquents are on the rise due to social problems caused mainly by the breakdown in families spurring yet another dream of having a centre for them, too. They will help out with the old and young homes, cleaning and washing as a form of earning their keep. A place to hang out and belong.

Besides those dreams, I also had a vision, a dream of having my own wedding business whereby I would provide bridal gowns, groom's suit, cards, cakes, rings and everything involved. Some of the gowns, cards and rings will be my own designed. Oh well, it's good for one to dream. To dream is to keep one alive in some sense.

As I 'grew up' and went to work in the professional world, I realised that we invest so much of our time stuck in the office, in KL's infamous jams, working our asses off and not being able to meet genuine and sincere people out of our profession and there were many single and eligible young people who were looking for their potential other half.

I had yet another dream to have a cafe like shop whereby I would conduct something similar to a dating agency. Everday, the shop will have a different theme- one day might be speed dating and the next, board games. Perhaps another night would be dancing nite or another, live band with some get-to-know-you games. Any activities that can stimulate healthy friendship that may lead to potential romance will be carried out. Not any Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to come. It will be referrals- by word of mouth. I would pool all my friends and their single friends and a sum would be charged. Of course, food and drinks would be provided. Sounds like a genius plan to me as there are many looking for serious and genuine friendship AND romantic relationship.

My dreams are aplenty but realising them is another story.

Kooky Pics #358 Indomee for Dinner

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Challenge: Day 6 - Day 10

Ok. After several days of hiatus, I am back. Man. I used to have so much energy, so much to blog about but these days, the harder I try to blog something more interesting, more exciting, I come up with zilch. Nothing.

Guess, the trick is to try hard but not too hard- just like Rachel Berry from Glee.

Today, I will continue on the 30 day challenge as previously blogged HERE and DAY 1- 5 over HERE.

Day 6 – Your day
It's a Sunday and I feel pretty much alone that I can almost hear my thoughts out loud. Well, almost. Let's see, woke up, had breakfast with Mr. C and tidied up the room as he left for work. Lounge about the house and met him for his break. Had salad and some pumpkin risotto, the food isn't as good as when I first tried it. Things are not going too well for Villa and Hut, affecting many of it's staff or what's left of their staff.

After meeting Mr. C, I headed to the library to return 5 books leaving me with 10 more at home to read. Since I can't afford to go shopping -though there are lots of clothes, shoes, goodies to buy- I go book hunting in the library and so far, I have had lots to borrow and despite 10 books awaiting me at home, I borrowed 2 more.

And here I am, blogging about my mundane Sunday. If I was in Malaysia, I would be home chilling with my family or out with my friends having our girly chats- something I am really missing right now. It's pointless to NOT having a curfew but at the same having NO one to go out with.

Guess my only highlight would be swimming. Yup, dragging poor Mr. C later to the pool after his work.

Day 7 – Your best friend
Now, this is an age old question that there's no real answer to it. You see, every year in school, I seem to have a 'best friend' for that year only and as I change classes, that so-called good or best friend changes too.

I remember in primary school, Std 1-3, I had this supposedly good girl friend but things didn't end well. If my memory is up to scratch, it had something to do with her being jealous of me though I wonder what was there ever to be jealous about. In Std 4, I dropped from first to second best class and made another friend who is super sweet. However, I didn't fare so well in my grades and dropped to a lousy class in Std 5.

Although being in a not-so-smart class wasn't cool but it was definitely the best class of my primary school life. I played hard- got smacked by the teacher, made to stand on my chair and all thanks to the idiot guy I had to sit with who was always trying to get me into trouble- and still scored for English and Mathematics. That year, I had to represent my class to sing and for an English speaking competition and how I performed miserably as speaking and singing in front of a crowd isn't exactly what you would call my forte. But what memories it leaves me. It is the only year truly impeded in my memory.

And because I was first in class, I was selected to go back to the best class in Std 6 and that is when my true nightmare begin. I dreaded going to school, crying almost every night as I try to memorise and read up all the work given. I was struggling mad and that's probably what traumatised me to NOT speak mandarin for the rest of my high school and uni years.

In Form 1, my bestie was Ngee and then in Form 2, it was Mel. Move along to Form 3, I guess you would say it was Ping and Form 4 and 5, it was May. I wouldn't really count them as super besties but more along the line of good friends. If you count besties being the one I told the most stuff to, I would say my childhood friend, Kev was the one. However, I don't think he felt the same as he was pretty close knit with his school mates.

And as Mr. C and I became more acquainted, not only did he became my boyfriend, he was also my best friend. And as uni years passed, it was from Yan to Yiing to Kris to Gill and I got closer again to Ngee and Wen and Mel.

I wouldn't say that I have only one best friend but it's more like many good friends. I do envy those who actually have one bestie whom they've grown up with or whom they share everything with. Someone who's been with you through thick and thin and know you almost inside out.

I would say that I have been pretty much fortunate to have my handful of friends though scattered in different groups. I would say we never experience any backstabbing, jealous of each other kind of nonsense and that's good. I truly hope that our friendship is the kind that can withstand all these nonsense if it ever arises.

I do wish though that I have one close knit of friends instead of one here and there and from different groups. It's really hard to meet up everyone and keep in touch with so many people and it can be pretty lonely upsetting to feel one is always the initiator. Maybe I do better friendship one on one than in a group. Ahhh, perhaps it's a generation curse from my family.

Day 8 – A moment
There was a moment when I really liked him. Another moment when I was so sure that he was The One. A totally different matter and different moment, I remember when life was so low for me that I had no will to live, a moment where I pray and hope everyday that my life would just end- by an accident or disease.

Taken from HERE.

But now, being here, and trying to let the past go, right this moment, I feel like I am in a better place. This moment, despite homesickness for family and friends and a certain asshole, this feels like the best choice made. Many might disagree but you don't have ALL the facts, you don't know what I've been through and what prompted me to do what I did. It is my story to tell but I cannot without permission.
Picture taken from HERE.

This moment will lead to another moment and hopefully many more better ones.

Day 9 – Your beliefs
I believe that eating TimTams, ice-cream and drinking coffees, teas and bubbleteas will widen my hips but consuming them makes me happy. I believe that blue is the prettiest and awesomest colour ever. I believe that watching romance and comedy definitely cheers my blues aways irregardless how temporary the good feeling lasts.

Picture taken from HERE.

I believe that I really trusted you and really liked you but I also believe now that I, perhaps didn't mean much to you and perhaps, I was used but the past is the past and it's really time to let go. I believe that you and you and you really love me and mean well but it's time for you all to let go and trust that I will make the best decision for me. I believe that you would go the ends of your world for me even if it's not the ends of my world and it's time to stop doubting and to start believing.

I believe in so many things but ultimately, despite all that has happen and all that is going to happen, I believe that there is an Almighty God who really does things in His way and in His time which sometimes just frustrates the crap out of me. If I only know His plans for me.

Day 10 – What you wore today
I was in my PJ's - white t-shirt from FOS that says 'Don't hate me because you ain't me' and checkered girly longs also from FOS - till 12.45pm. Wanted to dress up to go look for Mr. C but the lasy me figured to just go casual.

Decided on my sheer blue a-little-see-through shirt from Sg. Wang (KL) and black three quarter pants from Treats (1utama, PJ) with my hair tied up in a pony tail and hands accesorised with black bangles. Chose slippers over my Chuckers.

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