Friday, October 1, 2010

Nothing special

Sorry folks for the extremely long hiatus. It all started ever since Mr. C came back to Malaysia. We've been busy with his brother's wedding, spending time with his and my family and friends. This week itself, we made it to the land of smiles for a week with his parent.

If you're clueless as to the whereabouts of the land of smiles- it's Thailand!

This has been a relaxing week. Despite that, I still had time to entertain some random thoughts, some not so positive. I try to blog this past week but besides the slow internet connection, I find myself struggling to blog anything. I have several drafts on places I've travelled to, ate at and some on certain issues I would like to talk about such as organ donation, abortion, cheating/affairs, condom and safe sex and the list just goes on.

However, when it comes to my sitting down and typing it out, I realised that I find it hard to string my thoughts into words. It would seem that I do not have the flair whatsoever to write and that itself is disheartening especially as I aspire to pen at least one novel in my entire lifetime.

Who would want to read my writings when it's uninteresting and flat? No drama. No cutesy antics. Just plain 'ol me. And that's what I think about myself most times- some one that lacks own thoughts and opinions. Ramblings all over the place.

But to look at the glass as half full, I guess I could say that this is something that can be worked on. I gather that people seem to be able to relate more when I blog rather emotional matters. These days, trying not to touch on my personal life much, it would seem that I take out the personal touch from my blog.

I find that I lack wit and any form of intellect. I don't provide mind stimulating conversations nor do I have any sense of humour. I am just a plain jane. The harder I try, the harder it seems to make anything out of something.

So, how does a plain jane blossom to be a more enticing individual?

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