Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seasons change

Guess who's back in Brisbane after two months of gallivanting in her home country??!!

Who else??! ME!! and Mr. C, of course.

Sunday evening, after a teary farewell, or rather, a tearless farewell with my family and a certain friend who came to the airport to see me off, much to my surprise, Mr. C and I boarded our plane and headed back to the Sunshine State- Queensland!

Well, actually, it was Coolongatta Airport at Gold Coast. Hopefully one day, Air Asia will fly straight to Brisbane's International Airport. Till then...

My RM10 Malaysian meal.

Nasi lemak!!

It was pretty alright. Seriously! Definitely better than the icky tasting International meal I had previously. Then again, it really differs with each person's taste buds. I like the fact that the Nasi Lemak was served whilst it was hot and the rendang chicken in addition to the sambal was simply tasty and definitely did not disappoint. I wouldn't say it's the best Nasi Lemak ever but when you're hundreds to thousand feet up there in the air, it's one of the better airplane food I've had in awhile.

The flight was smooth and I managed to catch a few hundred winks which can be seen in a picture Mr. C took, however, I won't post it as it definitely isn't a flattering picture and I won't let you be the judge of that. =p Unless you guys, my limited readers request for it, then who knows? I just might post it to appease you.

So much has changed in the two months I've been away. Previous tenants have moved out and new ones coming in. Mr. C thinks the one downstairs is cute but I don't really think so. Perhaps, I favour white skin and blue eyes more. Anyway, I'll try to sneak snap some shots of the dude whenever possible. Apparently two more Korean guys are moving in this weekend but it was said that they aren't easy on the eyes. Darn! I am just kidding. If you really knew me, you would know I don't really give two hoots about other guys.

Back to changes- the mall is also going through some changes. The library is moving across the street to Harvey Norman side and there are several shop shifting and organising happening as there are plans to build MORE shops. How awesome is that!

However, I do miss walking past JayJay's and peering in to see if they have any good bargains but it is rather pleasant to see Dotti and Ally with their oh-so-feminine tops and dresses!

Even the pathway leading to the mall now has a gate which requires an access key between 7pm till 7am. Wonder what happened to inspire the installation of that gate?

Even the season has changed. It's no longer winter. Somehow I pictured Spring to be more sunshine than gloomy skies. WHERE ARE THE BLOSSOMING FLOWERS HIDING??!! The drabby grey skies do remind me somewhat of Malaysia when it rains, making me homesick. This time round, Mr. C and I are experiencing bouts of homesickness that it's not funny, I tell you.

Although the season has changed and some parts of the mall has changed, have I changed? Even going back to Malaysia this round, things have changed. Maybe that idiot didn't change and that was "it's" true nature that I just closed my eyes to. Oh well.

Here's hoping to a season of changes in me- for the better, of course.

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