Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bugger off

Unpleasant feelings assault my senses,
To say it out loud would only lead to crossfires,
Leading to thoughts that should never be voiced out.
You don't get to have the cake and eat it,
Life's never fair like that.

What I do and what I choose,
May not be the best that there is,
But it's a choice I make,
Or at least, I think it is the best for me.
So please, respect it and keep your 'advise' to yourselves.

You would think that this is between me and him,
But in reality, it involves everyone else,
From Tom, Dick and Harry to the Jones,
Of course, with all due consideration,
Things should have been carried out with proper decorum.

Life's like that,
It nips you in the bud.
You fall for that someone,
That someone who is flawed with lousy planning,
But it's something you realised,
You can live with for the rest of your life.

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