Thursday, October 28, 2010

Challenge: Day 16 - Day 20

Day 16 - Your first kiss
Hmmm... that would have to be my mother or my father. Kisses from them when I was a sweet, little baby.

If you're talking about more than just a peck, then it is my first and only boyfriend up to date- Mr. C!

Day 17 - Your favourite memory
It's funny how my mind has storage for bad memories and grudges but when it comes to remembering good moments and/or happy ones, what more to say favourite ones, I draw a blank. I think it has to be when I was waaaaay younger. Way even before I started primary school, when I used to follow my sister and brother around- annoying them as how all younger siblings tend to annoy their older ones. The time when I used to follow my greatgrandmother, my Thaima where ever she goes and what ever she does.

My mother says that I used to follow my Thaima around and eat all kinds of things that she did such as durian, chicken feet, peaches and so on- food that I now, no longer eat somehow. Even if the peach is super sour, I would imitate my Thaima and continue devouring it with my face all scrunched up in response to the sourness.

She was my bank- she would save my RM1 and give me RM5, she was my protector- whenever I did something naughty like scratch my brother that he bled or smack my sister with a cane, I would run helter skelter to my Thaima for refuge. She would never let my parents smack me citing that I was just a little girl. And that was how I got away for being a little terror and grew more into a terror till she passed away when I was in Std 3.

Day 18 - Your favourite birthday
It's really hard to say. I had a birthday party when I was in Std6 (12 years old), Sweet 16 and my big 21st. The 16 year old party was interesting as there were games involved but the funny thing is that friends who weren't that close were also invited and all because some people liked two girls and wanted both there and both whom, I wasn't exactly close to.

And that same someone got his friend in Malaysia to buy a gift for me for my 21st whilst he was overseas and as we were chatting online, he asked if I believe that presents fall from the sky which I said that I didn't. He, then asked me to check outside my house. Lo and behold, there was a present hanging outside my gate- sort of. The friend who was supposed to leave it there got caught as my Patches kept barking at the stranger hanging outside my house. My 21st was alright but marred by a tele-conversation with an uncle. I had my first awesomely huge bouquet of flowers and decided that I never wanted such huge ones ever again as seeing them wilt away really is heart wrenching.

Few years back whilst studying for my CPA exams on the eve for my birthday, when the clock striked 12, Gill came by with a slice of cake. It wasn't a grand gesture but a sweet gesture nevertheless. For my 24th birthday, Lyn the bimb together with Kris Schmis organised a mini gathering for me at Centrepoint. Simple but thoughtful. I remember the yummy cake!

The birthday which something significant really happened has got to be my 25th birthday last year. Not only did I celebrate it with my ex-colleagues BUT mainly it was because Mr. C, surprised me by flying all the way back from Brisbane to celebrate my birthday and to propose!

As you can see, I don't have one particular favourite birthday as I have had many memorable ones and here's hoping to many more to come! =) Maybe one that can top it all?

Day 19 - Something you regret
Kathlynn blogged about the below as her response...

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
- Alexander Graham Bell -

In life, regrets are aplenty but I think, most importantly is that we learnt in life. As life progresses, your regrets also changes and evolves. Last time, I wished I never knew a certain significant someone in my life but now, I wished I never knew the existence of a different someone who was important. I regretted knowing that person and going through whatever we went through.

But regretting gets nobody anywhere. Thus, it's best to leave it in the past and forge on. And as hard as it may be, that is why I am attempting to see the door that is opened for me. =)

Day 20 - This month
This month is a month to decide on a lot of matters and to proceed with getting them done. Life altering decisions and I just wished that there was someone I could voice my concerns with. One would think that the first person to run to would be Mr. C or my parents but it kinda involves both of them. I just wished at times like these I had someone who knew me inside out and could give me some sound advise, something which I really need.

But I guess, I just got to make do with what I have, decide on the course of life I want and carpe diem! At the end of the day, I really should take God on his promises in 1Peter 5:7 and leave it in His capable hands. Right?

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