Monday, November 23, 2009

A birthday filled with surprises -Part 1-

Ok. So here I was, 3 weeks back, turning into a quarter of a century. Yeah, I know I am supposed to hide my age.. which most girls do but, whatever. Sometimes, I feel old and yet other times, I don't feel like I look my age nor act my age.

My brother says it's because of the way I dress. Oh well.

I didn't had much expectations for my birthday this year. I mean, when you have expectations and things don't turn out the way you had hope it to be, you tend to pretty much get plain disappointed. That was why, for this year, I didn't had any expectations and decided to just let whatever happens, happens.

Firstly, few days before my birthday, my sister came back from her road trip and was pestering me to open my present from her. She was rather excited over the present.

She felt that it was very appropriate... seeing how I always lament about my poverty state. And you know what??! I have been wanting a "piggie" bank to put some savings aside. She uncannily read my mind.

On her way back from Langkawi, she made a stop at Ipoh where my cousins live. My Ipoh cousin's present to me was a mascara. Sweet of her to have bought me something. You should see what she got for my brother. Oh yeah, my sister, brother and I was ALL born in the month of November. My sis' 4th Nov, 4 days after that is mine and a week later is my brother's!

On the eve of my birthday, there was a joint birthday party with my ex-colleague, Ed who shared the same birth date as me. I told him that I didn't want to rain on his parade and steal his limelight but he insisted and I gave in. =) Was really sweet of him.

The food everyone chipped in to bring. Ausy's meehoon taste as good as I remembered it. Too bad, he didn't make his famous konyaku jelly this round. The apple pie was super yummiliscious!

Awesome ex-colleagues that came for the birthday party.
Awesome people.
Crazy people who are still fighting the good fight in Audit!

Ed, the birthday boy who was ecstatic to take pictures with SEXY flamingo!!

Everyone wrote birthday wishes for Ed on a post-it-note and stuck it to the ribbon.

I didn't know that people "yam sing" at birthdays.
I thought it was only done during CNY and in weddings.

Sweet and hardworking juniors... the rare ones =p
BUT also a bit loco, at times.

Ausy auditing the birthday wishes. *tsk tsk*

10.40pm and I thought it was time to go home!!


They brought out the birthday cake! Not A big one but TWO cakes!!!
One for Ed and the other one for me!!
Seriously, touched and *shy*...

See how happy we looked...
Ed, YOU'RE the BEST!!

Formerly, a VT (vacation trainee).
Now, an audit associate.
Proud of you dude!

BUT asked you to run, you come back.

US, with our presents.

Ed received a Swatch watch.
I was surprised that they all shared gave me a present, too!!
Mine was a necklace-earring set from Kenji.

What is a party without GROUP PHOTO!!

'Icing' on the cake...

Slurpppp.. cake.

The card AND present!

This was WHAT that was written inside, inside of the card when you unfold it!
VERY funny, people!!

THANK YOU ALL for the sweet wishes!!

"-I hope your hair is no longer dry- Miss you man." Alex Lee

AND later on, I headed to the Curve to receive my birthday present from Ms. Tofuskin Beauty!!

Stay tune for Part 2 and what is it with the RING picture??!! Just another birthday gift? or...

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cookie said...

omg! so nice lah all ur i mean ex-colleagues...hehe
oh yea...sorry i didnt know abt ur birthday until u posted this. so erm, hehe happy belated birthday. god bless. hugs, cookie

goingkookies said...

hi cookie!!

didn't know u read my blog. =)

yeah.. they're super nice!! cool bunch..

no worries.. thanks!! it was ages ago.. hehe

Pam Song said...

That's a gorgeous ring!

goingkookies said...

PamSong: Thanks for the compliment.. will tell Mr. C.. bet he'll puff up with pride