Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful Thursdays #4 Friends

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Being thankful every Thursdays is turning out to be harder than I thought.

Today, I just want to say that I am THANKFUL for friends. Not just any friends but mainly to the 2 friends who have been there for me through this past years especially with my bf's absence- Gill and JS. Your friendship really means a lot to me.

Friends are very important in one's life. And people say that FRIENDS are family that we get to choose. It is true to a certain sense. Cos if you don't like a friend, it's easier to walk away and severe all ties. You just move on to the next new found friend. It's easier.

However, when it comes to family, you usually have an invisible-can't-be-seen connection that ties you despite what you think and feel. And even if you choose to walk away or stay distant, whether you like it or not, the connection is still there that binds you.

In my almost 25 years of life on planet earth, I've had my share of friends. Various types and ALL types.

The hi-bye friends. The friends who mostly crave attention or talk about themselves and their problems frequently. The friends that come to you only when they seem to have no one else. The friends that you thought you both had LOTs in common but somehow you realised that you're always the first to initiate things and maybe, just maybe the friendship feelings aren't mutual. The friends who are there for you but for a short spell. The friends that will really go far for you but others tend to take advantage! The friends that you may not keep in touch with but when you DO meet up, it's as if you've never parted!

I realised that I seem to have seasonal friends. What on earth can that possible mean???!!

Well, when I was in primary school, I remembered being close to a friend in Standard 4 and then a different one in standard 5 and yet a different one in standard 6! I even went to PD with the standard 6 one!! But now, where have they all gone??

Then came secondary school, as each year passed, I seem to have different close pals only for that year. I look at facebook and blogs etc and it appears that most people seem to have a group of friends they hang out with from high school or Uni. So, what happenned? Is it me or perhaps, it's just my temperament that lands me in this predicament?

I am the kind of person who would go all out for a friend but nowadays, I try not to put myself out there so much. Cos sometimes you try so hard but it just blows up in your face and your efforts are for naught. I tell myself to just give what I can and not expect anything. If the friendship isn't reciprocated, then just move on. After all, there are billion other people on the earth!!

So, for those who are selfish and only think-of-yourself kind of friends, please, don't go ruining your nice friend's feelings! Take time to appreciate them. And don't wait til you lose them to only appreciate them. By then, it just very well might be too late!

This thankful post is for you, Gill and JS.

I did an individual thankful post to Gill in September and since JS is a private person, I'll just say a general thankful-for-your-friendship post! *hehe* See.. so thoughtful, right? SO, stop bullying me!!!

Cheers and to many more crazy, wacko moments in our friendship!!

You're both going to be my future bridesmaids!!!

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