Monday, November 2, 2009

Fringe disaster

My hair was due for a trim and so last Thursday, I headed over to the hairdresser. I went to the K Care shop near my house at Taman Megah. And I still had one more free hair spa treatment. Since I have been itching for a slight change in hairstyle and not wanting my parting to be soo obvious that I looked a tad bald up there, I let the hairdresser have a go with my fringe.

Let's just say, I don't look as hot as her..

Pic taken from HERE.

In fact, I look like a small kid. My very own brother bursts into laughter EVERYTIME he sees my fringe!

My fringe looks more like Reese Witherspoon's but as I don't blow dry my hair everyday, it looks more kiddish and china mui-ish!

Pic taken from HERE.

If you want to see a before and after shot of my fugly fringe, leave a message! If not, I won't post it. You'll probably laugh at my expense! Just like my mean brother. *haha*

My friend asked me to change hair stylist because EVERYTIME I cut my fringe, it turns out disastrous and then, I am forced to pin it up for months til my hair grows to a more acceptable and not-so-ugly length!

My first reaction to the fringe was, "OMG! I looked so like a china mui!!!!"

And the hairdresser said that I am old fashioned and conservative which is why I can't accept the "in" hairtsyle! Whatever it is, please REMIND me NEVER to cut bangs ever again!


theeggyolks said...

eh~should post your new hair style shouldn't be that bad :P

goingkookies said...

haha.. i think to most ppl.. it isn't that bad la..

but to me it is.. hehe

look like a small girl..

and seriously, my brother laughs EVERYTIME he sees it

Lisa said...

eh~should post your new hair style shouldn't be that bad :P

Jenniferdgjr said...

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