Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Concert virgin, no more!

31st October 2009 proved to be a really eventful day.

First off, I had dim sum for brunch with a bunch of amusing colleagues at Damansara Jaya. Correction: ex-colleagues. I still find it strange, always referring to them as such. And when people ask me what am I doing or plan to do, I'll always quipped, "Working in KPMG" to only realised a second after that I NO longer worked there thus leading me to add that I have resigned.

It was great to meet up with the ex-colleagues. Although we were supposed to meet at 10am, being typical Malaysians, majority came AFTER that... 10.15am, 10.30am and even close to 11am!!

Except for Raj, of course, who was on time, followed by me! This was the "queue". People awaiting their turn for a table. I still don't get what is so great about this Dim Sum shop. I rather go to Summer Palace anytime for their sluuurpilicious custard egg dumpling aka liu sha pao that I blogged before.

I love the Siew Mai (Pork & prawn dumpling) and the delectable Polo Pao (think it's custard bun). And with that, Chinese tea is a definite must-have to wash down all the ajinamoto and oil!!

Normally, a variety of tea is available like Xiang Pian in Mandarin (Heong Pin in Cantonese for Jasmine but literal meaning is fragrant piece), Pu er tea which is more bitter, Ti Gun Yam (The Goddess of Mercy tea) or even Guk Fa (Chrysanthemum) to name a few, but my usual preference is still Heong Pin.

I gave the Liu Sha Pao a chance. However, although the Liu Sha Pao's inner filling didn't taste terribly but neither did it taste superbly heavenly as Summer Palace's. I didn't like the fact that the bottom bit was gooey and stuck to the papercup. Hence, hard to extract and consume it without the filling oozing all over my hands!

Next up, after brunch, I had my Karaoke session with Gill at Redbox, The Curve. We decided to go as we had a buy 1 free 1 voucher from our last Karaoke Session and it was til 31st October 2009. However, we made a mistake of going for Happy Hour instead of K-Lunch but that was one of the condition of utilising the voucher.

For Happy Hour, it is compulsory to pay RM9 for Fa Shang (Nuts) but BOTH of us don't eat nuts. It would definitely be S.T.U.P.I.D to pay for something we both weren't going to eat. Hence, we asked if they offered anything else and looked at WHAT we paid RM9 for in the below picture!!!

Anyways, we sang our hearts out from 2.30pm til 4.55pm. We were Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson for the day. Or rather, for a few minutes! =p

This is our second bad experience at the Curve branch where we didn't get to sing up to our allocated time! Even if it's 10minutes or 5 minutes left, we still paid for it, you get what I mean?? The first time we went, something similar happened. Read about it HERE.

After a not-so-satisfying-ending to our karaoke session, I dropped her home and went back to get ready for All American Reject's (AAR) concert. Some wonderful person (PB) took foooorever to come and get me. Ish. At a point, I was about to say, let's just skip it.

But seeing that I got the tickets for free and I had never been to an actual group concert, I just had to go. Despite anything and everything. Shouldn't have said that cos on our way there, it started pouring really heavily! PB(petbro) and I were thinking of making a U-turn back to PJ to watch a movie instead. Cos rain = yucky, icky concert.

However, like I said, since I haven't been to a concert, he said, we should just go for it. And if we wanted to, we could always leave earlier.

When we reached Bukit Jalil, the roads were dry. It didn't rain!! Which can be a good thing and yet not...

This was the extremely loooong line to the main entrance.

Oops. didn't managed to get the PUBLIC part...

From the outside, looking inside to where the stage was set up- at Carpark A.

Still a looong way more.. but the line was moving at a pretty fast pace. So, no complains.

We were initially further to the back and then,
we decided to move forward a bit to the mid point of the crowd.

This guy was really enjoying himself!
and this was before AAR came on.

As it started drizzling, we headed to the car for the umbrella. Saw this Uncle jumping up and down. Happening uncle, right?? Brought his son for the concert. I don't think many people would have wanted to go with their parents to a concert like this. The boy looked like he is in his primary school days. So, guess beggars can't be choosers!

Before AAR, they had 3 local bands performing.

Pop Shuvit

One Buck Shot


No offense to them but the Crowd came for the main act, AAR and it took them FOREVER to come on stage! PB and I thought that by coming late, we would have skipped the local band's performance.

Although late by 1 hour, we still were in time for ALL 3 band's songs. Ish. From 7pm ish til 9pm, they did their best to entertain the crowd. In between, there were some freebies giveaway. Obviously, with laws of gravity, those standing outside the moshpit never get any freebies that were being flung off stage!

And finally about 9.15pm, they got off stage as we waited for AAR...

9.30pm and still, we waited...

and waited...

Lots of people were getting rather restless. There was 2 huge projector screen up front that was playing some video clips of Miley Cyrus song, Black Eyed Peas' and after it repeating for like 6-9times or more, people starting boooing. I joined in, too!

Can't blame them. Initially, I thought the songs were nice and catchy but after listening to it for like a billion times, one does get rather sick of it. Bleh.

And finally about 9.45pm... finally...

Tyson and his gang graced us with their presence up on stage!

He was all decked out in his Native American headgear in conjunction with Halloween's.

Tyson has great showmanship that's for sure. Definitely an entertainer. He was rather gay in his mannerisms, often going off on a high pitch somewhat whiny voice. Maybe he's not out of the closet, yet. Someone commented that he's rather whiny but I think that's just part of his on stage persona. One things for sure is that, he was definitely high that night!

My cousin had meet-and-greet passes after the concert and even took pictures with him! Mean of her not to invite me but nah... I am cool with it. =p Just complaining for fun!

People were really jumping and singing especially to AAR's more well known hits like "Swing Swing", "Move Along", "I wanna", "Dirty little Secret" and of course, "It ends tonight". Piano playing was a.w.e.s.o.m.e for that song! As for the drummer, I think I have a calling to be one. *haha*

PB was enjoying himself singing on top of his lungs. Didn't managed to catch him on video. He kept dodging. Oh yeah, we met up with 2 other high school friends. Both of them were more subdue. *hehe*

I did jump/groove a bit to some songs. Let's just say I didn't really do my homework before I went and only knew bits and pieces of the lyrics to only some of the songs>_< But it really feels good to sing with the crowd and jump! And I don't feel my age! *haha*

AAR ended their concert with "Gives you hell". Honestly speaking, the tune of their songs are catchy but if you dig into the lyrics, let's just say, my mum might have banned me from going to the concert although I ain't a teen anymore.

The crowd from center up to the back where the main entrance was.

Last but not least, thanks to Digi for the so-called-free tickets!!

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