Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red box at The Curve ruined my day!!

Smsed my new bf, Gill to give me additional 10minutes as I just woke up! *hehe*

Ready and waiting.

"Gill, are you on your way yet??"I texted her. "Yup", she replied.

Reached her hairstylist or rather trying out for the first time, a hair salon recommended. We had to wait for quite a fair bit of time. LOTS of aunties man. Early birds!! and GOSH.. they chatted really loudly! =p

Finally, it was Gill's turn. She had her hair washed, blown, cut and ironed out [cos the stylist beh tahan (hokkien words for can't stand) her unruly natural curls!! *hehe*] whilst I read gossip mags one after the other. They're pretty updated too, which is rarely done in other shops.

OMG. Took the hairstyle that long just to get Gill's hair under control. It was a good thing I didn't do anything to my "hmmm... how shall I put it?"... Somewhat messy hair with lots of little baby hairs sticking out of my scalp with dry looking ends.

Reached Curve after lots of U turning.. long story short. She parked the car and we headed to Red Box. Was told that there is a room available at 1pm. So, we reserved and went for a walk. Was really excited to go singing lar... but had to act cool in front of Gill lest she thinks I koo koo (another slang for crazy).

The front entrance

Checked out the wedding cards at Ikano Power Centre underground (NOT FOR ME!!) on behalf of my friend. The nice pocket ones that looked rather elegant cost about RM4.50 for 400 pieces. Hmmm.. kind of out of my friend's budget but still bears consideration and this is not including the printing of words!!

The well known sign of RedBox

Reached back Redbox and was shown to our tiny room for 2. We settled down and started our song selections and ordered our lunch, Teriyaki Seafood (RM18++) and Spring Chicken sth sth (RM20++).

We sang Westlife's Home to Backstreet Boys' As long as you love me to Abba's Dancing Queen to Spice Girls' 2 become 1 and Wannabe and so on. Pretty old school songs but still the best! *haha* More like I am rather outdated with the latest songs.

I had a blast. We both stand on the chairs as we belted out Mariah Carey's "Through the rain" , "Thank God I found you" , "Uptown Girl" and danced to the song like a bunch of siao lang (Hokkien words meaning crazy people!) ignorant of our off tempos, pitchiness and off tune notes. *Silly grin* I finally found someone I think I'll be relaxed enough to let my hair down with.

Oh yeah.. and "Finally found someone" by Barbara Streisand and Byran Adams is such an adequate song to sing at a wedding or to that special someone and also "When I fall in love".

COMPLAINT #1: The lunch served was horrendous. My first disappointment at Redbox. The rice was dry and so was my chicken and Gill's paltry Teriyaki Seafood portion. Not expecting a 4 or 5 style dish but the past menu was better ie fried rice. Even Genting's karaoke meal menu taste's better and is cheaper!

COMPLAINT #2: Somehow the sound felt too sharp. Not enough bass. Maybe it's cos of the tiny room.

COMPLAINT #3: What's it with MJ still????!!! They kept playing his songs in between changing the songs that we selected. OMG! Even the video shops at Ikano was playing his music video. Gosh. Just realised, he is pretty ugly. Such an oxymoron.

I wanted to skip our song to Michael Jackson's "Heal the world" since out cut off time was 3pm but wasn't allowed to. Apparently, when I went to tell the Redbox worker, he told me that on his system, it shows that it was 3pm. Hence, we couldn't change nor select anymore songs. I was piqued as my watched only showed 2.50pm. Plus, we came in AFTER 1pm! Hence, we should be allowed to sing up to 3.20pm!

COMPLAINT #4: Ended our songs BEFORE the time was up.

Gill asked if I wanted to add another hour of singing but the mood was kinda ruined. As we walked out, I checked the earlier guy's screen and it only showed 3.03pm!!! Means he LIED to me. Geram wei (Malay words for pissed off).

As we passed the receptionist, I checked with her, "Excuse me, normally, you will stop the songs at 3pm or before?"

The TOOTING receptionist said that the system will stop at 3pm. Not earlier. And I said, "but for us, it ended BEFORE 3pm!! Why is that so?"

You know what that TOOTING receptionist said???!! "We stop at 3pm." and promptly just walked off! Such audacity! Rudeness.

At that moment, I really felt like slapping her face. How can you be in this line and give this kind of service! Then again, it's no wonder she has to do this kind of lowly paid job.

COMPLAINT #5: RUDE, TOOTING receptionist!

But I guess with my saying this, people are still going to got to Red Box at the Curve. However, if this happens to you in future, don't walk away like me. Make a fuss and get your money's worth. And seriously, make life a living hell for the receptionist if she treats you so. The least that the TOOTING receptionist could've done was to apologise and I would have accepted it. But NOOOO.. she had to be a TOOT.

Walked around curve. Indulged in New Zealand's yummy ice cream! Gosh. I couldn't resist having 3 scoops! Now you know why I can't lose any of my weight! *hehe* But ALL the flavours were soooo awesome! Had mango sorbet, cookies and cream and hokey pokey. SLURRRRP!!

Bought 3 magazines from Borders!! Gill is a bad influence k. Everytime I go out with her, we're either spending money on exorbitant parking fees (Low yat and Berjaya Times Square), clothes, food and even yam cha. Now, magazines!! =p

Reached home and sleep. Felt super exhausted.

Woke up and had some of my sis' home cooked yummy spaghetti with mince pork and bacon bits! Read magazine as I ate. *haha* Not getting married yet but still bougth and browsed through wedding magazine. Trying to get some ideas for my friend.

Surfing the net. Showered and now am here blogging about my Saturday!

SUPER EXCITED about BKK trip!!! and that's where I will be next Saturday at this point of time! Hope I have a blast! Sad though that we have less one pal joining us as her parents are concern about the H1N1 Flu situation. Shall keep you appraised of the situation in BKK or more like after I get back! My bf's dad who's stationed there said that it's just the same as in Malaysia. Everywhere also has H1N1 flu.

Ps: Pics were taken from here. Can't wait to get my own camera then I can take my own pics!!

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wow you have the exact time of what happened.. lol.. anyway.. sometimes the food at karaoke is just plain bad.. service is not good.. coz they think we only wanna sing sing sing.. lol.. and its kinda overpriced too! =)

gillian said...

U forgot 1 more stupid thing i did...i brought my camera without my SD card in it!!arrgghhh!!how 'bodoh' can i get!! if not u would have your own crazy pics to would be meet the real Esther =p

goingkookies said...

wahahha.... so perhaps good thing u didn't bring the camera!!