Thursday, July 16, 2009

BKK trip Day 1

I woke up at 8.45am. Showered. Woke my mum and brother up. Tapau-ed dimsum as my breakfast and off we go to the airport.

and YES. Our hotel is called "My Hotel" which is along the Petchburi Soi 15. Soi means road in Thai. Quite a strategic location I must say, as it's about 10 minutes walk from Platinum Mall.

As we unloaded out bags at the hotel and sneaked our third member into the room(since it's a room meant for 2only), we headed towards Platinum Mall. And along the way, we had our lunch at one of the roadside shop.

The Thais couldn't speak English and with our limited Thai vocabulary, it was a funny sight seeing Lyn d Bimb attempting to order our food! She even kept called this lady "Soi Mak Mak" meaning pretty in Thai in hopes of catching her attention to order our food. I thought she was just simply speaking random Thai.

Shopping the first day was AWESOME! We spend a total of about 5 hours at Platinum. There were just SO many shops brimming with variety of clothes, accessories, bags, shoes etc. We only managed to cover the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and I think the 4th floor, too where the clothes were.

Then, we hailed a Tuk Tuk from Platinum mall to our hotel to drop our MANY bags of purchases and headed for Suan Lum (SL) Market for 150THB. The tuk tuk driver definitely beats Malaysian pscyho drivers ANYTIME!! They squeeze and cut lanes with no fear! Causing you, the passenger to cringe and cling on for dear life.

A tad disappointed of SL Market. Firstly, the food was only so so. In fact, the Tom Yam tasted like the Malaysian version and not even comparing with the good ones. We didn't buy anything! There wasn't much to see, too!!

The only thing was Lyn d Bimb and I had our nails done for a mere RM8.90 each! ALL 10 nails. Win d pooh opted for long, sexy nails stuck onto her natural ones whilst Lyn d Bimb watched in envy! *hehe*

and back to our hotel... savoring our purchases... with Lyn d Bimb whining about how much I had bought stuff today as compared to her. Mind you, I bought some stuff for my family, bf, pet bro and relatives not just for me!

That's all for our first day. Basically, this is PURELY a shopping trip. We decided to forgo our day tour on Day2 as it didn't seem very interesting and what with our limited time. Instead, we decided to head to Chatuchak.

More on day 2 tomorrow and us being molested. Stay tuned.

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soolynnie said...

Essy!!! where are ur pics?!! LOL, and i dun appreciate being labelled as Lyn d Bimb coz u were the TRUE BIMBO of the trip. wahahah

Fumoffu said...

Oh my! You bought a lot! :D

goingkookies said...

wahhaa..w at pics??
i was taking more of u n win la..

wahaha.. u just like other pp to think i was d bimb when we KNOW who is the real bimb!